Awesome memories and sweet autumn night

by Comrade_Soviet

Two close friends

It was a cold, autumn evening, a few minutes past midnight. Two close friends, one a pink haired, shy, quiet animal lover, named Fluttershy and the other a bold athlete with multicolored hair, named Rainbow Dash had just left Sunset Shimmer’s apartment in which their party planner friend Pinkie Pie had thrown a get-together party for their new friend. It was Sunset’s first real party with her new friends since her "redemption" when she got defeated by Twilight Sparkle, so naturally Pinkie wanted to make it big and special. The overly energetic girl wanted to show her that spending time with people who actually care for her is way more favorable than having power over people and ability to order them around gained from terror and fear. Yes, maybe that way she felt more in control and had more attention but at the end of the day counting on true friends is one of the few stables in your life. It took Pinkie almost the entire day, considering all the fun things she needed to plan for all of the people she invited, half of the Canterlot High to be specific. It wasn't cheap, but in Pinkie's heart her friends were more important than the money. She wished more people could think like that.

Fluttershy was scared of the big event at first, it was difficult to contain her shy nature and fear of social interactions. It didn’t help that Fluttershy deep down felt there was a chance that Sunset just pretended to be reformed waiting for an ideal occasion to strike again although thanks to the timid girl’s never ending kindness she suppressed those dark thoughts, honestly giving their new friend a chance to show her good side. Yet she wouldn't show up there if Rainbow Dash didn't convince her to do otherwise. She trusted her multicolored friend like no other.

Rainbow Dash on the other hand was much more wary around Sunset, especially when she was near Fluttershy. Rainbow knew that her childhood friend was tormented in the past by Sunset. Since she was always protecting Fluttershy from people like her, it was hard for Dash to trust the pony-turned-human girl. Nonetheless she was trying to be open minded and since all of her friends forgave Sunset Shimmer, especially Fluttershy, she could do it too.

They were walking side by side on a dirt path near the Everfree Forest, which led to Fluttershy's house. They couldn't see much around them, only naked trees, a wet bench, bright white lights from the lanterns placed every few meters, and piles of colorful leaves all around them. Rainbow Dash had decided to walk her friend home. She didn't want Fluttershy to go alone in the dark, especially near Everfree Forest which could be dangerous at times, be it wild animals or some questionable people looking for trouble.

The cold temperature gave them chills even through their thick clothing. Fluttershy was wearing a dark purple coat and yellow pants. Rainbow had light blue jeans, thin red jacket and dark blue hoodie under it to keep her warm, with an emblem of yellow thunderbolt shooting from a gray cloud.

Fluttershy crossed her arms, shaking a little from the chilly temperature. "Oh my, it's s-so cold now."

"Yep. I'm freezing too. It’s totally uncool, next time we are calling for a cab or something. I would ask my dad to drive us home but it’s too late," Rainbow agreed.

Fluttershy nodded. "We shouldn't really stay for that long."

Rainbow chuckled. “Yeah. Heh. Only a few days ago you would pay for not showing up there, it was just too entertaining to watch you like that, finally having some fun.”

Fluttershy’s cheeks reddened a little, a goofy smile appearing on her face. “Yes, hee I didn’t expect that to happen too, Dashie.”

“See, I told you. Like always awesome me helped you to get out of your shell,” Rainbow teased. “I should be a champion in making-your-cute-friend-more-assertive competition.”

The shy girl rolled her eyes giggling all the while.

"Well at least your home isn't that far," the athlete briefly added.

Rainbow angled her head to look at the pink haired girl, she could definitely tell after her facial expression that Fluttershy was tired after the party. Rainbow just hoped that her friend is not regretting anything and genuinely had a great time.

"So did you like it? Rainbow asked, looking forward again, listening closely for Shy's answer and hoping it would be a positive one.

"Hmm? Oh do you mean the party?" Fluttershy remarked, moving her head a little higher.

"Duh, of course."

"W-well, yes it was...uhm fun," she answered while looking at Rainbow giving her genuine, warm smile.

"Just fun!? Try totally awesome Flutters!" the athlete exclaimed eagerly, grinning. “You just couldn’t have been bored, the music was great, silly games that Pinkie made us play were cool and drinks were awesome! Although I would like to see more cider from Applejack but nothing can be perfect i guess. Oh, and of course we got to know Sunset better. I still feel weird around her but hey! It looks like she’s actually changing.”

"Uhm..yes it was really nice,” the young animal caretaker said meekly. “And it really seems that Sunset is genuinely changing for the better.”

"Tell me Flutters, have you ever gone to a party this huge, because I have known you for almost your entire life and I can't recall that you did. Every Time I tried to take you somewhere you refused and we both know why,” she said in matter-of-factly tone. “I hope that after today you have changed your mind.”

