Adventures of Mane 7

by Pony Uppercut

Honesty is best policy!

The Adventures of Mane 7 mlp:fim
Season 1

Episode 8
Honesty is best policy!

The stars were shining so brightly tonight. Space is like a sea, its full of life and unknown creatures. But the real question is, what does it all mean? Does every life form have a purpose to full fill? Do some creatures matter more than others? Why aren't we born knowing who we are? Nemesis's mind raced a thousand miles a second. He laid in the hay field as he gazed upon the night sky. What Applejack asked him has been a legitimate question all through his life. Where do I belong?
“I see ya like star gazin, but you'll be mighty tired if you stay up all night.” The country voice told him. Nemesis sat up to see it was Big Mac talking to him. When he saw him, Nemesis then lied back down gazing at the stars again. Big Mac then walked up next to him as he looked up to also gaze at the sea of space.
“So whats keepin ya up?” Big Mac asked.
Nemesis then snickered and responded “I could ask you the same thing.”
“Hooves are mighty loud against a hard wood floor.” He told him finally sitting down next to him. “So I had to check if there were no intruders.”
Nemesis then smiled and closed his eyes “Eh, fair enough.” Nemesis then began to think of something to tell him to cause the least amount of conflict. After all, Big Mac does know hes, quote, working for his little brother, unquote. But it would be best if he didn't lie anymore than he had to.
“Just thinking about my family.” He bluntly told him.
Big Mac then sighed as he began to speak to him. “Nemesis, I think yur workin to hard, so I want ya to head out with Applejack and help sell apples until you heal.”
When Nemesis heard what he said he instantly sat up. “W-wha!? How did you-”
“Fluttershy told me everything.” Big Mac confirmed.
Nemesis began to sweat “S-so does that mean your still going to let me work?”
Big Mac gave him a smirk “You nuts? Of course! I know how it feels to work to take care the young-ins.”
Nemesis sighed in relief as he was able to keep his job.
Big Mac then stood up and began to head back inside. “Now get some sleep,” He ordered “Your tough, but your not that tough.”

The night sky finally turned blue as the sun pushed itself over the horizon. Thankfully, Big Mac's words comforted him enough to let him sleep. The new day began like yesterday, tons of work before breakfast. Afterwords, Applejack and Nemesis began to leave as they were heading back to Sugarcube Corner to sell some more apples. Nemesis relaxed a bit as he realized it was going to be smooth sailing from here. Everything seem to go quite well, until they got home and were ready for dinner. As they sat down and said grace, he then noticed something. There wasn't much on the table. Nemesis felt both guilt and confusion. He thought they had tons of money, but it was the exact opposite.
Nemesis had been tight situations before when it came to food, but, this time, it was different. Nemesis always stayed with his comrades just to survive. He never stayed with ponies that chose to be around him. If anyone had to suffer at this table, it should be him, not this family. The guilt ate away at him as if his stomach acid was digesting his own body. He completely lost his appetite. After they ate, Nemesis sat at the table deep in thought. Applejack saw this and began to worry about him.
“Hey Nemesis,” She called out to him sitting next to her. Nemesis snapped out of his thought and turn his head to look at her. “You ok? Ya seem kinda down.”
Nemesis instantly tried to play it cool as he smiled at her. “Oh its nothing, I guess im a little tired.” He responded.
Applejack raised an eyebrow, almost knowing he was hiding something. But she decided to let it go. She then stood out of her chair, “If ya say so, im gonna go get some shut eye.” She said as she headed to the stairs. “Y’all should get some too.”
With that said she disappeared upstairs. Everyone else was also upstairs as they were getting ready for bed. Except for Granny Smith who was washing the dishes. Big Mac and Applejack tried to convince her a thousand times before that they could do the dishes, but Granny Smith insisted that she would wash them by herself. She didn't want to feel useless. Nemesis then got up from the table and headed out of the dining room and into the kitchen. He didn't want to disturb her with questions, but he had to hear some answers.
“Granny Smith,” He spoke to her softly. She then turned around to look at him as she held a plate with one hand and a towel with the other.
