Adventures of Mane 7

by Pony Uppercut

Bad News

The Adventures of Mane 7 MLP:FIM
Season 1

Episode 9
Bad News

“I win again.” Nemesis said smiling confidently.
Angel, the little bunny, crossed his arms refusing to accept defeat.
“What?” he asked snickering “You wanna go again? Alright, if you say so.”
Nemesis then marked an X in the middle of the board while Angel marked with O's. Who knew Angel would take Tic-Tac-Toe so seriously. After that whole incident with Applejack, Nemesis decided to go to Fluttershy's cottage. Of course he was flooded with thoughts of her being upset from leaving so suddenly. But Fluttershy forgave him easily which took a lot of weight off of his shoulders. Fluttershy then told him, “If you wanted a job so badly, you could have asked me.” She giggled. Nemesis then smacked his forehead realizing he should have done that In the first place.
The next day, Nemesis helped Fluttershy with the pet-sitting business. It was pretty simple to say the least, especially since he had done way more “dangerous” jobs before. Feeding the pets, play with them, and, umm, thats about it. Right now, he was keeping Angel company as Fluttershy went to get groceries. And that was probably the easiest job for him. Maybe because Angel was the only pet that disliked Nemesis and would always try to compete with him in everything.
“I win.” Nemesis told the little bunny. But Angel wasn't satisfied, he wanted to keep playing. Nemesis wondered why he was so competitive with him. Was it because he didn't like him? No, if that were true he would just ignore him. Is he trying to impress him? No, that wouldn't make any sense. Just then Nemesis just figured out the reason behind his competitive nature.
“Oh I get it!” Nemesis said with his realization. Angel just stared at him confused.
“Your not trying to impress me, your trying to impress Fluttershy! Now it all makes sense!” Nemesis said gladly.
Just then, he felt something on the side of his hoof. It wasn't painful but it was annoying. He looked down to see that a blushing bunny was kicking him. Nemesis put his hand on his muzzle giving a thinking position.
“Ohhh, so, you think im trespassing on your 'territory'.” He figured. Nemesis then bent down to speak to him more personally. He then put his hand on top of Angel's head and rubbed.
“Don't worry, your not being replaced, besides,” Nemesis began frown “She wouldn't like me anyway.” he told him looking away. Nemesis then stood up and began to walk into the kitchen.
“I've got too much blood on my hands, im too dangerous.” He told him. Im here to take over Ponyville, betraying everyone is what I came here to do. I don't want to make this any harder than it has to be. Nemesis was lost in thought as he clenched his fist and grit his teeth. I can't let myself get in to deep! But, but thats exactly whats happening! Damn it!
Three knocks came from the front door as he snapped back to reality. He then looked toward the door now fully conscious as he went to answer the door.
“Hello?” Nemesis greeted the air as there was no one at the door. He stuck his head out and looked both ways. He just about to head back inside until he saw a package. It was a little awkward considering how whoever delivered this small box obviously wanted him to walk a small distance to get it. He then walked over the box and picked it up. It was light and sealed pretty tightly.
“Jeez, would it kill a pony just to put it on their front porch?” He asked annoyed.
And just as he suspected, it was a trap.
A baseball bat swished through the air, heading straight to the back of his head. He quickly turned, dropping the package to catch the bat with both of his hands. The attacker was stunned at his strength and his quick movement. Nemesis then lifted his leg to stomp in the opponents stomach making him bend over in agony. Nemesis, still holding onto the bat, swiftly takes it out of hands. He then flipped the bat over to where he was now holding the handle. Then he brought the bat back and swung it upward, ramming into the the attackers muzzle. Nemesis's opponent then fell onto his back groaning in pain holding onto his face. Nemesis then leaned on the baseball bat.
“When I told you clowns to never come back, I thought you guys would have enough common sense to know that it also means to stay away from me.” Nemesis said satirically. He then looked up at the sky. “There's no use hiding anymore, you've been discovered! Your little friend here made sure of that!” He shouted letting them know the jig was up. And just as Nemesis thought, the rest of the gang came out of hiding. The gang members were wearing white and black with skulls on them. They were no doubt the same gang that attacked him and Applejack when they were selling apples. Big Macintosh even warned him something like this might happen.
