Cadence's new daughter.

by Storyreader21

Seven years old

Sunny was packing her bag after school when her friends in the class walked up.

"Hey Sunny." Apple Bloom said. "You ready for today's crusade?"

"Yeah." Scootaloo said. "I just know we're going to get our cutiemarks today."

"Sorry girls." Sunny said glad that she had met and befriended them, sure it led to forming the cutiemark crusaders and getting covered in trees alot, but it was fun. "But I need to head home after I finish up here."

"How come?" Sweetie Bell asked as the other two groaned.

"Momma said she had a suprise for me." Sunny said. "I need to get there to see what it is. Maybe tomorrow."

"Alright." The others sighed knowing that Sunny was very good at stopping them from finding out where she lives, so they can't go with her. "See you tomorrow."

About ten minutes later, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Bell were laying down in a flower field near the Everfree Forest, deciding not to do the crusade until Sunny gets back the next day.

"So now what do we do?" Sweetie asked.

"Don't know." Apple Bloom said. "We can't crusade until Sunny gets back, it wouldn't be right."

"True." Scootaloo said before noticing something. "Hey, isn't that Sunny heading into the forest?"

"I think so." Apple Bloom said looking.

"I thought she had to go home." Sweetie said. "Why is she going in the forest?"

"She must have lied to us." Scootaloo said. "Let's follow her, and find out why."

The three of them then followed Sunny, who was too excited about the suprise to check to make sure she is not followed.

Eventually they came across a river that had several stones placed across it so Sunny could jump across. As they watched Sunny cross they saw her slip on one only to gain wings and a horn made of starlight and magic, and hover back on the rock.

"What the!" The others said, a bit too loudly, causing Sunny to hear them, and look back, spotting them following her.

"Oh no." Sunny said looking worried. "This was supposed to be a secret. I'm going to be in so much trouble."

"You have wings." Scootaloo said. "Working wings, and a horn. Made of magic. How?"

"Technically they are made from Magic and Statlight." Sunny said. "I was born with them. Come on. We'll have to talk to mommy and momma. They should be at home."

"And where is that?" Scootaloo asked. "You said you were going home, yet came into the forest."

"I live in the abandoned castle further in the forest." Sunny said to their suprise.

"WHAT!" They yelled.

"They followed you didn't they." Zipp said flying down.

"Momma!" Sunny said. "What are you doing here?"

"I was wondering what had taken you so long, and came looking for you." Zipp said. "Now I think we need to talk."

With that she revealed her alicorn form and teleported them all to the castle where they had a long talk. In the end they agreed to keep it secret, and were allowed to stay for Sunny's suprise. A small suprise party for her seventh birthday, which she had forgotten was today.