Fluttershy blushed. "Y-yes you're right Dashie. I should have been more open to this in the past, to socialize more, but I'm glad I did it today, it was awesome as you said and I really want to do this again sometime, but not without you or other girls of course, I wouldn't go to such an environment on my own."

"Heh, yeah I told you that you were missing so much fun stuff and all," Rainbow said grinning widely while rubbing on Shy's shoulders, happy that her friend had a good time.

"I'm so glad that you convinced me to go, thank you Rainbow Dash," Flutershy said and quickly hugged her protector which made Rainbow blush. “You always push me from my comfort zone which always....uhm most of the time pays off at the end.”

"Yeah, yeah don't mention it, what are friends for right?" Dash hugged her back. “You see, listening to awesome me is quite rewarding,” Rainbow teased.

They could already see Shy's home up ahead. "Let's go Flutters, your place is close," Dash pointed

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes, let's move.Thank you again for walking me home Dashie, I really appreciate it," Fluttershy smiled looking down at the path.

Rainbow looked at her. "Oh, don't be silly. You know I couldn't let you go alone in the dark. I wouldn't forgive myself if something happened to you," she put her arm around her friend's shoulders to emphasize her point, holding her close to her side. Fluttershy was a little surprised by the contact but she welcomed it whole-heartedly.

They were walking in comfortable silence, accompanied by a sound of a wind brushing against the trees and owl whistles, of course that didn't go unnoticed by Fluttershy who watched them curiously like she always did with any critters.

'Man I love to see her near animals, she's always so happy,' Rainbow thought, a bright smile forming on her face.

The silence gave Rainbow time to think. She really liked to be near her oldest, dearest friend. She was always to "cool" for all that mushy stuff or at least she tried to make an impression of it but near Fluttershy it was different, she didn't need to hide her true feelings and she could just be fully herself around her friend and even more, she loved to protect, comfort and take care of her. She was feeling really...comfortable near Fluttershy.

Definitely something was…different between them when she thought about it, they were getting closer for a few months now especially after princess Twilight's Sparkle arrival from the magical pony world. Twilight reconnected all of their friends again and stopped the reign of Sunset Shimmer and her sick ambitions in Canterlot High. She and Flutters never really drifted apart like with all of their other friends but still Twilight helped them to get even closer to each other.

They have started to spend more time together let it be at animal shelter where Dash was helping Fluttershy with all the animals or during Rainbow’s soccer practices with Fluttershy cheering her and then spending their free time together however they wanted...well not always since it was difficult for Fluttershy to propose activities that she liked but she was always coming out of her shell after Rainbow reassured that she can do all the boring stuff with her, as long as she was doing it with her best friend. It was like during the old childhood days when they were almost inseparable.

Or today at the Sunset’s birthday. She didn't know why but she wanted to be near Shy all the time. When she looked at her, she always smiled which made Rainbow warm inside.It felt great to see her having fun during games that Pinkie organized, sometimes it got really crazy but it didn't scare Fluttershy away. Smile never left Rainbows lips when she looked at the timid girl when Pinkie invited all six of them to join her on the dance floor, she couldn't take her eyes off her pink haired friend, to see her happy like that, it was something special. Maybe because she wanted to make sure that Flutters had a great time there, after all she was the one that convinced her to come there in the first place, or maybe there was something more to it? She didn’t know it was getting too complicated and Rainbow Dash doesn’t like complications. ‘It’s probably because we went through so much together. I’m overthinking it,' Rainbow Dash thought.

Finally, they arrived at Fluttershy's home. Rainbow reluctantly put away her arm from her friend, who was feeling cozy snuggled to her protector’s side. "So, see you tomorrow Flutters. Night." Rainbow turned around slowly and made a few steps before she felt Fluttershy’s hand on her arm stopping her from going further, "Dashie wait," Fluttershy said shyly, hiding her face behind her pink hairs. Rainbow took a peek at those beautiful aquamarine eyes, it was quite difficult since Fluttershy was avoiding her stare. They were standing like that for a few seconds before Rainbow heard a quiet squeak coming from Fluttershy. Definitely the timid girl wanted to say something but she just couldn’t get it off her chest, shy nature was overpowering her once again.

'It must be something important,' Rainbow thought. 'I hope it's nothing bad, I hate seeing her sad and insecure.’

Fluttershy indeed had something on her mind recently, concerning her athlete friend. Her growing feelings towards Rainbow were getting stronger everyday. The idea of being more than friends was getting stronger every little time they spent together, every time they touched, hugged or snuggled filled her with butterflies in her stomach. So she was, staring at the ground, still holding Rainbow's arm and hoping for some magical power to force her into saying something. But she was afraid. Afraid of rejection and its consequences for their friendship. She knew Rainbow was too loyal to leave her for such a reason but most certainly it would get awkward between them for a long time. It didn't help that her protector was teased in middle school because people assumed that she liked girls, probably due to her Rainbow hair and tomboyish behaviors. Hot temper of her best friend didn't help either, making people even more likely to make fun of her just to see her exaggerated reaction.

