by SoulHook

Choking chickens and Sodom

Previously: after the two musicians had met again inside the local bar of Ponyville, they finally find out the truth about each other. As almost everypony in each group of friends introduce each other, Vinyl Scratch and Coal Silvermane crushes their shades with burning rage in their eyes...


Part 6: Choking chicks and sodomy

In the center of the two lines, the two pairs of shades fell to pieces on the ground, marking the battle between wills of passionate fire and hard steel. Massive amounts of power burst through both combatants forelegs, moving in swift strikes and superior might. Dodging and blocking was a fact of survival when it came to this war between the DJ and the vocalist. One single punch or kick could easily kill the other, unless they swiftly avoided and counter-attacked. The violence caused the two ponies to fear, thus summoning additional strength and speed in order to win. And the crowd...

“Are they still going on?” Wide Beat asked as he came back to the scene with a milkshake.

“Yep... been like this for ten minutes now...”.

Vinyl and Coal stood on their hindlegs just a meter away from each other, rapidly waving and slapping their hooves in the air, hardly reaching each others faces since they looked the other way.

“It's like watching two sissies fight...” Wide Beat stated and took a sip from the straw in his milkshake.

The others nodded in agreement. “Shouldn't we be doing something?” Rain Water asked all the others who turned their heads to her. The orange stallion Sunny Days scratched his chin, soon summoning a light bulb above his head and scaring the crap out of the mare next to hm due to the sudden light.

He walked up behind Vinyl who still held the same silly loop, took a deep breath and then pushed his friend while grinning awesomely the other way. The unicorn gasped as she felt herself tumbling all over the stallion in front of her, sending them both to the ground in a thud. The others gasped in awe at the extreme change of fighting style, and the incredible maturity growing like a flower in the su-.

“Kyaaaah! Get off me, get off me, get off me!!”.

“Stop screaming like a filly and get away from me, bugger-face!”.

“You get away from me, cootie-breath! I'm going to tell my friends!”.

“You do that and I'll tell my dad! Because I know he's stronger than yours!”.

“Yeah, go tell mom and dad, that's really fair!”.

“Well, you're weaker than a baby pony! Bleeeh!!.

As the two ponies continued to wrestle around like two over-sized foals, the watching ponies sighed in unison. “Brilliant idea, Sunny...” Rain Water then complimented sarcastically to the grinning colt enjoying the show.

“That was actually really funny” Cord stated right before his chuckle, attracting Sunny's attention at once. “He-hey! There's somepony who knows humor” the orange stallion returned, winking at the blue male.

“Whatever, let's end this crime against the good name of adult behavior before my mammal instincts come to life and I scold them like an elementary school teacher” Mayor Mare said and tried to solve the conflict while Sunny walked up to the guitarists.

“What's your name again?” he asked gladly to the unicorn still standing straight, minding Stricken was laying on the ground with burns and bruises all over his body.

The light blue equine smiled again, scratching the back of his neck. “Cord Screech...”.

“Oh yeah, you're the lead guitarist, eh? I've seen some of your videos and darn, you got some sexy poses when torturing that guitar!”.

Stricken's ears flapped up.

“Heh... yeah, thanks. You're the first one telling me that...” Cord responded bashfully, glancing nervously in every corner of his eyes.

“Really? Geez, somepony like you look like one who belongs on the Playfilly cover. I'd be surprised to not see you surrounded by crazy fan girls”.

“Buck off, dude...”.

“Hehe... not used to compliments?”.

Cord snorted, not losing his smile soon to be accompanied by a weak flush on his cheeks. He didn't dare meet the stallion's eyes. He glanced everywhere and eventually ended up on the downed unicorn next to him.

“Can you... help me up, Co-”.

“Shut up and die in peace, Stricken...” he said quickly and stomped a brutal hoof on his friend's neck, still trying to hide the embarrassing expression in vain. Meanwhile, the mayor of Ponyville had managed to stop the ponies wreaking havoc on the spot of Ponyville's street. She held them both back from each other, standing between to create distance even though they still flaunted their hooves..

“Okay, now when you both have introduced yourself to each other... what do you say we talk about this like grown ponie-”.

“Aunt Marguerite! Tell him it's my stage and not his!”

“Stop taking others help, you dodo!”.

“Don't use words I don't understand!”


“QUIET! BOTH OF YOU!!” the beige brown mare yelled and struck a disciplined hoof into each struggling pony's head, smacking them to the ground like carpets. But even if the pain was good enough to club down a raging Manticore, Coal and Vinyl still struggled to reach their opponent in blood. Mayor Mare sighed in annoyance, knowing there was only one way to end this...