Her face lit up, “Ah! Nemesis deary! how are ya? Can I get ya anythin?”
Nemesis rubbed the back of his neck, “Uh, no thanks Granny Smith, I was just wondering if I could ask you a few questions.” He confessed
“Fire away!” She reassured him with a smile.
“Well, umm,” Nemesis spoke and tried to think at the same time. He didn't want to ask flat out why their poor. “How tough is it running the farm?” He asked
Granny Smith a gave sad expression and sighed. But she then smiled a little and turned back around to wash more dishes. “Its,” She paused “tough.” a moment of silence passed them. “But we love every second of it!” She said happily. “I know other ponies' lives are easier but, we belong here.”
Nemesis crossed his arms and leaned against the as he continued to ponder. “What does Applejack think of the farm life?” He questioned
“She loves it.” She said giving a big grin. “Theres nothin more satisfying than loving what you do for a living!”
Nemesis uncrossed his arms and began to leave. He was confused on why they would live like this when they have so much more potential to do something more. “Thanks for answering my questions Granny Smith, night.” He told her as he was heading out of the kitchen.
“I know what your thinkin Nemesis,” Granny spoke up. Nemesis froze right at the door way. “Your thinkin that we deserve so much more. Nemesis, there comes a time when your so passionate about somethin that ya do it without caring about no money. We know we don't get much, but this is what we love!” She told him passionately
Without saying a word, Nemesis left the kitchen and went to bed. He couldn't understand what Granny Smith told him when he was never passionate about anything. So the day moved swiftly as he slept through the night. And just like past few days, working equals breakfast. Afterwords, he went to sell apples with Applejack again, but this time was going to be different.
After they set up the apple stand, Nemesis began to think about what to tell her. He wanted to tell her that she deserved more that what she was getting ever since dinner last night. So he tried to figure out a way to break the ice.
“So, I noticed your Cutie Mark on the back of your hand are apples.” He said pointing at her right hand.
She looked at her Cutie Mark and smiled “Yep! And I wouldn't have it any other way!” She told him cheerfully. “Workin on the farm and selling apples is the life for me!”
“Is it?” He questioned
Applejack then turn to him and raised an eyebrow “What do you mean by that?” she said a little taken back.
“Last night when we had dinner with the family, there wasn't much to eat.” Nemesis spoke in a serious tone.
“Your point?” She asked a bit annoyed.
“I think it would be best for everyone if you sold your apples for a higher price.” He stated
“What!?” Applejack shouted in shock “Were havin trouble sellin these apples already, and yur sayin we should raise our prices!?”
“There not gonna sell at a higher price!”
Nemesis began to lose his patience. “That's a load of boloney and you know it!” He told her.
“Wh-what?” She said confused, or at least she tried to look it.
“You know as well as I do that no one sells apples around here for at least a hundred miles!”
Applejack gulped.
He began to lower his voice.“You have monopoly here. If you sold your apples for a higher price, the customers would have no choice but to buy them! You could buy more food, more equipment, more-”
“Wouldn't that be lying?” She asked looking down clenching her fists.
“Lying?” He asked
“Yea! Lying!” She shouted at him. “I won't be dishonest to my customers! I won't do it!”
Nemesis grit his teeth “Is that all!? Is that the reason your poor!? Why should you be honest to ponies you don't know huh!? The only thing that's keeping you from living a better life is your stupid principles!” He yelled
“My principles aren't stupid.” Applejack told him softly but with anger. “You should always be honest to everyone no matter what. I won't cheat my customers and that's that!”
Nemesis didn't know what to say at this point. He just didn't get how someone could be so honest, suffer for it, and say its the right thing. Its a dog-eat-dog world, so why would you be honest?
“Being honest has nothing to do about what we get at the end,” Applejack continued. “In fact, you'll most likely get punished fer tellin the truth. But being honest shows how much heart and bravery you have for what you believe in!” She told him with a serious tone.
Nemesis just looked at her with wide eyes. He never met anyone with such good morals. He always thought for years that everyone did things just for their own benefits. He was just completely speechless.