With the surge of courage Fluttershy was able to move her head a little higher and look into Rainbow's magenta eyes. She was looking at her worriedly. Fluttershy knew that look, she saw it first when they were just children in their third grade, a few weeks after meeting Rainbow. The tomboy gave her that look when she defended her from some bullies that were giving Shy a hard time ever since first grade, but that day they got physical with their aggressive and rude behavior.

Few of Fluttersh's tears dropped from the unpleasant memory of being treated in such ugly way in her childhood for just who she was. But it also sparked the memory of meeting her, best friend who brightened those days, making her happy and who’s still doing it to this day, not many had the chance to meet such a loyal and caring friend.

Cloudsdale Elementary School, 10 years ago.

"Everyone, please sit down," Ms. Warm Flower shouted to get the attention of her class. Everyone did as told by the young red, short haired teacher. The classroom was quite basic, nothing special. Walls were painted in bright colors, each side had a different one, school benches organized in three rows. In the back there was a small space for kids to play, the front was filled with a teacher's seat, blackboard and a few small lockers for various things."I would like to introduce you to your new colleague Rainbow Dash," she waved her hand towards the door" You can come in now and please tell us something about yourself,” her green eyes penetrating Rainbow’s comfortingly, encouraging her to step inside.

The rainbow haired girl dashed through the door. She waved her hand to the class, a grinning smile visible on her face."Hello everyone! I'm Rainbow Dash, uhm… I..I’m…” she didn’t know what to say, she was interested almost only in sport related things, she admired famous athletes and soccer stars…well besides that she liked to read comics but it was too lame in her mind to talk about this, she needed to look cool in the eyes of her new class. She took a long breath and started talking, so fast that it was actually hard to understand anything. “I really like to play sports, running and all the cool stuff. Soccer is awesome, Like I'm practicing it whenever I can with some guys from my neighborhood. Dad always says that with enough training I will make it to the top in the future. Music is great, I know how to play on guitar, it’s really fun. Oh, it's so cool to be in a new class. In my last school everyone was boring and they didn't really want to spend time with me." Everyone who listened to her was surprised at her fast altitude. They didn’t really pay much attention to her likings but they found the Rainbow hairs to be quite cool and unusual so Rainbow had their eyes focused on her messy, colorful short hairs.

“Okay, that's enough for now Rainbow Dash, please sit down now," the teacher ordered. "You got yourself some energetic classmate everyone," Ms. Flower giggled ”Please make sure that she will feel welcomed here," she added, smiling to Rainbow.

The only empty sits in the classroom were at the front. The young prankster didn't like the idea of sitting so close to a teacher. Lucky for her, she spotted an empty cozy place near the wall in the back. One spot was occupied by a certain shy pink haired girl. Fluttershy watched in horror as the new girl started to approach her school bench, she shrank down into her book hiding behind her long pink locks faking that she was reading something. "Hi! Can I sit down here?" Rainbow eagerly asked.

"eep!" Fluttershy jumped a little, not looking at the new girl.

Rainbow's smile now faded and she watched her more curiously. "So?"

Fluttershy shrank even lower, squeaking again.

"Well...okayyy I will just go find another place then," Dash said, turning around.

"No! w-wait!," Fluttershy said, barely in a whisper.

Rainbow turned on her feet again and looked at her new classmate.

"...Uhm...y-yes y-you can sit w-with, with me." Shy continued, fearing thoughts running through her mind. 'Oh no! What am I doing? She will now be so close, talking to me. It will be uncomfortable. She will find me weird, laughing at me like the rest of them.'

"Are you sure?" Rainbow asked.

Fluttershy nodded. "Cool," Rainbow sat down grinning at her again. "So what's your name?"

'Oh no, she is asking me something, what do I do??' Fluttershy thought still hiding behind her long pink hairs.

"C'mon, you can talk to me, I won't eat you." Dash said, still smiling.

'Okey Fluttershy you can do this, she’s new so maybe she won't act like the others' "Uhm...F-f-fluttershy...," She whispered.

Rainbow raised her eyebrows, "Buttercry huh? That's a weird one not gonna lie."

"N-no, I’m-meant Fluttershy," She said a little louder this time.

"Ah! Cool, that makes more sense. It kinda suits you. You are quite shy aren't you?" Rainbow responded, smiling teasingly. 'Wait, how did their parents know that she would be so shy?' Some questions are better left without answers.

Fluttershy trembled a little at her remark. 'Oh I knew she would make fun of me. Why I was trying to think that it would be different this time.'

