A Legend Returns

by 654_nosneb

Chapter X - The beginning of the end. (Part I)

Luna arrived 1 hour later. And after crying a bit after analyzing my mind, and how powerful and dangerous Owlen had become, she started to search for a solution. Fortunately, she found one: a herbal medicine that kept Owlen under control for 6 hours, so I had to continuously drink it in order to keep everypony around me safe.

Even though it wasn't a permanent solution, I like the fact that in theory someday I might be able to erase Owlen from my mind. And now I'm sure that I won't kill my friends without knowing, I'm a bit more happy than before. But, I still miss my mom and sister. And the fact that, at least my mother, died alone it's just... well, I don't wanna think of it too much.

It has been 2 months since I appeared in equestria, and 1 month since I started to drink the herbal medicine. The only moment in which I don't drink it is when I sleep, but that's beacouse Luna guards my dreams now. It really helps and keeps me safe during nights.

I didn't stop my magical lessons with Twilight. I'm even very advanced since, according to her, I've the same amount of magic as Tia or Luna.

She and her friend told me about their various amount of adventures: Discord, Chrisalis, Tirek, king Sombra, and most recently, Starlight; which reminded me a bit of communism.

Anyways, today I was attending a Twilight's speech about the magic of friendship. I always thought that friends where special, and kind of magical. I never thought I was THAT right.

In the speech, she spoke about the special bond with her friends, and how the sonic rainboom of Rainbow Dash made them unite. I was taking notes on a notebook since my phone died long ago, and we still didn't figure out how to charge it. When it was done, I reunite myself with Twilight and her assistant: Spike, and went to the castle.

On the way, she appeared to be worried about something: she saw Starlight Glimmer at the crowd. She asked me if I saw her, but since I didn't know how she look, I couldn't answer to her.

"Maybe it was just your imagination." Spike said.

"Maybe Spike," she said, "maybe."

We where about to leave the topic when we arrived at the castle, but when we entered the map room we saw her: Starlight.

I didn't need her to say her name, or Twilight to say it to me. It just fit perfectly with the description that she and her friends gave to me, physically as well as mentally.

"Hello Twilight!" she spoke. "And his friend William! The legend himself! Well, that's not important. When I'm done here, even him will forget you!"

And then she light up her horn and opened a weird space-time rip on the air and went through it, leaving us there.

"What just happened?" I ask to Twilight.

"I wish I knew." she answered

"Look!" Spike shouted. "She leaved this roll!"

"Really!?" the mare spoke grabbing it with her purple aura and then started reading it. "This seems like an alteration of the time travel spell I used once!"

"You mean the time in which you went crazy to the point that you searched a way to stop time." I asked.

"Yeah... just forget that."

I grabbed the roll with my magic, and then I started to analyze it. It seemed like a very complicated spell that also required a very specific trigger: the magical map. After a few seconds of analyzing, I focus myself, and triggered the spell with the help of the magical map. That recreated the same rip in the air, in which Twilight and me fell into.

"Ahhhhhh!" we shouted.

When I woke up, I was on a free fall through the clouds. I quickly created a portal below me which opening was pointing upwards. That made me fly a bit through the skies and then, when I stopped going up, I used a spell that Twilight thought me to create 2 magical pieces of flying floor under my feet.

"What happened!"

"I don't know." Twilight's voice spoke from behind me.

"I just tried to trigger the spell to see if I could, I never thought it'll work!"

"Wait you... then we must be in the past!"

"But, when?"

Suddenly, a rainbow blur appeared through the sky. It was a filly Rainbow Dash racing against 2 other pegasus.

"Oh, this must be when Rainbow Dash obtained her cutie mark!" the purple mare beside me spoke.

We decided to watch it from a safe distance, to avoid disturbing the time-line. But when she was about to execute the trick, a blue aura stopped her in mid air.

"Oh, so you managed to follow me here. Well, nice try! But both of you already lost!" a voice behind us shouted.

We turned ourselves to see Starlight staring at us with a malevolent smile on her face. I was about to say something, but I felt an air current pulling me, as well as Twilight, to another rip in the air.

This time, we woke up at ponyville alongside a weird version of the friendship map, a more 'grey' version if you ask me.

"Where are we?" Twilight asked.

I was tempted to say: 'the real question is when are we', but now wasn't time for jokes. "I don't know, it seems like ponyville though."

The town in front of us resembled ponyville, but some things were wrong. What happened to the buildings? Or the sun? Which was a little bit less bright, even though there weren't any clouds in the sky, and last but not least, where was everypony!?

Twilight and I ventured through the desert town and checked every building, but nopony was there to be seen. I was even starting to miss the random songs they sang sometimes which, according to Twilight, are a result of the magic inside them.

"Maybe we should check on sweet apple acres." spoke the purple mare. "It's the safest place in ponyville and everypony goes there when there is an emergency."

"Sounds logical to me." I responded.

On the way, Twilight stumbled with a newspaper which title was:

-----------------THE WAR IS OVER!---------------

"What war?" she asked. "Also, you never saw king sombra before!"

"I don't know, I never saw sombra before. Maybe Starlight alterated something important."

"No! Really!" she said sarcasticaly. "What makes you think that!?"

"Both of you, shut up!" a familiar voice shouted behind us. "You might attract his attention towar..."

When we turned around, we saw Applejack staring at us with fear on her eyes. Wait, did I say 'us', I mean 'me'.

"AAAAHHHHH!" she shouted and started running.

"No, wait!" Twilight shouted and then grabbed her in her aura.

I walked towards her, and every step that I made, made her more and more terrified.

"Applejack it's me! Your friend William! What's going on?"

"Wait, WILLIAM! It's really you!?" the orange mare managed to say. "Finally, the horrors would end!"

"What horrors?" Twilight asked to her friend.

"What horrors!? The horrors that came after the imperial war!"

"What war?" I asked.

"What war!? The war in which you fought!" she shouted.

"Applejack could you please tell us what's going on?"

"How did ya know ma name!?"

"That's not important right now." I responded. "The real issue is: What war!?"

"Ok ok, well... when the Crystal Empire returned, also did sombra. He enslaved the crystal ponies and sent them into war against equestria. We fought with everything we had but it didn't seemed to be enough. But then, you appeared, literally. And thanks to your help, magic, and tactics we started to win. Until, 3 days ago, during sombra's last effort to win the war with an attack to Canterlot, you appeared there through one of your portals and killed him."

"But then, shouldn't everypony be celebrating?" I asked.

"I hoped that as well, but then... but then..."

"Then what?" I asked.

"Then, you... you... you turned into a monster!" the orange mare shouted with tears in her eyes. "You killed Celestia and Luna and started to call yourself 'Owlen'. And then you murdered all the ponies that you could beacouse some kind of revenge and in just 2 days... AAAHHH!"

The poor farmer just cried, so me and Twilight decided to leave her there. We returned to the friendship map and, now that I look it more closely, in all the main cities of equestria where craters, HUGE craters that where even burning in flames.

"I..." I tried to speak but I couldn't. Never in my life I saw such destruction. And here it was, all my fears of what Tia and Luna could do to the world where now materialized, but this time, it was my fault. "I'm sorry. I understand if you hate me."

After a few seconds, she responded: "This isn't your fault William, it's Owlen's. I know you very well and you will never do anything like that, not even for all the bits in the world. You are William, you are my friend."

"Thank you Twilight." I spoke with some tears in my eyes. "Now, let's fix things with Starlight!"