Cadence's new daughter.

by Storyreader21

4 to 5 years old

Sunny was now four and a half years old and was vibrating with excitement. Pipp was bringing her on a foalsitting job now that she could finally hide her wings and horn long enough to go in public. This excited her even more then when she started understanding her Timberwolf, who she had learned was named Hedera.

Finally Pipp was ready, and they made their way through the Everfree forest, Pipp deciding that she was old enough to defend herself in emergencies, and this would help her get to school when she starts in a couple years if Pipp and Zipp were too busy to teleport her there, which Twilight was looking forward too, she loves school afterall.

"So who are you foalsitting?" Sunny asked Pipp.

"A young pony your age named Apple Bloom." Pipp said as they crossed a river with their wings, luckily they were still in the everfree, and so noone saw. "Her family runs Sweet Apple Acres, but she is a bit young for the full days work, so I am foalsitting. I think you will be good friends."

"Why do I need friends?" Sunny asked. "I have everyone I need already."

"Everypony needs a friend." Pipp said, happy to finally have a chance to change that belief of Sunnies thatnshe kept from her time as Twilight. "Ponies are herd creatures. Living life without others is bad for our health."

"Then why did I walk in on you and Zipp sitting on each other's face." Sunny asked confused. "That doesn't seem like friends."

"I'll explain Special Friends when your older." Pipp said blushing, not wanting to explain the 69 position to someone so young. Especially not in relation to herself and her marefriend of three months. Even the Alicorn of Love has limits afterall. "Those types of friends are a bit too advance for you. And require alot of prep work that you are too young to start. There are some things your body just can't handle at your age and I don't want you to get hurt trying."

"Okay." Sunny said believing if those were advance friends you need to be physically adults to do then if friends are necessary, then she should focus on basic friends. When learning something new you need to start at the basics afterall. Before she could ask about those basics though Pipp put her hoof over Sunny's mouth while looking to the side, where Sunny could see a clearing with a yellow pegasus and a small rabbit. Causing her to quickly hide her wings and horn.

"Hello, Fluttershy." Pipp said gently, knowing how shy she was. "What brings you out here?"

"Eeep." She said before turning to Pipp and Sunny. "Oh hello Pipp, and who is this?"

"This is my daughter Sunny Starscout." Pipp said. "I thought we would take a walk before she comes with me on my foalsitting job."

"She's very pretty." Fluttershy said before turning to the rabbit. "This is Angel, he's all alone now, so I came to try to convince him to live with me."

"What happened?" Sunny asked, wondering why such a cute rabbit would be alone.

"A manticore ate them." Fluttershy said. "Luckily he missed Angel here. But he is still to young to be on his own, so I want to help him."

"I didn't think manticore's came this close to the edge of the forest." Pipp said sounding worried.

"He must of ran out of food in his normal territory." Fluttershy said before Angel curled up asleep on Fluttershy's back. "I better get this one home. Goodbye"

"Goodbye." Pipp and Sunny said.

"She seemed nice." Sunny said.

"It will be quite difficult to find someone kinder." Pipp said remembering what Zipp told her after she met Fluttershy. "Now come along. We are almost out of the forest. Luckily me and Zipp warded the path so that as long as you are on it you are safe. It was very difficult due to the magic of the Everfree. And only works on the path itself."

A few minutes later Pipp and Sunny met up with Granny Smith and Apple Bloom, Big Mac and Applejack already working, and after introductions Granny Smith got to work as well.

"Now what?" Sunny asked.

"Well..." Pipp said. "I think we could start off with a trip to the park, followed by a snack at Sugarcube Corner, and finally a visit to the library where you can each pick one book for me to read to you."

"Yay!" Sunny and Apple Bloom cried, Sunny for the books, and Apple Bloom for the snacks.

After playing in the park, with Sunny actually trying after being told having a friend is nescarry for good health, and finding she quite enjoyed Apple Bloom, though Pipp did have to remind her that not everyone likes learning as much as she did, but after Pipp explained that it was okay if they like different things. It makes them unique, and that if everyone was the exact same it would be boring they had fun, and the start of a friendship. They then headed to the library after a snack at Sugarcube Corner, missing the new pony that works there by a few minutes.

Apple Bloom was quite shocked when she found out that Sunny called Zipp Momma, and Pipp Mommy, not knowing they were her parents, but accepted it in the end, especially after Zipp revealed that she knew Pipp was bringing them there, and set up an area of the library especially for foals, complete with beanbags to sit on, a fluffy rug, and some child toys. Course Apple Bloom and Sunny were both to engrossed in the books to play with the toys, especially when Pipp used different voices for the different characters in the Daring Doo book(the first one in the series as chosen by Appple Bloom who thought sounded interesting being in the adventure section, and the second as chosen by Sunny after enjoying the first one so much).

Afterwards the day came to an end, and after dropping Apple Bloom off they headed home.