“I, err,” Nemesis tried to speak words but nothing came. He finally sighed as he caved in. “Fine, you win,” he said annoyed, scratching his head. “But don't say I didn't warn you.”
Applejack smiled at him as she was happy to get her point across to him. As soon as they were done with their little argument, a group of customers came by. Only, these customer weren't exactly the friendly type. They could best be described as some sort of gang members. Nemesis could already tell he was not going to like them. Their were four of them, and they stepped up to the counter looking at the apples.
“Howdy!” the country mare greeted “Apples are two bits each, pick any ya like!” She told them happily. Right after she said that, one of them, the one that was most likely the leader, picked up an apple. The punk gave an evil smile as he bit into the apple without paying for it.
“Uh sir! You have to pay for-” Applejack was cut off by a sound she thought she would never hear.
“ppffttooo” The gang leader spit out chewed up apple remnants.
Applejack was in shock, no one has ever disliked her apples. She put her heart and soul into picking these apples. It was heart breaking to see someone disrespect her work so much. And Nemesis felt that too.
“These apples are disgusting!” He shouted “I want my money back!”
“How could we give you your money back if you didn't pay us?” Nemesis asked
“Don't get smart with me you alicorn freak!” He said pointing at Nemesis “Who picked these apples anyway!? Was it you smart mouth!?” The gang leader started to get up into his face. Before Nemesis could say another word, Applejack intervened.
“I did!” She told him seriously “i spent all day bucking the trees and picking the finest apples!”
The gang leader got out of Nemesis's face as he then went up to harass Applejack. “Oh really!?” he said in a making-fun-of tone. “Well let me tell ya this young filly, your wasting your time because your apples suck, big time!” He said obnoxiously. “So i'll say it again, I want my money back!”
“No sir!” Applejack confronted
The gang leader began to laugh, as he did his gang joined in as they laughed like someone told them a good joke. After a good minute of laughing he finally started to calm down. After he did he suddenly slammed both of his hands on the counter and got into her face. “listen well mare, I don't think you fully understand the situation your in!” He said evilly. “I always get what I want! So if I want your money, im going to get it, or else! Got it?”
Applejack refused to back down as she stood her ground. She continued to give a serious face showing no signs of fear. Finally she spoke, giving emphasis on her two words.
“No. Sir.”
The gang leader finally lost his patience. “Fine then you stupid witch!” He shouted as he reeled back his right fist. Applejack panicked as she closed her eyes and grit her teeth waiting for the incoming hit. She didn't know what was going to happen afterwords. All she knows is that she told the truth, and thats all that matters. But for some reason, even though she waited, she felt no pain, nothing at all. She then slowly opened her eyes as she saw a fist right in front of her. His fist was shaking, not because he was hold back, but because Nemesis was clenched onto his wrist.
Nemesis gave a death glare at the hoodlum “Thats enough.” he told him angrily but not loudly. In the blink of an eye, Nemesis bent the gang leader's hand backwards until broke with a loud clicking noise.
He shrieked with pain as knelt down on floor holding onto his wrist “AHHH!!MY HAND!!AHHH!!”
The other gang members looked at their leader in shock. “What the hell!?” one member shouted.
“I'll kill you!” another member shouted pulling out a knife.
Nemesis then walk around the counter as began untying his apple apron. He then sighed “Jeez, I have to work all day, now I have to take out the trash too!?” He said pretending to complain as he threw the apron to Applejack. She simply caught it and stared at him worried. “let me handle this, this should only take second.” He assured her.
Nemesis, using his fight stance, then put his hands up as he then turned his body side ways and bent his knees slightly. Right as he did so, The gang member on his right charged at him with his hand reeling back to throw an over head punch. Nemesis then used his left forearm to block his over head punch. As he did, he stepped in with his right hoof and using his shift in weight, he slammed a right punch into his stomach. Afterwords, Nemesis brought his right hand back again only to hit the gang member in the jaw with his elbow. With him completely stunned, Nemesis grabbed the gang member's right arm that he used to punch with both of his hands. Once he did, Nemesis threw him over his shoulder and the gang member ate a face full of dirt as he crashed into the ground.
