Adventures of Mane 7

by Pony Uppercut

The Farm Life!

The Adventures of Mane 7 mlp:fim
Season 1

Episode 7
The Farm Life!

Big Mac had now just arrived at Fluttershy's cottage. He was there to let her know that Nemesis is going to bunk with the Apple family for the night.
“Well, this is the place.” he told himself. As he walked up the pathway up to shy pegasus's front door he started to hear noise coming from the inside. It sounded like a lot of rustling and moving in there. He also could have sworn he heard a shout from inside saying “Nemesis!” as well as all the other noise. Now, Big Macintosh is farm pony, but that doesn't mean he isn't smart. “I Should've known.” he sighed to himself. Someone as stubborn as Nemesis would leave even if he was told to stay. So basically he put two and two together.
Inside her cottage, Fluttershy was going nuts to say the least. She was so worried that something might of happened to him as she scrambled around her house to find Nemesis. But after all, Fluttershy is used to taking care of animals, so when she found out he was missing, she looked in rather odd places.
“Nemesis! Are you there!?” she shouted as she lifted the couch pillow. “Nemesis!? Where are you!?” She yelled as she checked in her closet. “Nemesis!?” She called out to him looking in her kitchen cabinets. She then continued to check every inch of her house. She checked the bathroom, under her bed, in the fridge, everywhere! Now she was really beginning to worry because that means he left the house. But just as Fluttershy was about to give up hope, she heard a knocking at the door.
“Oh! I wonder who that could be?” she wondered. Suddenly she forgot what she was looking for and headed to the door. As she opened the door she was treated to an unexpected guest. “Oh, hi Big Mac, how are you tod-”
“I reckon your lookin for Nemesis?” Big Mac cut her off.
“Oh yes, ive been looking for him all day!” She responded as she remembered what she was doing before. “Do you know where he is?”
“He's back at my place.” He told her. “Im guessin he didn't tell you nothin.”
Fluttershy began to frown and look away. “Yea, I am a bit mad at him,” she then began to smile a little. “But, im just glad hes safe. After all, he has awful wounds.”
Big Mac raised an eyebrow “Pardon?”

The next morning came in a blink of an eye. But unfortunately, that's about how much sleep Nemesis thought he got. It was in the early morning where the sun just started to rise. Nemesis then heard a loud knocking on the door of his room. Then the door opened and a big, red, muscular, stallion entered the room.
“Rise and shine kid!” Big Mac encouraged as he slid the drapes open. The sun burned through Nemesis's eyelids, as he threw his blanket over his head. “Come on, you got to earn your money, remember?” he reminded him. Well, he got him there. Nemesis then forced himself to situp as he pushed the blankets off of him.
“Good,” Big Mac approved “when your ready, me and my sis will be workin so give us a hand.” he said leaving his room. Nemesis rubbed his eyes in an effort to wake himself up. He then just realized where he was and the situation he was in. He then just sat there for moment as he realized he had a ton of work to do. “Well, crap.”

Nemesis helped out all morning and his body continued to ache. Thankfully, he earned a good breakfast due to his hard work. After breakfast he was about to get back to work until he saw Applejack leaving the apple field. She was pushing a wooden cart full of apples. The cart had a sign on it saying “Apples for sale!”.
“Are you leaving to sell those apples?” Nemesis asked her.
Applejack then stopped pushing the cart as she turned around to speak to him. “Yep!” she said confidently “I reckon you should stay here and help Big Mac with the chores while I go sell some apples.”
Nemesis didn't find anything wrong with her plan so he agreed. “Sure.” He responded smiling. She then was about to push her cart again until she heard a her brothers voice behind her.
“Nnnope!” Big Mac said in his usual way. Nemesis and Applejack both looked in the red stallions direction. “I think Nemesis should go with ya to sell apples.” He told them.
Applejack raised an eyebrow “Are ya sure? Cause I can handle this myself.” She questioned
“Eeyup!” He assured her.
She then rubbed the back of her neck “Well, I guess that's fine, come on Nemesis!” she called to him.
“Right!” Nemesis then nodded and hurried to her side as they headed to Sugarcube Corner. Big Mac crossed his arms as he smiled. He watched them walk away as they slowly faded away in the distance. Sorry kid, but ya ain't up to the task to work here with wounds like those. He thought.