- - - -
“What got into you, Coal?”.

“Yeah, you behaved like a foal back there...”.

“Does anypony have some ointment... it feels like... bullet wounds in my chest...”.

Coal glared at his friends from the bed he had been given. They were all back on the hotel, sitting either on some sofas or mentioned beds. He was in no mood to talk to them about what happened. They would never understand, not what went through his head when that cursed mare got stuck in his eyesight. There were many ravers and shufflers he despised, but Vinyl Scratch was special. She had to be the very heroine of dubbestep, hardstyle and techno. A true messiah for everypony who enjoyed the loud bass and crazy noises.

No, she was a big loser who didn't know how to sing or make music the real way with instruments. Just a nopony who knew all about the opposite of real vibrations. No, he just felt like taking it out on his friends for now.

“You're to talk. What the hay were you guys doing being all polite and friendly to the ponies following that freak of a mare?” he snapped, turning around in his bed to stare angrily at them.

The stallions chuckled, looking at each other and agreeing over the ridiculousness they heard.

“Coal, for the love of Celestia, chill down. They were really nice ponies and we enjoyed talking to them while you fought like a little daycare foal”.

“Yeah, and those girls were really hot too. Not an opportunity you miss on purpose, right?”.

“Seriously, guys... it hurts all over my body...”.

Coal snorted and turned around in an instant with his forelegs crossed, keeping the snout high up like a snob. The members laughed, shaking their heads.

The door into the hotel room opened, gently forced by Golden Brochure carrying a gloomy expression on her muzzle. The stallions turned their heads to her, aside from Coal.

“Guys, we got a problem...” she stated sadly, truly radiating the bad news awaiting her beloved band, which she actually wanted to see die in a fire sometimes...

- - - -
“Good news, colts and fillies!” Mayor Mare said out happily as she entered the door to the hotel room. The inhabitants in form of three mares and one stallion gathered around her. But the mature mare realized that one of them didn't joined, her fine niece, that was. She just sat there in the corner, looking outside a window to see the small ponies from the fifth floor. She wasn't really glad, even if her aunt came with good news. But she listened at least.

“I've just had a conversation with Mane Death's manager, and it ended to your favor! It would seem they are missing a member from their band and are thus unable to report until then. Vinyl can take a slow walk to the stage, because they have to wait until tomorrow before they can sign up”.

Vinyl's ears reacted to that, causing her to look away from the window. “Wait, what?”.

“You heard right, sweetie! Apparently, they forgot their bass player on the train, and he wont be able to get back until tomorrow. He ended up pretty far away, you see...” Mayor Mare continued, sadly talking to deaf ears since Vinyl stopped listening.

She understood what this meant, that she had already won... without proving anything. No, it couldn't end like this. She promised herself they were going to suffer their defeat in agony, really burning agony and humiliation turning them inside out. Well, not literally, more figuratively.

“Marguerite...” she said while rubbing her white chin. Everypony in the room turned to her. “I wanna talk to him again... that Coal....” she said seriously, looking over the surprised ponies. Rain Water and Lucky Catch looked at each other with disbelief in their eyes, knowing this couldn't end well.

Mayor Mare hesitated too, but she recognized that serious look from her niece. This time she meant business and not foalish talk.

“Okay... but promise me you won't break out like a foal again...” she demanded without any harsh tone.

“Yeah, what was up with that, by the way?” Sunny added.

Vinyl didn't answer. She just walked past them all and opened the door, soon to be followed by her friends and family along the hallway.

It was really ironic they had the room on the same floor of the same hotel as the band...

The unicorn had reached the door after her aunt's guiding, looked at the sign without any special designs and knocked clearly. It was silent at first, but soon a voice was heard.

“Guys, it's knocking on the door...”.


“Aw come on, can't you see it... ouch... hurts?”

The silence was deafening.

“Buck you all...”.

The door opened, unveiling the green, scorched muzzle of Stricken who sighed in annoyance once he saw the white unicorn mare staring back at him.

“Oh, great. Look who is here to pour salt on the wounds...”.

“I wanna talk with your singer, toast”.

Stricken glared angrily, strongly reconsidering slamming the door in Vinyl's face. But right when he was about to turn his head to the mentioned stallion, a strong hoof smashed him into the door, shocking the visiting ponies in the hallway. As the unicorn fell lifelessly to the floor with a weird grimace, Coal Silvermane showed himself in the doorway.

“I didn't order any hooker today, so what are you doing here, feather-hoof?” he said and got up on his hindleg to lean on the door frame, glaring on the unicorn he just degraded. Even though the mayor felt a nail in her anger hitting a vital spot, she saw Vinyl was going to pay back equally.

