Cadence's new daughter.

by Storyreader21

Nine Years old


Pipp and Zipp heard an explosion from underneath them while they were in Sunny's room looking for her and her friends to tell them that after hearing about the crash that killed her parents, and left her in an orphanage far away from her home with damaged wings, they had decided to adopt Scootaloo after making sure she would fit in the family, and it had just gone through.

Suddenly a hidden door in the floor popped open from said explosion, causing the two of them to look at each other and head down, eventually seeing all four ponies they were looking for covered in soot near a pile of sticks.

"Everypony alright?" Sunny asked.

"I am." Scootaloo said.

"Me too." Sweetie Bell said.

"Ah'm fine." Apple Bloom added. "We're lucky Hedera protected us. Why were we trying to get Explosion cutiemarks again?"

"Because we accidentally created a massive explosion a few weeks ago while trying to trying to get Tree Bucking cutiemarks on the edge of the Everfree, and thought making one on purpose would be easier." Sweetie said.

"Don't remind me." Scootaloo said. "That explosion got Applejack to investigate and lecture us for three hours after she found us in the Everfree."

Pipp and Zipp were about to ask them what was going on when Sunny looked at the pile of sticks.

"Hey, Hedera is pulling herself back together." She said, confusing Pipp and Zipp as the others looked at the pile of sticks that were now moving, only to be shocked when it formed a Timberwolf.

"Thanks Hedera!" The crusaders said hugging her before Pipp and Zipp could do anything about the Timberwolf, causing them to be surprised.

"What is going on?" They asked, causing the crusaders to freeze, and Hedera to get between them protectively.

"Hedera back!" Sunny said, getting Hedera to back down. "It's okay. They're my parents."

"Explain. Now." Zipp said, causing them to explain.

"So let's see if we got this right." Pipp and Zipp said rubbing their heads.

"When you were two you snuck to the library in my bag." Zipp said.

"Yep." Sunny said.

"You then got left behind there because I did not know you were there, and made your way home by hoof." Zipp said.

"Yep." Sunny said.

"On the way you were ambushed by a Timberwolf pack." Pipp added.

"Yep." Sunny said.

"And after accidentally permanently destroying all but the youngest by accident you became her alpha." Pipp said.


"You've been keeping her living in this hidden room that I can sense was created by Celestia you found by accident." Zipp said.

"Yep." Suny said before pausing, "Wait this was made by Celestia?"

"Yes." Zipp said before continuing. "So you have had a pet Timberwolf calling you Alpha for the last seven years and did not inform us."

"Yes." Sunny sighed head down.

"And you three..." Pipp said, looking at the others. "When you found out. You kept it a secret, and joined the pack."

"Yep." The other three said.

"Which in turn gave you all the ability to understand Hedera." Pipp added.

"Yep." They all said.

"And we only found out because you were trying to use this room to get an explosion cutie mark while avoiding a lecture." Zipp added.

"Yes." They sighed.

"Well, your getting a lecture anyway." Pipp said. "Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell I will tell your guardians though I won't say specifics so they can lecture you. Sunny, Scootaloo. You two will get your lecture from Zipp, then go to your room for the rest of the night. And tomorrow you will help us pack up for the move."

"Wait." Scootaloo said confused. "I get giving me the lecture yourself due to me living in an orphanage, but I don't have a room here."

"Actually we came to tell you that we had decided to adopt you, and it just came through." Zipp said holding up papers. "So you're our daughter, and Sunny's sister now. We got a bit distracted from that. You can either share a room with Sunny, or have your own room next door to hers for tonight."

"As for the move." Pipp said. "A condition in the adoption is that we have to move into Ponyville Proper, so the can perform checks to make sure you are happy. So we will be moving into the living spaces in the library Zipp works at. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to adopt you, and yes even with this we still want you both."

This caused Scootaloo to tackle hug Pipp and Zipp, with the crusaders, joining in, and after seeing how Hedera wanted to join in, Pipp and Zipp sighed and called her into the hug as well.