Nemesis and Applejack arrived at Sugarcube Corner where there was a big outside market of ponies selling goods. They found themselves a good spot along the stone road, and set up shop. They unfolded the wooden cart to make it look more like a stand. When they finished setting up they both stood behind the counter of their stand. Fortunately, there were good amount of customers coming to buy apples, but their weren't exactly enough people to start a line. So naturally, there will be times when Nemesis and Applejack just stand there next to each other, waiting for customers. As they waited, they were silent. Not because they didn't want to talk to each other, but its just they didn't know what to say. Finally, Nemesis had to say something, even if it was weird.
“You've got a nice family.” He told her.
Applejacks face lit up at that remark. “Why thank ya kindly Nemesis! We do try!” she responded happily. They paused for another moment.
“So, how well do you know Fluttershy?” He asked.
“We're really close friends!” She answered “We've been friends for years.”
“Alright, so, what about everyone else that was in her house?”
The earth pony giggled a little “Yea, they’re all good friends of her too!” She then smirked at him. “Speaking of my friends, is it true Rainbow Dash kicked your butt?”
The dark alicorn rubbed the side of his neck, “Well...” As Nemesis rubbed the side of his neck looking for an answer, Applejack noticed something huge. Her eyes widened as she stared at the back of his right hand.
“Wheres your Cutie Mark!?!?” She shouted pointing at Nemesis's hand. He then looked at the back of his hand, as he was reminded that it was empty. He began to frown and look seriously a at his hand.
“I don't have one.” he told her.
“How old are you?!?!” She asked
“And you don't have a Cutie Mark yet?” she asked still surprised. Nemesis then turned his head away from her, as if he were ashamed. Applejack stared at him for a moment until she realized just how rude she was being. A Cutie Mark represents who you are and where your supposed to be. She realized that Nemesis, after all the years hes been living, he still doesn't know who he is or where he belongs. Applejack began to feel the guilt settle in.
“Um, Nemesis, im mighty sorry, that sounded a bit insensitive on my part.” She apologized.
Nemesis continued to look the other way. “Its fine,” He told her “just, forget about it.”
Applejack began to look down. She felt guilty of what she said to him. So she remained silent along with Nemesis. They continued to stay quiet until it was time to close up shop. Sun began to set as they headed back toward the farm. Nemesis was pushing the cart as Applejack walked beside him. They were still silent to each other as the only thing you could hear was the rolling of the cart through the dirt. The orange mare didn't know what to say.
“Applejack,” Nemesis spoke. She almost jumped hearing her name. “I want you to know something.” he continued with a serious tone. “I don't want you to feel guilty, because one day I will find out who I am.”
She looked at him and smiled, “Right!”
As they finally arrived at the farm Big Mac was standing there waiting for them. “Welcome home fellas!” He greeted them.
“Hi big brother!”
“Hey Big Mac!”
After they greeted him, Big Mac had something to say. “Hey Nemesis,” He began “I think you should stay with us until yur finished workin with us.”
Nemesis froze. “Are you serious?” he questioned
“Wow, um, thanks Big Mac, but I gotta let Fluttershy know otherwise she'll-”
“Taken care of.” The red stallion interrupted.
“Oh, well then thank you Big Mac”
Nemesis then stuck out his hand toward Big Mac. He then grabbed it with a loud clap as they shook hands.
“Get a move on y’all! Supper is ready!” voice told them from the house. She had a country accent just like everyone else. The little filly stepped out of the house. She had yellow fur with red hair. She wore dark blue overalls with an orange undershirt. She also had a pink bow in her hair. The young mare then froze at the sight of a new guest.
“Whoa! Your a uh...uh” The filly scratched her head trying to find the right word.
“Alicorn?” Applejack answered
“Yea! What she said! That's awsome!” The filly spoke delighted
“Apple Bloom this is Nemesis,” Applejack introduced “hes going to be stayin with us for a little while. Nemesis, this is Apple Bloom, Shes our little sister.”
Nemesis bent over a bit to reach eye level with Apple Bloom. “Nice to meet you Apple Bloom!” he greeted her with a smile.
“Hey Nemesis, are you Applejack's boyfriend? Is that why yur stayin over?” She asked curiously
Nemesis stood up instantly surprised at that remark. Applejack and Nemesis were both now blushing. “Err, no we're just friends.” Nemesis said nervously
“Y-yea just friends!” Applejack agreed blushing bright red.
A smile then grew on Apple Bloom's face. “Really? That's great! Will you be my boyfriend?” She asked him.
The dark alicorn then scratched the back of his head nervously, still blushing furiously. “Well, I-”
“Apple Bloom that's enough, lets go eat supper!” Applejack interrupted as she began to push Apple Bloom back toward the house.
“Aw sis!” She whined. They started to walk back home as they were all pretty hungry. They all enjoyed a delicious dinner and went to bed. Or at least, everyone except Nemesis. Nemesis was in the guest room, pacing around the room. He was thinking about how hes been acting the whole time being here. He still remembers that hes here to steal the Elements of Harmony. But the whole time hes been acting nice, he honestly was being nice. And to make things worse, he enjoyed being nice. Nemesis then took both of hands and slapped the sides of his face at the same time, as if he was trying wake up from something. “Snap out of it!” He tells himself “Your getting in too deep!” How could I ever be nice.

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