by Novel Idea

"Legend"- Prologue


I felt a radiating sense of weight forming deep within what could only be described as my chest. I felt. To feel. “How long had it been?” I was unaware... the part of my mind that had thought, consciousness... it had been asleep for so very long. “What does it mean to feel again?” It feels important. I stirred... there was an “I” again, that was this weight coalescing my soul.

A body.

A shape.


“How long had I been trapped within my subconscious?” I remembered images of my past; a body of my own, strong and powerful. I saw a week of time... Luna.


“Are you waiting for me?”

It was clearer now, my name returned. I was Silk...yes...Silk. How much of myself had been lost in the years... how many years? It forced its way before my soul, my mind; all that I had lost. Movement; “Remember?” I asked myself. Do I remember what it feels to move... to breath. Slowly, try it out. Remember what it felt like to order a limb to move and have it respond. Force movement to that which is static.

Nothing. No movement.

Try harder.


That feeling is pain, yes... pain. I recall pain now. It hurts to force it, my body does not wish to move. Or it can’t? The darkness has not lifted on my soul; there is still nothing but the black. “Luna!?” I cried, through a mouth trapped within my mind.

I wanted out, wanted to be freed so greatly; struggling with all my might to move limbs that had not existed for so long that I had forgotten their existence. Luna was waiting for me...I knew she would be. I have to get out, get to Luna. I have made her wait for far to long as it is.

Again I tried to push out, tried to open my eyes. As the time spent with the Princess whirled inside my mind. A long life played out in front of me, so much seemed to be foreign to me now that I look back upon it: A sea, burning cities, daggers filling the air, a land of mountains and beasts the size of which no scale can be set, and of a sky locked in stasis. A sky with no moon or sun to illuminate.

Then came the light.

My eyes, yes they were my eyes... they had opened; the stone which had been my prison since Celestia arrived in the small town which had become my home was retreating.


The air was cold.


Breathe, remember to breathe. I gasped hard in the air that had magically been void to me. Move, break from the stone. My limbs remained trapped against all my struggling. Eyes of the newborn haunted me; I found myself unable to see beyond the painful light of existence. “How did I use to move!? Why is it so hard? When I couldn’t move what would I do?” Magic, it came to me suddenly.

When all else failed I had my magic.

I had power.

Focusing inward I reached into my blood, the source of my magic. There was a dull throb; not the rush of power that was once there. As if my powers too had been trapped in Celestia’s hex. It was there though, the magic that had always been inside of me; it would answer my call.

I felt the power surge up through my horn and encompass the wilting stone around me. Using it’s weight to push in as I struggled to push out I crushed it all to dust, falling down to what I presumed to be the dirt bellow.

Haggard and spent I tried to put my feet under myself to push up. They were so weak that I was hardly able to force a stand. Darkness broke through the endless night, I turned my head up to the sky. It must be summer, for though the air was cold the specific scents of flowers which dotted Canterlot all summer long could be felt.

To smell.

How much did I appreciate it now over when I had it before.

Every sense seemed to be heightened acutely.

Darkness, focus on the darkness.

The night broke into my light and barren world; pulling my eyes through the spectrum of pain. A shadow crossed my eyes and the star lit world I had awoken into. The shadow of a unicorn with massive wings on its back.


I forced all the light from my eyes in that moment, the moon was behind the figure and the light was hidden from its front as it stood before me. So tall and elegant. I moved to speak but my words caught in my throat sharply.

The Alicorn before me was on a pedestal much like the one I had fallen off of, vines...plant life. Now that I could see it, there were vines crawling up its legs. The moon moved through the sky, just as it always had, the new position putting new light on the situation.

And the statue of Luna.

I felt my heart clutch; voice in my head begging for my body to relax and consider all possibilities. I turned my head side to side, and all I could see were overgrown trees and overgrown hedges. Statues lined the path I sat upon on both sides and the vines and plant-life was eminent in all of them.

My fresh born breath was caught in my throat as I forced my old body to stumble towards the statue. There was nopony in sight, nopony around. I raised a hoof to try and caress the statues face, wondering to myself where my Princess could be, but I was too weak. The hoof fell down out of my control and sharply slid down some of the vines on the statue’s base.

Revealing what looked, in the dim moonlight, to be words.

Frantic I leaned down and with hoof and teeth bit at the vines till a full phrase was revealed to my charcoal eyes.

“Here lies Luna,
Princess of Equestria.”

The world I knew faded away, and Silk D’Rouge knew nothing but pain.

<Author Aside: The rest of the story "Legend" will be carried on in another story, so as not to clutter "Legacy" with the sequel.>