The gang, or the Skulls, quickly surrounded Nemesis as he continued to look up at the sky. He then brought his head down give them a stone cold look. Im glad Fluttershy isn't around to see this.
“Alright guys, this is your last chance to take your friend here and get lost.”
“Shut it you alicorn freak!” one of them shouted.
“We're here for revenge! And thats what we're going get!” another shouted
Nemesis then sighed, “I thought as much,” He then put the bat over his shoulder. “I can't guarantee you guys will live after this.”
His eyes shifted to see what he was up against. Most of them have weapons, the one with steel pipe is closest to me, he'll most likely attack first.
Just then, The gangster with the pipe charged at him bringing the pipe over his head. Nemesis then brought the bat over his head side ways just in time to block the steel pipe. Moving quickly, he then side stepped, making the pipe slide down his bat. With a quick spin, he rammed the bat into the enemy’s side, breaking ribs. Taking advantage of his opponents pain, he grabbed his bat with both of his hands turning it sideways as he put his hoof behind his enemy's. All he had to do now was give him a good push in the chest making him fall onto his back.
One down, four more to go. He then looked at them again in such an angry way. You could see the blood lust in his eyes, giving off an aura of a monster. He was ready to destroy anything in his path.
The rest of the gang began to rethink their efforts. They started to sweat enough to completely dehydrate them. Their heart beat raced, they were shaking with quick breaths. They were scared.
“W-what are all of you doing!? KILL HIM!!” One of them shouted.
The one with the chain will likely attack next. He thought as he picked up the steel pipe with his other hand. But then without warning he dashed toward them with incredible speed. His eyes shined with death. NOT THAT IT MATTERS!!!
Just as Nemesis thought, a chain was thrown at him like a whip, attempting to pierce the flesh. With expert timing, he not only blocked the chain, but managed to get wrapped around his bat. As soon as Nemesis was sure it overlapped on the bat, he tugged on it, hard. The action made the gangster fly toward Nemesis. Once he was in range, Nemesis swung the steel pipe and bashed the side of his face knocking him to the ground.
Nemesis wasn't even winded yet, once he saw him fall he charged at rest of them screaming like a monster. “RRRAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”
The Skulls just stood there, frozen as the onslaught came. He swung the bat in one hooligan's face, blowing it backward. Afterwords Nemesis spun around slamming him with the momentum of the steel pipe. Once he was out cold, their were only two more Skulls left. Nemesis sprinted toward both of them while he crossed the his bat and pipe he was holding in a scissor motion. He then got in between the last two Skulls that were still frozen with fear. Releasing the scissor motion, He swung the blunt weapons ans thrashed both of their sides, painfully cracking their ribs. They both silently bent over in so much pain that they were unable to scream. With both of their head bowing, he raised the bat and the pipe over his head. Afterwords, he ended it as he swung both of them downward like a hammer and rammed them both on the back of the head.
It was quiet now. Painfully quiet. The rage in his mind had started to finally subside. No one else was standing now. It was over. He looked down as if he was ashamed of himself. The wind blew through Nemesis's hair as he continued to stare at the ground. He then let go of the blunt weapons he was using as they let out a small thud. After a small moment of silence, he heard something. It wasn't the wind, it was, laughter. Nemesis then looked up to see where it was coming from. Then he saw one of them on ground drowning in laughter while he was still on his back.
The black stallion started to get agitated from hear him chuckle. Nemesis walked toward the beat down pony. The Skull's white bandana on his head was turned red from his blood as it trickled down his face. But even with injuries like that didn't keep him from laughing. Nemesis had enough as he grabbed the collar of his shirt and picked him off the ground with one hand.
“Find something funny?” Nemesis asked annoyed.
The gangster began to cough from being lifted by his collar. His laughter finally deceased as struggled to tell him something.
“Y-you don't...get it d-do you!...” He said with a smirk. “Do you...*cough* r-really think we were stupid e-enough to attack y-you again?”
“Apparently you were!” Nemesis answered.
The Skull chuckled a little as he continued. “T-this was all part of are plan...”
Nemesis began to get impatient and shook him violently. “What the hell are talking about!? SPILL IT!!!” Nemesis shouted.
“Heh heh... *cough* much do you care for Fluttershy?”

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