Rainbow saw the timid girl’s reaction like she just got really sad news, Dash immediately changed her tone to a more comforting one. 'Why is she like that? Did I offend her or something?' Rainbow thought. "Hey, I didn't mean it in a bad way, nothing's wrong, all is cool. I'm sorry if I offended you or whatever."

Fluttershy was surprised, no one really apologized before for making her uncomfortable, unless forced by a teacher, "D-do you m-mean it?" 'Great , now she won't even talk with me afraid of scaring me, I'm so pathetic.' Fluttershy thought.

"Yes, why wouldn't I?"

"Uhm s-sorry, I'm too sensitive. Everyone always makes fun of me and I thought you would do the same."

"What!? Why would they do that to you? Did you do some nasty things to them or something? You know, I like to prank people so sometimes people call me names for that too. Still worth it heh.”

"N-no! They just do, ever since k-kindergarten, because I'm not acting normally I suppose." She sighed while crossing her fingers."

Rainbow couldn’t believe this. ‘She looks so innocent and cute...I mean cool, how can people be mean to her.' "Hey, that's totally uncool, if it makes you feel better I don’t intend to be like that," she said reassuringly.

"T-thank you," Shy answered.

"Rainbow Dash I know you want to acclimatize but please leave talking until break." Ms. Warm Flower interrupted their little conversation.

They both nodded and apologized. Rainbow Dash was quite eager to know that soft spoken girl better. The pinkette girl on the other hand felt like the new girl could be finally someone that she would call her friend at least she hoped so.

...-"That's why soccer is awesome, I want to play in a professional team when I grow up or...I know! I can be a pilot, flying is cool. I would love to fly." Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash left the classroom when the bell rang indicating the break. They sat on the corner of the large hall full of playing kids.

"Oh yes, I love watching birds fly, but I'm s-scared of heights, I don't think I would be able to do it on my own," Fluttershy sighed.

"Nah, I'm pretty sure you would manage," Dash remarked, watching the other kids looking if they were doing some interesting stuff that she could join. "Well Fluttershy, tell me more about yourself, I'm here, talking all the time and you're silent."

Fluttershy hid behind her pink locks again. "S-sorry but I'm not that interesting, like you..."

'Oh man, she needs to be more confident. All the bullying must have left marks on her probably,' Rainbow wondered looking at her again. She touched Shy’s shoulder which made her shiver. "I don't care, I want to hear it from you. I promise I won't leave you or make fun of you because you like something that I don't, it's cool," She said. Shy didn't respond, that made Rainbow worry a little. 'I hope I'm not pushing her too much.'

"Fluttershy don't be afraid of me I told you I'm not some shy girl eating monster," Rainbow chuckled now patting Fluttershy's head.

Shy giggled. "oh hee, yes you are most likely not."

"Now this is a smile I want to see all the time. So tell me Fluttershy what do you like to do?"

"Uhm I like animals."

"Animals? You like to play with your dog or something?" Rainbow asked

"Oh, no I meant animals in general. They are all so so cute. I like to watch movies about animals, watch them outside. I love when my parents take me to the zoo or to the park where there's plenty of them. I don't have a dog. My brother and I wanted one but my mom was against it sadly."

"Oh you have a brother, is he cool?"

"Well he's the only person that plays with me besides my parents."

"Hey I would play with you too," Dash proclaimed.

Fluttershy smiled widely. "R-really?"

"Duh Why wouldn't I, you are cool. We can play today after school if my mom agrees and if your home is close to mine. I live near the factory."

"Oh mine is near the central park so that's quite close I think." Fluttershy responded happily.

"Sweet. So what else do you like?" The energetic girl asked eager to find something that they both like to do.

"Well I like reading books about..."

"Let me guess, about animals?" Rainbow interrupted.

Fluttershy covered her face with her hands, thinking she was annoying Rainbow with her animal interests. "Y-yes, sorry."

Rainbow laughed at the cute display. "Why are you sorry?"

"I thought you didn't like animals...I mean I like to read other books too," Shy answered softly.

Rainbow face palmed, "No, I don't have anything against animals, it's fine I was just..uhh nevermind. So you are an egghead, I don't really like reading, it's boring for me."


"Uhh Fluttershy please, you don't have to say sorry for everything it's getting annoying. I told you it's cool if you like something and I don't."

"Uhm..Okay, thank you."

"No prob. Hey, I think the break is ending soon, do you want to get to class?"

Fluttershy nodded.

And so they walked to face the rest of the school day. It wasn't that eventful besides knowing each other more. Fluttershy finally had someone who she could call a friend, at least she hoped Rainbow would still like to talk and play with her. Rainbow met someone who she didn't feel like she had to show her awesomeness around.

Few weeks later.

"Tag! You're it!," Rainbow yelled playfully after touching Fluttershy's shoulder.

