A legend returns.

by 654_nosneb

Chapter I - It's to much magic.

It was 3 PM in the afternoon, and the ponies of ponyville were minding their business, having another happy day chatting, working, playing and singing. The sun was bright, with a clear sky that let cloudsdale and canterlot on sight from any part of the town.

Fluttershy's birds were singing along side with her at the edge of everfree forest, they were practicing an easy performance for no reason at all, other than the fact that she and the birds really enjoyed it.

"Great, great!" Said the mare with a very soft voice tone. "But you are still out of tune little rose." She said to the little red bird. "But don't worry, we'll practice on it and soon you'll be able to sing along side the rest of the chorus."

She was about to resume the singing practice, when suddenly a bright blue light flashed at her back, followed by a big explosion than make all of her birds flew away, and almost make her run away as well. Which instead was replaced with her hiding on a nearby bush.

In the place of the explosion, emerged a tall bipedal figure with black short hair, brown eyes, dark blue shoes, a white T-shirt, and a black coat with some burned holes on it.

"Ouch, my head!" he screamed. "No. My whole body hurts!" He said as he opened his eyes to see where he was. "Wait, where am I?" he found himself at the edge of a dense forest, and ahead he saw a clearing, and a small town, with an oddly looking crystal castle. He couldn't remember exactly how he got there, but he knew it was important.

The first thing he noticed, apart from the pain, was that if he wanted to get help, he must go to civilization. So he started his way to the town at the distance.

Fluttershy was scared, she knew than this part of the forest was completely safe from the everfree creatures, that's why she wasn't expecting this at all. She was about to go out and see what caused the explosion, when she heard something was approaching.

It was something that she had heard of several times, but never actually believed it was true. It was a human, a real one! She once heard the story of a human that saved the world from an ancient evil, so ancient than was even before equestria's foundation, and equestria was 12000 years old.

The creature was walking with difficulty and visible pain, although she was scared, she knew than him needed help, she needed to banish the fear.

"Excuse me sir." she said with a soft, but audible voice. "But I couldn't just avoid noticing that you are very hurt, you need help?"

"Yes, I would certainly like some..." he stopped talking for a moment, when he notice de yellow little pegasus, his mind stopped working, was this a dream? No, he knew how a dream was and this was not one."Who are you?! And more importantly, what are you?!"

"Well I'm fluttershy, and I'm a pegasus." she said a little confused. "Why you don't know what I'm? Who are you?"

"Well... From where I came ponies normally don't have wings, or talk actually." He said while sitting on the ground beacouse of the pain.

"I'm sorry, but it seems that you are not from here, righ?." The pegasus said "But you need my help, let's go to my home so I can heal you, what's your name?"

"William." he said.

"William! Like William Tyler!" The mare said raising her voice very excitedly.

"Actually yes." Said the human confused. "How did you know?"

Fluttershy's mind was shouting to her that this was imposible, but a human, the name, his look, his coat; it was just like the ancient legend she was told about.

"Follow me." she said. "I can help you."

"Um... well... Ok." he finally said he didn't knew where he was but this strange looking mare seemed like wanted to help him.

She took him to the town he saw earlier, so he guessed than her house was probably there. As they entered the town he saw tons of other colorful ponies, some of them with wings, some of them with a horn, and others with nothing else; although he never saw one of them, he felt them a little familiar.

They aproached a railroad station that was at the other edge of the town, this was strange to William, since he thought they were going to the mare house, but maybe it was out of town.

"Two tickets to Canterlot please." said the yellow mare to the stallion attending at the station.

"We have free space for the 4:00 PM train, that would be 20 bi..." the stallion stoped, as he spotted the human that was beside Fluttershy. "ARE YOU WILLIAM?!"

"Yes he is." responded the mare. "That's why we need to go to Canterlot as soon as possible."

"I understand, it is an honor to meet you Mr. William." the stallion said to him, with a very formal voice tone. "Take your tickets."

"Thank you." said the mare after using her wings to grab the tickets. "You need to trust on my friend, she is going to help you more than I can."

"Ok." said the human walking with difficulty. "But how did he knew my name?."

"Everypony knows you!" said the mare. "You are famous, a hero, a legend; you saved the world once, you don't remember?"

"No I don't." said William while holding his head.

"It seems that you really hurt your head, or maybe your name and figure it's just a coincidence." Fluttershy said. "What's the last thing you remember?"

"Nothing concrete at all, I remember my home, my mother, my sister, and me attending to school."

"It seems than maybe you are not who I think you are, but to check it out I'll take you with a friend of mine." she said.

"Ok, but could I ask why you are helping me miss..."

"Fluttershy." she said very slowly.

"What?" William asked.

"Fluttershy." said the mare a little bit louder.

"Fluttershy, a very unique name I have to say, but I like it." he said. "Why we went to that train station?"

"I need to take you to see my friend, remember, but first I'll take care of you and my little friends."

"Um, Ok." said William to her. "Wait, what little friends?"

They arrived to the mare's house, and as soon as they entered William saw the grand amount of animals. Birds, mice, a bunny, and even a giant bear! Which almost make him run away as fast as he could.

"Don't worry." said Fluttershy. "He won't hurt you, we are friends."

"If you say so." said him a little scared.

She guide him to a couch in which he could land on, then she flew to the kitchen.

"I'm gonna make you a special tea, it'll help with your headache." she said. "Then I'll take you to the princess so she can send you home."

"Really! Thank you Fluttershy, but could I ask why are you helping me?"