“Just going to tell you that I'll pay your mother in a few days for the oral she gave me last week: two bits... as usual..”.

Lucky leaned to her pegasus friend. “At least they are insulting each other like grown-ups now...” she whispered, immediately responded. “More like teenagers, but close enough I suppose”.

“Okay, seriously. What the hay do you want? Gonna rub your victory in our faces?” Coal asked indeed seriously as his friends gathered up behind him, including Golden. The unicorn mare gave them all a look, even to the once again downed stallion suffering a concussion. She met the steel gray stallion's eyes in the end, breathing deeply before revealing her intentions of being her in front of everypony.

“Not really. So I heard you can't attend to the scene today?” she stated which almost brought the band members to a united growl. Even though they all stared like predators at her, Vinyl remained calm. “And that's because your missing one of your friends who will be back tomorrow?”.

The vocalist slammed a hoof in the door, nearly knocking it off its hinges. “Give me one reason to not make myself guilty for assault in front of the mayor, 'miss Scratch'...”.

The stallions cracked their fetlocks, preparing to actually go that far. Golden Brochure and Mayor Mare both prepared in worry to get between them, knowing this time it was a serious threat fully able to end in bloodshed. But...

“You want a reason for that? We'll wait until your friend arrive tomorrow...”.

Literally everypony stopped breathing there for a moment, especially Stricken.

“What?” Coal asked after a few seconds of total silence, hardly believing his eyes and ears.

“You heard me... 'mister Coal'. Me and the gang will wait until your bass player gets back to Ponyville, and then we will determine who gets the stage” Vinyl furthered, not caring if the ponies she talked to wanted to respond.

Coal stood like frozen on the spot together with his friends. He didn't look away from the apparently cocky mare, he knew it was kind of a challenge. And for the pony he expected the worst of from the start, he sure didn't see this act of fair play coming from her. The band members looked at their leader, waiting for him to make a response in form of 'go to pony-hell' or 'buck this shit, you're going down', but...


The stallions widened their eyes, even Stricken from the floor.

“See ya at the stage, then.... mister Silvermane” the white equine bid her farewell and then walked away like nothing, prolonging her look on the stallion before finally getting out of range. The others remained on the spot, hesitating if to follow her or continue talking to the others. They all had good reasons according to themselves.

“Well... we'll meet again. So long everypony!” the mayor said and walked down the hallway where Vinyl went. Sunny Days, Rain Water and Lucky Catch inhaled as the slowly growing peer pressure consumed them. In the end, the dark pink unicorn Lucky decided to send a flirty wink at the vocalist before heading back to her room, followed by the green pegasus Rain Water who did the same. Then, only the orange earth pony colt was left.

“Soo... Cord?” he asked the light blue unicorn male, waking up an interest from mentioned pony. “Nice seeing you again so soon. Be there tomorrow, will ya?”.

After the wink from his male eyelash, the lead guitarist couldn't prevent his chuckle. “Yeah, see you there too... and your friends!” he exclaimed in the the last word, attracting the band's attention.

There were no more words, only the sound from the door creaking shut again. But as Coal walked back to his bed, the others found the words they wanted to use earlier.

“What was that, Coal? That was even stranger than earlier today...”.

“I think I speak for all of us when I say we never expected you to show.... well, gratitude even in its weakest form” Golden added, causing the other to nod their heads.

“Yeah, that... ouch... was Vinyl Scratch... your nemesis, dude” Stricken managed to utter while Wide Beat helped him sit up from the floor.

Coal sighed in defeat, it was impossible to hide it now. He didn't look back, but very well spoke from his mind to them.

“It's true that I hate her guts as a soldier of music, but when I found out she was the same mare I met on the train and on the bar... realizing she was something else when not seeing her covered in the scent of rave...”.

Meanwhile outside in the corridor, Vinyl had been asked the same questions about why she gave her enemy an honest chance to rival her when she had the upper hoof.

“Sure, he is disgusting with his animal noises and so-called music, but after seeing his sides as a pony on the train when he gave me the last cup of coffee and then got me so good with my own words at the bar...”.

They both said the last sentence at the same time, sounding really like they had been defeated. Sadly, they were far too away from each other to hear the synchronization.

“She was really nice and cute...”.

“He was really nice and cool...”.

To be continued...

Author's Note:
Okay, guys... you gave me new hope. You weren't many, but you were all agreeing that I should continue this. It would seem I've forgotten how much even one follower means to you, and you all prove that to me. Once upon a time, I only had like, two or three readers, and it was overjoying to see! Suppose I've been spoiled with so many followers during all this time.
Now I've found interest and motivation to continue this, and I owe it ALL to you!

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