After he finished with that pony, the pony gang member on the left threw a right-left hook combo. Nemesis swiftly dodged by ducking both of them and jumped backward to get some distance. He then charged again at Nemesis as threw a left hook. Nemesis nullified it with his right hand and countered with a left low kick to the side of his knee, making him falter. As the gang member tried to regain his balance, Nemesis grabbed his head with both of his hands and pulled him down as he mashed the gang member's face against his knee. His face was blown backwards as he then landed on his back groaning in pain.
Finally, the last one carried a knife. He lunged at him with the knife in front of him. Nemesis side stepped right before the knife hit him. The black stallion then grabbed the gang member's wrist with his right hand, under his arm with his left, and tripping him with his right leg. Using his opponents momentum, he was able to flip the gang member on to his back with a loud thud. With both of his hands still on the gang members arm with the knife, he put one hoof on his chest and severely twists his arm with a loud cracking noise. He quickly lets go of the knife as he screams in agony.
Just when Nemesis thought he won, he heard hoof steps behind him. But not loud enough to be normal hoof steps. The gang leader was trying to sneak up on him. Nemesis swiftly turned around catching his opponents thrown fist into the palm of his hand. “You just don't learn do you.” Nemesis said with a smirk. He then punched the hoodlum leader in the kidney with his left hand, making him stagger and curl forwards. Nemesis then took the fist he was still holding as quickly pulled his arm behind him. As he did, Nemesis swept the gang leaders legs with his right leg and pushed his back with his left hand. This forced him crash onto the ground on his stomach, pinning him down police-man style. Nemesis decided he and his gang had enough, so he decided to make a deal.
“Listen, unless you want me to break something on you, take you and your gang out of here and never come back!” He demanded. The gang leader nodded helplessly. “Good! Now get of my sight!” Nemesis ordered. Once Nemesis got off of him, he bolted out of there, along with the rest of his gang.
“We'll remember this!” one of them shouted as they ran away.
“Good! You might actually learn something that way!” Nemesis shouted back.
As they finally disappeared, Nemesis felt a new sensation. He felt good about what he did, really good. It felt good to protect the ones you care about. This new sensation was so alien to him that he started to worry a bit of how good he felt about himself. Nemesis looked down as he opened his hand to look at himself. So, this is the feeling? The feeling of doing something right? He thought to himself. This feeling, I want more of it! I want to do the right thing! Nemesis eyes widened at what he had just said to himself. He want to do something that was impossible for him. Being good was not an option for him, or, was it? He then remembered what Applejack told him about being honest. Does that mean I should be honest to myself too? He thought.
Nemesis gave a grin, but not a fake grin, this was the truth, an honest smile. Applejack then walked up beside him, about thank him until Nemesis did first.
“Applejack,” he said looking at her and smiling “Thank you!”
Applejack raised an eyebrow but smiled at him back “Fer what? Last time I checked, yur the one that saved my hide!”
“For showing me honesty, you showed me that I should not only be honest with others, but be honest with myself as well.” Nemesis confessed “And for that, I thank you!”
Applejack blushed “Aww shucks, it was nothin compared to what you did!” she said modestly “And where did ya learn how to fight like that?” She asked excited
“Years of practice from a master.” He told her proudly
“I believe it too!” she said heading toward her cart “Come on, I think we sold enough apples fer one day!” she said beginning to set the cart back up.
“You got it!” He responded

The sun was starting to set as they were heading home for the day. The sunset was beautiful as usual as it hugged the horizon. Nemesis and Applejack finally arrived home after a hard day of work. Big Mac waited for them until they arrived home. He stood in front of the barn door as they greeted each other with a wave. Once they got close enough to hear each other, Applejack told him the bad but some how satisfying news.
“Hey Big Mac! You'll never guess what happened to us!” Applejack told him like a young a filly.
“What?” Big Mac played along.
“We got attacked by some butt-heads today!” she said as she pushed the cart into the barn.
