It is NOT like the comics

by CreativeCreatures

Prologue: A.S.H

Blazing bells echoed the long halls of the mental hospital. Sounds of screams clawed at the walls as footsteps gathered together in a horrible melody. Red spun in circles across the bloodied halls as a large spiked mace broke through the brick. It was a war zone, a hell hole on earth's surface. Slowly, a strait-jacketed girl approached a bloodied doctor. A sickening cackle escaping said psychos lips.


Time: 2:40 pm. Date: Monday Jan 10th, 2004. Location: A.S.H

The pristine white door flung open as a buzzer went off. Stepping inside the gray dark room, the newcomer muttered. The light flickered above her as buttons blinked on and off. It was definitely a control room.
   A large window sat on one edge of the wall. It showed a padded white cell many would call an “isolation chamber”. It was nothing special, just bright white everywhere the eye could see. Honestly, it was just annoying to look at. 

Turning to the men dressed in large white coats the newcomer sighed. The men watched cameras and the window, seemingly watching something inside. Whatever it was, it frightened them. It frightened the facility enough to put it in one of the most guarded chambers. And today was the newcomers day to face that horror. Eyeing the blinking lights the orange puffy haired doctor walked up to one of the doctors.

“What's with the setup?” she asked, her voice could be in a fashion commercial. Soft and seductive yet with hints of dominance. The doctor she spoke to jumped to the sudden noise and turned to the girl.

The doctor was simple, dark skin with bunned up black hair. Large purple glasses sat on her face as she examined the orange haired girl before her. Her eyes were dark, like a midnight sky. Her shirt was purple, small stars decorating it. 

“You must be Doctor Dempsey...” the doctor mumbled before standing up, “welcome to containment 22004. My name is Doctor Spencer, head of dangerous individual containment. It's nice to finally meet you, Miss.” Doctor Dempsey was widely known as a collected and successful doctor within the walls of the hospital. Able to break into the minds of anyone and learn how they tick. She was vastly talented in the art of observation.

“Likewise.” Doctor Dempsey responded simply, “but just call me Adaline.” 

“Yes doct- Adaline.” the younger doctor quickly corrected, it was obvious the poor girl was nervous. However, something told Adaline she wasn’t nervous about her, but nervous of what was in the room. 

“Good, now open the doors.” Adaline turned to the locked iron doors before her, doctors looking to one another with concerned looks. “I said open it.” The door quickly swung open as Adaline stepped through. Almost as fast as it opened though, it closed. 

Scanning the room Adaline took note of the certain darkness that would spill out. The room was white and blinding but still the feeling of dark remained within its walls. To any normal person it would be maddening, luckily Adaline wasn’t normal. 
   Looking at the twitching shape in the corner of the room, Adaline expected to see a monster. A beast hell bent on killing her and everyone around her, but instead… instead it was a girl. The girl was thin yet muscular, long locks of blonde hair cascading down her back. Her back was turned to Adaline as she spoke in gibberish. The girl wasn't mentally there, that's for sure. So what made them lock her up as a danger? She hadn’t even attacked yet.

Forcing her mind to remain on track, the doctor approached the twitching patient.

“Jacqueline Bartley I presume?” When no response came the doctor decided to continue, “it's time for your questioning, get up.” the patient huffed before forcing herself to a stand. Jacqueline turned to the doctor, her green eyes filled with hate and an unreadable insanity. She seemed human, but something screamed of unnaturality inside of her. 

“Ah have no answers for yer questions, just git out.” Jacqueline spoke, her voice lined with a thick southern accent.

“Oh but you do, now sit down.” Adaline turned towards the one way mirror, nodding at the doctors inside. Quickly the doctors sent in two guards, both had a plain white chair. They placed the chair facing one another before returning to the door, guarding as it closed. The southern patient scoffed.

“Ya don't trust me that much to let me go to an actual meeting room?” 

“No, we don't.” Adaline already took her seat, causing the patient to follow reluctantly. 

“Ah can’t even use my hands with this damn jacket, what's there to lose?” Jacqueline argued.

“Everything.” was the blunt answer from the doctor. Adaline took out her notes from her bag before tapping them on her knees. She quickly opened a folder before turning her eyes back to Jacqueline. “Do you know why you're here?”

“Straight forward huh, yah. I know why.” Jacqueline responded with a smile. Great, a reluctant patient. Always took a while but they were the best to break. 

“Then why are you here?” Adaline asked simply.

“Because people don’t trust me.” Jacqueline spoke, her tone darkening but not in an angry way. Something about how she said it told Adaline it was regret. 

“And why don’t people trust you?” Adaline attempted, she didn't want to anger the patient yet. 

“Because they don’t!” Jacqueline hissed, catching the doctor off guard. There went her plan for a false happy environment. 

“That's not an answer, WHY don’t they trust you.” Adaline spoke, preparing her pencil as she watched the patient's face morph. Regret, anger, denial and finally fear. Well, that all came before a sick smile spread on the patient's face.

”Sugarcube… Love has a blind eye, yours are wide open."


Adaline left the pure white room with a scowl. After the last comment the patient just refused to speak further, which was fine. Resistant patients tend to be like that at first. What mattered at the moment was what Adaline did get. The patient themselves seemed well aware of the horror she brought to others, even if they themselves didn’t seem to be a threat. 

Turning to the doctors before her, Adaline nodded. The doctors seemed stunned at her survival, maybe the patient did tend to attack the doctors. Then why did they not attack Adaline? 

“I will be back tomorrow.” Adaline spoke sharply before heading towards the exit, “keep her locked up.” the doctors quickly nodded as she left the room. This patient truly was a mystery… something Adaline desired to solve. However, tomorrow is tomorrow and she had other work to do. The day had only just begun after all.

Stepping out into the long gray halls, Adaline nodded at different doctors who passed her. Many didn't pay attention to Adaline, something she grew used to honestly. Everyone was busy, everyone had scars. The average mind could only handle so much no matter how amazing it itself was. Said limits of the mind was Adelines job to figure out. 
   Stepping through the hall in a professional manor, Adaline grabbed her coat and wrapped it around herself. She opened a wide door and stepped outside into the winter chill. White sparkling blankets adorn the ground in a silent undisturbed beauty. A long day had been completed for Adaline… now she could go home.