Unlocking Your Cutie Mark

by Dezmo


"You haven't started that yet, right?" He nervously asked.

"No, not yet." I lied. I coughed to buy me a few more moments.

"Sorry I got a bit ahead of myself. If this war were to carry on for much longer we may have to take drastic measures. I am simply providing an alternate plan that should not be as deadly as the Manehatten Project." I turned my head towards Jolly but kept my eyes on him. They began to shine much like when he solved the riddle we set. Freshly awakened and already putting in work. I need to stop him before he figures out too much.

"Please call for the escorts." I spoke to Jolly and offered a hoof to Sunny.

"Go get some rest. If you are interested I would love to have a much more formal meeting. I do apologize for the scare today but it was necessary for you to grow." I told him to get his mind off whatever he was thinking about. His hoof shake had no strength behind it, but I moved my hoof to give him some satisfaction.

"Well I have to admit it was a bit exciting after your reveal." He said with a light chuckle. His eyes were getting brighter, but thankfully he began to trot off with the guards. He waved back once more and I humored him with a slight nod.

"I'm pretty sure I don't need your input but just in case my cold reading was wrong, what did you get?" I turned to Jolly and took a peek at her notes. She was an awakened walking soul reader. She could, with time, study a living being and learn what they are capable of, both good and bad.

"He won't do it." She replied. I got the same feeling but it stung all the same hearing it from her.

"Just keep him in strictly research department and he will never know. Going to have to update the procedures to deal with his extreme uncanny awakened skill. Thanks for making my job harder, boss." Jolly snarked but I knew she was all bark and no bite.

"I will bite you one day." She grumbled under her breath. See? All bark.

"Don't threaten me with a good time. I'm off for my rounds, see that he is contacted and set up within the next week. His work and skill will speed things up nicely." Jolly gave a simple nod and began to walk off.

With that complete, I left the zone of the massive illusion we set and entered our actual building. Pocket dimensions are a wonderful thing. Plenty of ponies got out of my way, a few bravely greeting me. I had to keep my stoic appearance as the leader of this highly illegal building. Cold, calculated, massively strong, and dashingly handsome. Traits that make a great leader for those to afraid to speak up.

A few moments later and I finally found the window to Observation station #3. #2 and #1 were still being rebuilt from the previous tests. Inside I could see our greatest creation yet. A young colt foal that was currently being trained by his strength coach. His small steps adding cracks to the reinforced floor as he shuffles about.

We gathered the orphans from the many displaced ponies coming east. For now we are content on taking those with no more family left. But I have tabs on the others if needed.

This one in particular was our first successful prototype. A cutie mark to give him super pony strength. The simple act of him walking shatters the floor, no older than five and he could kill anyone in this building by accident. The first of many to come after him. With science we can push magic beyond the limit it set itself. No longer will we be bound by destiny, we can forge it.

The small colt was directed to a captured enemy tank and was told to hit it. The resulting power from that was a massive dent in the side of the tank. Could kill the unfortunate being next to that spot, but it would not take out the tank.

Baby steps.