by Hilord17


Six individuals were gathered at a round table in a very modest room with no door. They have no idea how they got there. The only thing they know is that without warning they appeared there.

"Ok. I'll go first." said the first individual. A male human. "I am Lord Euris of Gielinor."

"My codename is Aero." said the second individual. A red unicorn with a tall and very well-trained body. "I assume none of you know the reason we're here."

"Since you guys aren't freaking out about talking ponies, you must know Equestria." said the third individual. Another male human. All of them nodded. "Good. The name is Alexander. A pleasure."

"Well, I... was in Equestria." said the fourth individual. A third male human. "It's... complicated. My name is... Diego."

"Call me Rex." said the fifth individual. A slender unicorn with a long mane. "Quite the meeting we have here."

"Where..." said the sixth individual. A young stallion, looking around. "Where is Lilith? Why can't I-"

"Our partners and friends are not here." said Alexander. "Don't worry though. They are safe."

"How do you know that?" asked Aero.

"Because this is a dream." answered Alexander. "This is not the first time I'm dragged into some weird place during a dream. This is actually the third time."

"A dream? But..."

"So... do we try to... get out of this room?" asked Diego. Everyone then noticed that his hand now had an orange aura, similar to a unicorn's magic.

"I have a feeling we all fit the 'special' category." said Lord Euris. "I have my own magic too..."

"Same here." said Aero.

"I can try." said the young stallion.

"We never got your name." said Alexander, looking at him.

"Kader. That's my name." was his answer.

"Well, Kader..." Alexander started to gather some kind of green energy similar to the wind around his hand, getting everyone's attention. "Let's try Diego's idea."

And they tried.

Elemental powers, psychic energy, strong unicorn magic, and all their physical strength...

Everyone tried to break the wood walls of the room with their unique abilities.

Yet none succeeded.

So, they did the most reasonable thing: Sit down again. The chairs were incredibly comfy.

"Unbreakable wood. Great..." said Alexander nonchalantly. "Whoever brought us here doesn't want us to leave. At least not yet."

"You know who?" asked a curious Kader.

"It can be something, too." was Alexander's answer. "Spoiler alert: Some stars in the universes are in fact, sentient beings. And just like humans, they can be wise or naive. The last time I had one of these experiences, I learned that they have the power to do these cosmical shenanigans, especially during dreams."

"Like time travel or something like that?" asked Lord Euris.

"The first two times, I was reunited with people from other universes. Maybe it's the same for you."

"He is telling the truth."

The words that came from Aero took everyone's attention.

"There's a bit of a situation where I come from. Long story short, I was transported from my Equestria, to another one. It's almost the same, except that a curse from an ancient enemy affected the birth of stallions. That Equestria now is mare-dominant. Stallions are very few, and weak due to the curse. The mares have the 'duty' to pamper and protect them. There is a herd system, too. The creature responsible for sending me there comes from the stars."

"Wow. I kinda feel bad for you." said Lord Euris. "I am from another dimension: The land of Gielinor. A creature from Equestria somehow managed to reach my dimension, gathered a bunch of minions, and went back. With the help of two friends, I was able to go to Equestria in order to hunt that creature. Still doing it."

"That sounds like adventure!" said Alexander. "I've been living in Equestria for a while now. The first months were mostly peaceful... but one day, I was sent to the past. Five years after Equestria's foundation. Had to fight a lot, and I made many friends on the way."

Rex let out a whistle of admiration.

"My, it looks like I'm the boring one. I don't fight. Not too much, anyway. I'm more of an observer. However, I'm investigating... mysterious magic that has recently manifested in my Equestria."

"I'm dead."

Now this got everyone's attention.

"But I'm participating in some sort of game." continued Kader. "We have to complete daily missions, or else we get erased. It's complicated. If we win the game, we are given... certain choices. One of them is... to return to life."

"I wish you the best, Kader." said Aero, smiling a bit. "Don't let your guard down, and keep a strong will to face every obstacle."

The others also encouraged Kader to continue.

"Thank you guys. I made a promise, and I will not break it."

"My... situation is... complicated too." said Diego.

"Sounds like you have a hard time talking." said Rex.

"Es porque hablo español." said Diego. Almost no one understood that.


"Ah, así que hablas español." said Lord Euris with a smile.

"¡Así es!" answered Diego, happy that someone else knows his language.

Diego started to talk about his current situation. In spanish, though. Lord Euris, however, understood everything.

"Long story short, his Equestria was transported to planet Earth, and Equestria's magic turned out to be harmful to humans. They had to convert into ponies in order to survive. Diego however, is immune, and can even use unicorn magic. He's from Chile. That's why he speaks spanish."

"Jesus..." said Alexander. "That's..."

"So many Equestrias... so many possibilities." said Rex, looking at Diego.

"A door."

Aero's voice alerted everyone.

"Oh yeah. It's right there."

"Pretty sure it wasn't there before..."

"Are you kidding me?"

"I guess we had to know about each other first before moving on." said Alexander getting up. The others doing the same. "Now... Let's meet whoever brought us here, shall we?"

And the group left the room into the unknown.