Fluttershy turned as fast as she could but Dash was already running from her. "You will pay for this Rainbow Dash!" she shouted.

"Oh yeah? Then c’mon, catch me and show me if you can!" she said while showing her tongue out to tease Fluttershy even more.

It was a hot sunny day, Ms. Flower decided to take her class for a walk into the nearest park. They settled on a big open wide area where kids could have their fun before returning to school. Rainbow was more than happy to use that time with her new friend.

Fluttershy stopped her pursuit and leaned a little while holding her stomach.

Dash rushed to her friend in concern "Hey Shy, everything alright? I shouldn't wear you out that much huh?"

"Oh Rainbow, that was too easy," the pink haired girl said slyly, still looking at the ground.

"What? What do you mean?" Rainbow remarked confused.

"Uhm..." Fluttershy raised her head. "...Tag! You're it!" Laughing Shy started to run as fast as she could escaping her dumbfounded friend.

"You little sneaky backstabber! You will be tackled to death after I catch you!" Dash shouted starting to run after her devious classmate.

Fluttershy was looking behind her shoulder to see Rainbow fast approaching her. "I can't wait!"

Suddenly Fluttershy bumped into something...or rather someone, She was frightened when she found that she collided with no other than Hoops, a well known school bully. Rich, overconfident kid that would do everything for a little attention. For him and his friends, Dumb-bell and Score the wasy way to get that was to bully weaker and younger kids.He was a year older than Fluttershy but still he managed to make Shy's life in school a nightmare. To make matters worse Dumb-bell and Score were in her class which gave them opportunity to make her miserable even when Hoops wasn't around. "And what do you think you're doing!?" Hoops looked at the shorter girl and took her hand forcefully. "I told you before to never touch me!" Fluttershy was tearing already, she just wanted to run and play with Rainbow again. "Look at her, like always she can't even apologize!" He pushed Shy away with all his force making her tremble to the ground. "Weak as ever, she can't even stand properly," he laughed with his friends at her sniffing form.

Rainbow slowed her persuit when she saw Dumb-bell and Score with some taller boy talking to Shy. She thought they were asking her to play with them, sadly she knew it wasn’t the case when the taller brown haired guy pushed her to the ground, immediately she was at the poor girl's side.

"Why did you do that!?" She locked her eyes with the bully looking at him like she was about to tore him apart.

"Because she is annoying us," Dumb-bell remarked.

"Tell her you're sorry, help her stand and promise that you won't do it ever again," Rainbow said in a demanding tone.

"And what if we won't? Hoops asked, smirking.

"I will punch you in the face," Rainbow remarked rather seriously. Fluttershy squeaked, hearing their exchange, still lying on the ground. She didn't want to see any violence occurring between these two because of her.

"Oh no! Rainbow crash will beat me, I'm so scared," he said, trying not to laugh. "With those slimy arms you can threaten your crying friend out there. You know after you showed up in school a few weeks ago I thought you would be pretty cool to hang out with but you decided to bond with girls like Fluttercry who...." he was cut off by Rainbow's fist meeting his talking mouth.

Hoops most certainly didn't expect that she would fulfill her threats. He put his hands on his face and trembled from pain. Rainbow was surprised at her action as well, sadly she didn't have time to think about what happened since Dumb-Bell and Score took her by her shirt and hair forcing her to the ground. Before they could do more Ms. Warm Flower intervened and they had put Rainbow free who ignored them and went to help Fluttershy stand. She looked at her with worried expression, at this moment she realized that she doesn’t want to see Fluttershy like that ever again.

"Hey Flutters, everything all right?"

Fluttershy nodded, moving her hands to remove the tears from her face. "Y-yes, I'm u-used to it. I-it's just they n-never used force before. Thank you Dashie but you shouldn't have punched him, now Ms. Flower will punish you too," she took Rainbow’s hand to help herself stand up. "I don't want you to get in trouble because of me," she weeped.

"Fluttershy's right Rainbow," Their teacher turned around after scolding the three trouble makers. "I'm glad you're taking care of her but you can't just punch people around, I have to call your parents and I'm personally disappointed, it's not a good start for you Rainbow in a new school. I know what you did in your previous one. Make sure it was the last time I saw you doing such a thing, there are better ways to solve problems. Please go to the nurse, both of you when we get back."

Rainbow shrugged, she didn't like that her parents would be involved. In the past she had a lot of talks about her troubles with 'aggressive behavior'. 'Well maybe they will leave Flutters alone, at least when I'm around heh,’ Dash thought.

They were sitting on a bench now waiting for the group to leave. Fluttershy still feeling down after what happened, she didn't look at Rainbow who was now examining her. Somehow she hated when her new friend was feeling downed, it made her feel like that too. It was just so uncool. 'Eh I hope no one will see this,' Dash thought. She opened her arms, turning in Fluttershy's direction. "come here."