"Why I wouldn't help you." said Fluttershy. "You are a poor soul that is lost from his home, it's injured and needs a friend. Honestly if I didn't help you you'll be even more lost, and everypony will think than you are some kind of ancient warrior."

"Yeah, how could I've saved the world, that's ridiculous."

10 minutes later Fluttershy returned with an herbal tea for William, that was lying on the couch with a hand on his head, trying to contain the pain.

"Thank you." he said, as he started to drink it. When he finished part of the pain vanished almost instantly. "It's the princess a pony with influence? I say, that could take me to see the king or the queen?"

"What." asked the mare a little confused. "Equestria doesn't have a queen or king, the Princess Celestia is the maximal authority."

"Oh, sorry." he responded. "I had no idea of how the political system of this world works."

"No problem, and in your world a king or queen is the ruler?"

"In some counties." he answered. "But the majority, including mine, is ruled by a president."

"What is the difference between a president and a princess? She asked.

"Well this would take a while, but is like this..." he explained.

After a nice talk about their worlds both of them became impressed by the stories of the other one, they seemed like two completely different realities. The continued until the mare noticed than the clock on the wall already marked 3:35 PM.

"Well enough chatting for now." she said. "I need to feed my friends, and let them know that I'll take you to Canterlot."

"Ok." said him. "And your tea make me fell very good, it almost banished my headache."

"I'm glad that it helped you." said the mare while searching for the food bags.

They arrived the station at 3:55 PM, and this time they were even more ponies than before, they were staring at William as a kid would stare to superhero, but they trotted fast to the train, and then found their respective spots to relax a little. Although it was hard to relax when everypony is staring at you, and whispering things between them.

"Mind if I sleep for a while." he said to Fluttershy. "For some reason I'm very tired."

"Of course, sleep you'll need it."

"Thank you." he said before lying his body on the seat, which was easy since it was designed for ponies sitting, and went to the land of dreams."

He suddenly appeared on a dark void, it was cold, infinite, and empty except for himself and two bright points in the darkness, they were together, resembling to be eyes, the left one was green, and the right one was red.

They were just starring at him, and their presence was deeply scary, like they were from a creature that would kill him at any moment. Suddenly he heard a voice, a very deep voice saying:


He awoke, a very loud noise emanating from his pocket awoke him. Was one of his phone alarms.

"AAHHH!" screamed Fluttershy. "What is that!"

Other ponies were also scared by this, it was already 7:30 PM and some of them were already sleeping.

"It was just an alarm on my phone." he said as he turned it off. "I guess that you ponies don't have cellphones."

"No we don't" said Fluttershy. "What is it for."

"Communication, entertaining, recording, taking photos, working, tell the hour... I could continue but you get the idea."

"I was referring to the alarm." she said.

"Honestly I don't know." answered William. "I don't remember putting an alarm for this hour. Sorry if I scare you."

"It's not that big deal, just that I never saw nothing like it, how does it..."

The mare's interlocutor was stopped by a young colt that approached to him and said."

"Are you William Tyler." he spoke, it was a grey unicorn colt, with black hair, and no 'cutie mark' like Fluttershy explained. "Like the one from the legend.

"Um." he didn't know how to respond, but luckily he was saved by the bell.

"We arrived at Canterlot!" said a pony at the front. "Everypony down!"

"It would be for the next time kid" he said as he stand up along with Fluttershy and went out of the train.

As they went out the sight was really astonishing, a very big city, at the side of a mountain with very impressive buildings, but the greater one was a great white castle with an impossible architecture.

She guide him through the city, while he was receiving even more judging looks at him. He did his best to ignore them as they went directly to the castle.

"So this princess has the magic to send me to my world?" he asked to Fluttershy.

"If she can't, I don't know who could."

Soon later they reached the castle's entrance, when suddenly two guards stopped them with their spears.

"Identify." said one of them.



"No pony sees the princess without authorization." said the other.

"We need to see the princess beacouse..." Fluttershy said.

"Wait, is he William!" one guard shouted.

The other one reacted just as the first one

"Sorry sir, it's an honor to be in your presence."

Both guards leave them enter the palace, an Fluttershy guide him to the throne room.

"Well that was odd" said William. "What exactly did this William did in the legend."

"Just saved our world from a tyrant that was even more powerful than Celestia, Luna, and Discord combined." said the mare. "But it's just a legend, and since they think that humans don't even exist, they might think that you are that hero."

Those names all combined together seemed a little familiar to William, but he tried to ignore it.

They soon were at the throne room in which Celestia was.

"Fluttershy." said the white alicorn. "What brings you to Canterlot at this hour?"

"Hello your highness." said the mare doing a reverence. "You see I found him on the edge of the everfree forest, an although it might seem like the hero of the well known legend, he is just from a diferent world and wants to return home." she said while pointing a hoof to William.

As soon as Celestia saw him tears began to run off his eyes. Would be possible, after all those years and he was still the same as the last time she saw him, but his eyes tell her that he doesn't remember her yet.

"William did you remember me." she said while crying.

"Um, no." this was even more odd. "I'm not that hero you think I am your highness, I just wanna return to my world."

"So you have amnesia." the princess said with more tears on her face.

"No I'm definitely not from this world." he said with more doubts on his head.

"Your sister was Melissa, and your mother was Bianca." the princess sentence.

"What! You are right but does that mean..."

"Honestly me an Luna owe you our lives." the smilling-crying princess said. "But... you... you..." she stopped talking and flew in front of him and gave him a tide hug.

"I don't see you in about 20000 years!"