The Secret of War

by Evil-Lovieness


A long time ago, in a large country called Equestria, there lived a singular race that walked the earth. They were called “Humans”. These Humans all had different powers and were each made to be unique from the other. One of the examples was what is now commonly referred to as a “Mark”. A Human’s Mark labeled said human’s talent and interest for their own life. The Marks were usually just a small symbol to represent that human’s talent, and was placed somewhere on the Human’s body, though it varied from person to person. However the Humans ranged in different kinds of ways, and at this dark time, they all thought that they were completely different species.
First there were the Magicians. A group of beings who possessed magic and knew spells specifically designed for their personal talent. They considered themselves the highest power, believing that one of they were the reason the earth turned and the sun and moon rose each and every morning and night.
Then there was the Angel Folk, as they liked to be called. This was a group of beings who were born into this world with colorful, strong, feathered wings that gave them the ability to fly and live amongst the clouds. They considered themselves the highest power due to their arrogance, thinking that they themselves were the offspring’s from the angels themselves, due to their great wings, great courage, high stamina, and strength. They also say themselves this way due to their ways of controlling the weather patterns of the entire country.
Another one of grouped Humans were the Enchanters. These beings held no magic, nor wings like their counterparts, but had a wide expanse of knowledge of the magic that held its place in every plant that grew from the ground. They would often use this information to create potions for themselves, for good health, good luck, etc. And only would ever use the opposite of the potions for the others they sought out as their enemies.
And lastly were the Earth Walkers. But they would call themselves, the “Pure” humans: The ones who were unspoiled by the Magicians, Angel Folk, or Enchanters “unnatural” ways. They were simple, folk who worked the hardest out of all of these beings. They grew the crops and food. And, in their opinion, knew how to “truly” survive in the world.
They all were at war with each other, and considered the rest, despicable, unwanted creatures.
That is until the Windigo freeze, that nearly killed off the entire Human race completely. Had it not been for the unity of one of each of the four different breed of Humans. Who, ironically, were each second in power to their “race” who only sought peace, and friendship; this was, of course, the one thing that stopped the freeze and united the entire race as a whole. And it was then that an altogether new species emerged in the strange new land they discovered: An immortal race of beings that could only be described as the combination of all the Human’s breeds.
A race called Alicorns.
Though there were few of them, the strongest, and most powerful lead the Human’s unto a new era of peace.
She was called Queen Faust, and she was a fair ruler. She was kind to her subjects, never holding herself higher than the others, in fact, she would often join whatever games and events the Human’s would hold.
However her reign didn’t last forever, as she disappeared long ago, leaving her only two daughters to rule in her stand. Their names were Celestia and Luna.
Together, though at the time, they were still very young, they did a splendid job of keeping the peace just like their mother and father did before them. The kept the day and night in perfect balance and harmony. Celestia controlling the sun, and Luna controlling the moon.
However all was not happy and joyous.
Soon a dark shadow emerged, and claimed the youngest, Luna, and corrupted her. It made her believe that her own sister would rise up against her. Claiming the kingdom for herself. With the corruption turning her mind to fear, she became a creature taboo to even the Alicrons, a creature with Darkness infesting in her heart, though it is yet to named properly. Princess Luna however, decided to name herself Nightmare Moon.
And then there was war.
A civil war that split all of Equestria into two with Human, battling Human, just for where they stood with the Princesses.
Those who stood with Celestia were self-named the Solar Empire. Those who stood for Nightmare Moon, called themselves the Lunar Republic.
The war went on for decades at a time. Until a miracle happened.
6 artifacts, were unearthed, and held by 6 wearers, though to this day no one knows how, why, or even who brought them out and/or wielded them. Regardless, these artifacts were brought out into the world, and the bearers called themselves the living embodiment of what each of the artifact represented, and what power they each held.
They were each called, to this day, The Element of Harmony.
With a powerful blast, the evil that had corrupted the lunar princess, the citizens of the country, different races that were to be discovered shortly after, and even some of the animal creatures of the land, was banished, and forever lost to everyone. And soon peace and harmony was once restored all over the land. Though the split was still done, but for the better after the Princess had reunited with open arms, a truce, and of course, reunited love for the other.
As it was it was decided that the sisters would keep the land divided so as to ease on the others concern for ruling a country as large as Equestria. Celestia kept her Solar Empire, where once a year she was to show her power in rising the sun on the summer solstice.
Whereas Princess Luna had reshaped her kingdom to rid its inhabitants of any fear or evil thoughts. She had renamed it the New Lunar Republic, and their she would show her powers to raise the night on the night of the winter solstice.
But together they formed a united city right in-between their kingdoms. They called it the Eclipsed State. Were all was equal, and together they ruled and called it home.
And soon, all was at peace once again…
That is, until more trouble headed their way as they both learned of different species that weren’t as peaceful as they both strived so hard to keep.
But they were tired of the wars that had happened before the kingdom was founded and during the dark times in the sister’s lives. They didn’t want their subject to go through more hatred through another war. So they devised a plan.
They would keep the new, more dangerous and threatening species a secret. A secret that they would only entrust to the most loyal, most powerful of subjects, who wouldn’t let hatred or war blacken their hearts.
And for a time it worked. In fact, it still does.
But the unknown enemy was rising, and getting more cunning.
Almost to the point, were if they did attack and a full front war were to start once again, their only hope were to rise the Elements of Harmony once again. The only problem was that they had been lost amongst the kingdom for centuries; including the original bearers.
That is… Until today.