Fluttershy embraced her friend quite surprised at the invitation but still happy to do so, her eyes getting moist again. "Oh Rainbow, I didn't do anything to them and they are so mean to me, I don't want to be treated like that," she said through Rainbow's shoulder.

"Don't worry Flutters, it's not your fault," she told her reasurengily stroking Shy's hair. "Probably they don't get enough attention from their parents so they are coping like that in school. You know, trying to be cool at all costs and all that."

Fluttershy was looking now questionably at Rainbow.

"Hey, I"M actually cool, they are only faking it," she said grinning.

Shy giggled, her happy side returning again. "Now I'm not allowing you to put that smile down," Rainbow ordered, "and remember from now on they won't get even close to you when awesome me is around."

Fluttershy giggled again. "Okey Rainbow Dash, thank you very much" she squeezed her bold friend tighter and put her head on Dash's shoulder.

"Okay, enough of that, we can hug later when no one will see. People will think that I'm too soft," Rainbow whispered to her shy friend's ear, blushing a little.

Fluttershy obliged, ending their embrace "I'm s-sorry."

"Yeah, uhm it's not you. I just don't like to be all mushy in public, you know."

"I understand Dashie. Oh uhm can I call you like that? Isn't it too soft for you?" Fluttershy asked, hoping she wasn't embarrassing her.

"Eh, normally I wouldn't allow that but I can make an exception for you I guess," Dash remarked quietly.

Shy blushed, feeling special which made her happy. "Thank you. Uhm by the way I hope your parents won't be too mad at you after today."

Rainbow sighed. "They will probably ground me for a few days. Sadly it won’t stop at that, they will talk about how I'm not improving my self control and stuff like that. I got into…well a few fights in my old school.”

Fluttershy sighed. "Oh I'm so sorry. That means we won't meet each other after school for some time."

"Well it will be only a few days as I said so don't worry. We will have plenty of time in the future to spend together."

"You really think so?"

Dash grinned at her thinking of all the cool stuff she could do with the pink haired girl. "I know so Flutters."

Back at Fluttershy's doorstep Rainbow Dash was still confused from Shy’s sudden weird actions. If it was someone else she would already be annoyed and start asking them what’s going on but it’s Fluttershy, after all the years spent with her childhood friend Dash knew that she needs her time in moments like this when something is hard for her to do or say. Shy seemed deep in thoughts, Rainbow figured. When Dash saw her friend’s tear dropping on her from Shy’s cheek, her protective instinct kicked her into action. She embraced Fluttershy bringing the shorter girl’s head to her chest. “Hey, everything alright? What happened? You know you can talk to me, Flutters.” Fluttershy squeezed her tighter but she didn’t respond. Rainbow thought about how many times they were in familiar situations over the years. From the moment they met to today she was her friend’s little sanctuary helping her to go through everything.

Fluttershy’s house 4 years ago

Rainbow Dash opened her sleepy eyes looking at the pink ceiling of Fluttershy’s room, eager to close them again and get back to sleep. She was tired after today. She spent the entire day having fun with Fluttershy and they ended it with a sleepover like almost every other saturday. She even convinced her pink haired friend to prank Zeephyr, it was definitely a good day. Rainbow shifted her body to her side now looking at sleeping Fluttershy, lying straight. She noticed that her arms were twitching, eyes moving frantically as she breathed heavily ‘Ehh. Please not those nightmares again,’ Rainbow thought. She scooted a little closer to her dreaming friend. “Hey Flutters,” she said silently nuzzling her neck.She moved closer to her ear “Fluttershy wake up,” Rainbow whispered, poking her shoulder.

Rainbow actions didn’t bring any effects.

She tried again, licking Fluttershy’s nose while caressing her long pink curls. “Fluttershy Angel ate my script for my new song, I had to throw him through the window.”

Shy opened her eyes frightened, she saw the magenta eyes of her best friend and her smiling face. “Sorry Flutters, your stupid bunny is fine I just had to wake you up somehow.Heh. I knew it woul-” Dash was cut off when Fluttershy wrapped her arms around her.

“R-Rainbow you’re here,” the timid girl mumbled.

“Uhm. Of course I’m here Fluttershy, I mean I would rather sleep but I saw how you moved in your sleep and figured you had one of those not so pleasant dreams,” Rainbow returned the embrace, pressing Shy’s body into hers. “You had a nightmare again didn’t you?”

Fluttershy nodded.”S-sorry for waking you up Dashie.”

Rainbow pressed her head into Fluttershy’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m more concerned with your mental health at this point. Was it about those idiots at school again? I swear, I will break their legs if I see them tormenting you again.”