“Oh?” He responded as if this was a normal thing. “You guys look pretty good for bein in a scrap.” He said leaning against the barn as he crossed his arms.
“Its true! One of them was about to sock me but then Nemesis saved me and beat up all of the hoodlums!” Applejack convinced.
“Nice! Did ya give'em a good one for me?” He asked Nemesis happily.
“Yea, I just beat up the those gang members just to scare them, nothing to big.” Nemesis said modestly rubbing the back of his neck.
Nemesis eyes widened as he was surprised at Big Mac's expression. Big Mac was in shock at what he hoped he didn't hear.
“Did you say gang members?” Big Mac asked
Now Applejack began to worry. “Yea, what about it?” she asked confused
“What did they look like?” Big Mac asked sternly
“Big Mac, I don't see how-” Nemesis was then interrupted as Big Mac grabbed him by the shoulders.
“WHAT DID THEY LOOK LIKE!” Big Mac demanded.
“They all wore white bandanas and they wore shirts with skulls on them.” Nemesis answered him worried that he said something wrong.
Big Mac frowned with much concern on his face as he dropped his head. He then let go of Nemesis letting his hands drop to his sides. He then paused as he stood there like a zombie. Nemesis and Applejack had no idea what was happening.
“And you hit them, right?” Big Mac asked, confirming what he heard.
Nemesis began to sweat as he swallowed the lump in his throat. He didn't know if he should answer him anymore. “Yes.” Nemesis answered.
Big Mac finally raised his head to look at Nemesis in the eye. Nemesis never seen Big Mac so serious before. “Nemesis,” Big Mac began “As of right now, your fired.”
“WHAT!?” Applejack shouted.
“I want you to take your belongings and get out.” Big Mac ordered
“Big brother!? Whats this all about!?” she continued to shout.
Big Mac sighed as he had to tell her. “The gang Nemesis beat up is known as the Skulls. Their notorious for murders and violence around Ponyville.” Big Mac then turned his head to look at her. “Since he hurt the Skull's members, their going to come back with more members to kill you and Nemesis.” Big Mac admitted.
Applejack was in shock, she didn't know what to say.
“So i'll say it again, get out! Your not welcome here anymore!” Big Mac pointed outside.
“Yes sir.” Nemesis responded as he understood what had to be done. He then walked out of the barn heading off.
“Big Mac! You can't!” Applejack pleaded.
“Im sorry Applejack, but its for the best.” Big Mac apologized.
Applejack grit her teeth as she was on the verge of tears. She was so angry at herself for not being able to do anything to prevent this.
“Nemesis wait!!!” She screamed as she ran out of the barn to catch up to him. “I said wait!!!”
Nemesis heard a voice call out to him. He then turned around only to get glomped by a country mare. Nemesis stumbled backwards in attempt to regain his balance. Applejack embraced Nemesis as hard as she could. It made Nemesis smile a bit as he hugged her back.
“Nemesis, you can't go! What about your family!?” Applejack reasoned trying her best not to cry.
“I guess i'll go look for work somewhere else.” he told her while they still hugged.
“B-but-” she stumbled upon her words.
“It'll be fine, i'll definitely find work again!” He assured her, finally letting her go.
“Heh! you better!” She told him with a smirk.
Nemesis and Applejack both gave each other a warm honest smile. Nemesis then stuck out his hand to her. “It was nice working with you Applejack, Thank you.” Nemesis told her
She reached out to Nemesis's hand and shook it. “It was my pleasure Nemesis.”Applejack told him.
Nemesis finally disappeared into the sunset as Applejack and Big Mac watched him. Im sorry Nemesis, but this is for you and my sister to be safe. Big Mac spoke in his thoughts. You can't die yet, you got your whole life ahead of you! Nemesis, Thank you for protecting my sister, and for that I am in your debt.
“Applejack,” Big Mac began “I want you to lay low for awhile, just until we can get the cops to patrol the area.”
“Yes big brother.” Applejack agreed.
“COME ON YOU TWO, SUPPER IS GETTIN COLD!!!” Apple Bloom shouted form the door way of the house.