A Legend Returns

by 654_nosneb

Chapter IX - School visit.

I was back at ponyville. Luna told me that Owlen would be contained, at least for 1 more week, so I was more relaxed. I was still very afraid of what might happen if he gets out. "Could he kill Tia and Luna? Would everypony hate me after that? Would I still be me?"

I banished those thoughts apart. Luna said that she could find a solution, and the only thing she needed was time. In the meantime, I went to sweet apple acres to keep the promise I made to Applebloom. Luna said that if I went to do stuff that I enjoyed, that would give her even more time to came up with a solution. I shouldn't be afraid, right? I mean, she defeated the 'Tantabus' so I think that she could do the same with Owlen.

When I arrived, I was received by the orange earth pony with a hat called Applejack. When she saw me she said: "William! Long time I didn't see ya. What brings you here today?"

"Well, you see... you told me of your little sister Applebloom."

"Yeah, and?" she asked.

"I met her last week at the street, and I kinda promised her to help her and her friends with a school project."

"Oh yeah, she spoke about it last night.
I just thought that you might come later. She is in the tree house with the rest of the crusaders."


"Oh, right. You'll know when you get there."

After the encounter, she lead me to the club house of the 'crusaders'. During the trek I couldn't stop staring at the immense amount of trees that were planted there. I saw some farms back in my childhood, but never an apple farm with THIS amount of trees. It almost seemed like they would never end. It was a very enjoyable sight.

After a while, we arrived at the crusader's club house. It was nice and seemed comfy. It wasn't that small as I imagined though.

"Well, here we are." the mare beside me spoke. "Have fun with the girls."

And with that, she left me alone. I climbed the stairs and went to one side of it. I peered the interiors with my sight, and then I saw them: Applebloom, the filly that I met last week; and other 2 young fillies, that I assumed that were Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell.

"Are you sure that he's coming?" the pegasus I guessed was Scootaloo spoke. "I mean, I heard the rumors, and I even saw him wondering through town once. But isn't he like, super occupied with his magic studies with the princess to come and see 3 simple fillies?"

"No!" Applebloom shouted. "He promised that he would come, and he would come."

"I don't know." the unicorn filly spoke. "Maybe we should do the project about somepony else. Twilight count as an heroical figure, right?"

"Yes, but I'm telling you; he's coming."

I couldn't contain myself any longer, so I quickly made the coolest entrance I could think of: a portal. I concentrated my magic and open a portal in front of me that lead to the interior's celling. As soon as it opened, I jumped to the portal, and fall a few meters until my feet stomped on the floor.

The fillies stared at me, even Applebloom was a bit surprised. But her amusement was nothing compared to her friend's faces. They were speechless, and almost scared about my presence, so I decided to break the silence.

"Told you I wouldn't forget."

It was already Friday, and I was in the outside celling watching the class presentations through a portal. Each group was presenting their hero to the rest of the class. Each group came with their own charts, books, and, in some cases, newspapers. They were talking about Celestia, Cadence, and a unicorn called Starswirl. Every presentation was nice, but it still wasn't their turn.

"What a lovely presentation about Clover the clever!" miss 'Cheerilee' spoke. "And last but not least the cutie mark crusaders and their presentation about... William!?" she said while reading the charts that the crusaders were bringing.

"Today we wanna talk about William." Sweetie Bell said. "He not only saved or world from 'the director' but also, as our investigation discovered, he was also..."

"Excuse me miss Cheerilee." a pink filly spoke in a disgusting tone. "But this project wasn't about... well, 'real' heroical figures."

"I'm sorry crusaders but she is right." the teacher spoke. "Even with all the amazing and exciting his legend could be, his legend is well... just that, a legend. There is no real record of him so his existence can't be demonstrated."

This changed the plan. He was supposed to appear near the end of the presentation to surprise the crowd. But the teacher not knowing of his existence was unexpected. She didn't read the news? Or heard the rumors? Or saw him in the town?

But enough thinking, if he didn't do something quickly the crusaders will get a huge 0 in their project, and he knew more that anypony how stressful could that be.

"But he is read! Have you ever read the news? He is right here at ponyville, and even helped us the whole week to make this project!"

"Apart of blank flanks, they are crazy." the same pink pony spoke. "He never existed! He and the humans are just an old legend for co..."

I jumped through the portal and appeared in the middle of the classroom. The pink filly's jaw dropped, and all the eyes were staring at me. I had to came up with something funny.

"Good morning fillies and teacher! Sorry for scaring you, but I couldn't hold the thought that you thought that I didn't exist. Now please Scootaloo, proceed with the explanation, as we practiced it.

The rest of the presentation went perfectly. The ponies were still looking at me as if I was an illusion, but anything from that was ok.

That was until the last part, when I had to spoke.

"And, in conclusion, if I didn't help Tia and Luna 20000 years ago, there wouldn't be ponies on earth as you know them. And..."


"William, are you ok?" Applebloom asked.

I could barely hear her. The last thing I knew was that I was starting to feel heavier and heavier, until I fainted.

"William! William!" Twilight's voice shouted. "Are you ok?

"Yes, but I could be better." I spoke. I was back at her caastle, laying on my bed with a thermometer on my mouth. "What happened?"

"Well... from what the crusaders told me, you were doing the presentation just fine, until you stopped talking and your eyes went green and red, then you fainted."

"Green and...! Oh no, I've to tell Luna!"

"She already knows, and she's coming as fast as she can. Also... I already know."

"About what?"

"About Owlen." she spoke. "Look, I know that I don't know what you went through since Celestia and Luna's childhood. I just want you to know that, as friends, we are here for you."

"Are we friends!?" I spoke astonished.

"Of course!" she responded.

I smiled at her statement. "Thank you Twilight. And your friends as well. For making my life a little less miserable.

She giggled. "You are welcome."