Fluttershy moved back a little to look into her friend’s concerned eyes. “Uhmm. Yes,” her gaze shifting down into the sheets. “I know you told me to not worry about them but my brain has a mind of its own it seems. But please Dashie don’t do anything to them, it’s always you ending badly not them.”

“Ehh. Sure Flutters, just please don’t think about them,” Rainbow shifted from their embrace and laid her friend's cute body onto the bed. “And remember I’m always here for you and always will be.”

“Yes, I know. Thank you Rainbow Dash, you’re the best.”

“Oh Of course I’m. Now I think we need to put that smile upside down…” Rainbow grinned down at her friend, getting slowly on top of her with a predatory smirk. Fluttershy knew what was coming now but she tried to avoid it nonetheless.

“N-no I’m perfectly fine now Dashie. We should go back to sleep. Oh and please don’t ever joke about Angel like that,” before she could shift to her side Rainbow pinned her to the bed and started to furiously tickle her, emitting loud laughs from the timid girl.

“Aahhaha R-Rainbow stop! Ahhah W-w-we w-wiiill waake up my pareents, pleaaase!”

Dash was now laughing as loudly as her captivated friend, refusing to stop “Heh. Maybe I will but firstly you have to promise me no more nightmares tonight,” Rainbow declared. “And I will leave that white demon alone. Promise.”

Fluttershy’s giggles didn’t ease. “Hee No more bad dreams, I promise.”

Rainbow ceased holding her friend below. “Cool,” she grinned down at her friend. At that moment Rainbow admired the sight below her. Her timid friend looked so adorable laying like that, her cheeks were flushed from all the laughing. The shy girl bit her lip and in a surge of bold energy, she tossed her athlete friend around, pinning her below like she did before. “Did you think you could get away that easily for teasing me so much?” Fluttershy asked her silently, slowly lowering her head to Rainbow’s level, their noses almost touching.

“Woah. When did assertive Fluttershy get here!?” Dash Exclaimed, she blushed at their close contact.

Fluttershy retreated a little. “Oh I don’t have to be assertive if you don’t like it.’”

“Not at all Fluttershy,” Rainbow soothed. “I like it,” she whispered passionately into her timid friend’s ear. “Now did you say something about punishing me for tickling you?”

“O-oh yees, I know that certain sensitive spot on your neck….” Fluttershy blushed from thinking about what she was about to do.

“Nah I have a better idea,” Rainbow took initiative and again rolled over her soft spoken friend. “I think I will be the one punishing you Flutters. You know that I always prefer to be on top.”

Thanks to the darkness all over them Fluttershy’s cheeks were literally glowing crimson red at this point. “I completely disagree, Dashie,” the pink haired girl giggled and again using all of her strength she pushed her bold friend and rolled over so she was on top again.

For a few minutes they were rolling all over the bed, laughing all the way.

Finally they settled together laying close to each other, Rainbow laying behind Fluttershy, her head in the shy girl disheveled hairs.They both panted heavily, Rainbow sniffed her friend’s hair, she loved the smell of Strawberry shampoo that the timid girl used.

“We should go back to sleep now Rainbow, we have to wake up early tomorrow remember?” Fluttershy asked softly, already settling herself to sleep.

“Ah. Right. Of course, come here,” Rainbow put her arm around Shy’s weist, spooning the shorter girl. “Good night Flutters,” She whispered softly into her best friend's ear.

“Good night Dashie.”

Fluttershy smiled widely, loving the feeling of her best friend so close to her. She wished to sleep like that every night, with her protector and special friend near her. Maybe they could in the future but for now she was happy, no matter what, Rainbow always brightened her day and if needed she protected her and helped to get over her fears.

Memories like this melted Rainbow Dash's heart. She was always there for her best friend but also knew that Fluttershy cared for her just as much, and she needed her no less. Her support, kindness and just generally being there for her meant the world for Rainbow Dash. It was difficult for her to be as open with other people as she was with her childhood friend, even with the rest of their friends. Her shy friend gave her so much, thanks to her she got her pet, Tank, the cute and awesome turtle. Fluttershy was always there on almost every soccer match Rainbow had, cheering and celebrating with her when she won. Fluttershy's support greatly helped Rainbow with all her achievements. It was safe to say that life without Fluttershy is unimaginable for the young athlete.

Fluttershy still in Rainbow’s embrace moved her head away from Dash's neck. In a shy, trembling and quite frightened gaze she looked deeply into her friend’s beautiful eyes. Her protector was getting more worried every second passed. “Rainbow I..I need to t-tell you something,” the shy girl managed to whisper.

“U-huh. I figured that already you silly. Tell me whose butts I have to kick this time?”

“No, no it’s not that….” the animal lover sighed, her head low now looking at her white shoes.

“Well, then what is it? Please spill it already. I don't want to stand here any longer.”

Fluttershy squiked, shifting her head to the right side, she didn’t want to look at Rainbow’s face.

“C’mon Flutters, I can see it’s important,” she took Fluttershy’s hand into her own in a comforting manner. “If it’s something bad we will deal with it like we always do, easy or not.”

Then it happened. Fluttershy couldn't take it any longer, words refusing to come from her mouth. In a sudden surge of courage she touched the lips of her childhood friend with her own. Rainbow eyes burst open wide like dinner plates. She didn't expect that to happen, especially not from her timid friend. Was she still Fluttershy or some succubus took her body? Regardless she wasn't really complaining that much, her friends lips were so soft and sweet ideally reflecting her personality. She surrendered to the feeling and let her now not-so-shy friend kiss her.

After a few delightful seconds Fluttershy realized what she had done, immediately she moved back, ending their pleasant connection. Rainbow looked at her, stunned, standing still with mouth slightly open. Fluttershy covered her mouth with her hands already fearing Dash’s reaction, she wanted to run but it would just make matters worse. She took a few steps behind and mumbled apologies, her cheeks deeply flushed. She could still feel Rainbow’s taste on her own lips.

“Woah,” Rainbow spilled silently, her mind still fogged with thought about what just happened. She didn't know what to think of it but thinking wasn't her best trait. When she saw Flutterhy retreating from her, scared like she just saw a ghost, Rainbow shortened the small distance between them and took Fluttershy’s arm, tightly embracing her. Rainbow Dash smiled and kissed her with even more passion than before. Fluttershy was dumbfounded, she wondered if it was just a dream. Rainbow was actually kissing her! it wasn't forced like the first time, she kissed back just as passionately as her protector thinking if Rainbow felt the same way towards her or maybe her bold friend just liked the kissing. She could deal with it later, for now it felt too good to end this. The kiss was even more enjoyable than the last time since both of them put everything they got into it. They both moaned through their intense liplock, suddenly Fluttershy felt something slick and warm probing her lips. Parting her lips she allowed Rainbow to explore her sweet cavern. Their tongues danced together for a while until they were out of air to breath and had to stop their heated moment.

“That….Was….Awesome!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed between breaths.

The pink haired animal caretaker snuggled into Rainbow shoulders again, smiling all the while, her heart’s fast beating getting slower every breath she took.. “Rainbow d-do you…I mean…uhm can we be m-more than friends?...I mean would you like to be more than friends? I think I really like you...I know you don't care about all those mushy feelings but I think I…I…I l-love you Rainbow Dash. If you don't want to, it's's just I think you should know this. I still want to be friends even if you don't like that idea..

The Rainbow haired girl nuzzled the shorter girl’s hair “Uhm..Flutters not gonna lie it's quite sudden and as you said I didn't really think about this sort of thing before but...I really like you to, i don't know if it's love but you’re definitely special to me, more than just a friend...I can give it a try, I want to give it a try I think it would be really cool.”

‘I can't believe this, did she really agree? She wants to do this, please don't be it a dream," Fluttershy pleaded in her mind. "Are you sure Rainbow? you really don't have to if you don't want it, I can take it, you don't have to agree only to spare my feelings," Fluttershy said meekly.

"Fluttershy please, don't be so gloomy, I told you that I want it right? besides the kiss was awesome, we should have done it way earlier.

"Okey, I trust you," Fluttershy squeezed her friend (girlfriend?) tighter and nuzzled her neck. “Thank you so much Rainbow, I'm so happy. I really hope it's not a dream," she giggled through their cozy embrace.

Rainbow looked at her cute friend playfully and touched their lips again. The kiss was not as passionate as before. It was a quick, chaste kiss reassuring Fluttershy that she was serious "Does it feel like a dream Flutters?" Rainbow grinned at her.

" Hee. No, it doesn't. You know I wanted to tell you all of that for so long but-”

“"Hey, it's cool now, you did it although I didn't expect you to do it in such a...lets say passionate and bold move hehe," Rainbow interrupted.

Fluttershy blushed "Oh. Yes. I shouldn't really do that, I'm sorry its just… I couldn't say anything to you and my body just took control over my mind.”

"Oh I definitely know how it feels. Can I come to your house? I don’t really want to stand here and I think we have a lot of talking to do?”

"Oh yes my parents are asleep anyway they won't even notice and besides it's almost like your second home anyway so I’m sure they wouldn't mind your presence.”

"Yeah, it kinda feels like it," Rainbow laughed.

"Let's go then,” Fluttershy directed Rainbow to move towards her doorstep. “You can stay the night if you want,” She added.

"Hmm. I like that idea," Rainbow Dash grinned predatory towards her Flutters.

And so they moved, still halfly embracing each other with Fluttershy’s head resting on Dash’s shoulder, towards Fluttershy's house.