Equestria Girls: Jack the Ripper

by Lucasnike123


Canterlot City, the most famous city in the world.

A place that was considered a paradise of total harmony, thanks to the bravery and friendshipof seven teenage girls: the Rainbooms.

They were known in the city to protect it from something in particular: equestrian magic.

Said magic was filtered through a statue of the youth institute Canterlot High and came from a parallel dimension called Equestria.

Thanks to their powers, the Rainbooms faced many dangers and adversaries, before defeating the worst of their enemies: the Dazzlings.

But now, the most dangerous evil they've ever faced is about to change everything.

And his name was... Jack.

Twenty years have passed since the last adventure of the Rainbooms, who had to separate since graduation from high school.

However, the only one who didn't leave town was Twilight Sparkle, also known as "Sci-Twi".

Today, on a fall night, Twilight was standing in the middle of the street, investigating a certain mystery: the city was currently being terrorized by a mysterious serial killer who called himself... "Jack the Ripper".

The police hadn't found any clues to his identity, but Twilight was investigating on her own…because the killer's latest victims were her high school classmates.

Micro Chips... Trixie Lunamoon... Snips... Snails...

All killed...

At that moment, Twilight saw two men walking down the street, and one of them was Mr. Filthy Rich.

He was known as the editor-in-chief of the most famous newspaper in the city, and his latest news was about the mysterious letters written in blood that Jack left near their crimes.

Twilight needed to know what information Filthy had on the killer... and fast.

"Hurry" Mr. Rich said to his employee "This news will go down in history!".

As soon as the clerk ran off, Twilight took the opportunity to speak with her target.

"Wait a minute, Mr. Rich" Twilight said "I know you have more the Ripper's letters".

Seeing Twilight, Filthy got a little upset.

"Miss Sparkle, I warned you not to approach me..."

However, before Filthy left, Twilight grabbed his arm, forcing him to look at her.

"Stop posting his letters!" Twilight ordered seriously "You have turned an unknown criminal into a legend... and that is precisely what HE wants!"

At that moment, before Mr. Rich said anything, a mysterious man came running towards them.

This man was Thorax, an employee of one of the city's brothels and who had been Twilight's partner for a while.

"Twilight! I finally find you!" Thorax said, as he caught his breath "He did it again...! It's the Ripper!"

Hearing that news, Twilight let Mr. Rich go and ran off with Thorax.

A few minutes later, Twilight and Thorax arrived at the scene of the crime.

The police had cordoned off the place to prevent civilians from getting close, but Twilight and Thorax managed to see the victims' faces before their mutilated corpses were covered by white blankets.

To his horror, the victims were... Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings.

"Bon Bon? It can't be, no, there won't be..." Thorax said, scared "And Lyra? Not to both... Not in one night..."

Faced with this situation, Twilight took Thorax away from the place to talk in private.

"Thorax, remember what I said you..." Twilight said, before handing him a small bag full of money "Now go!"

Taking the bag of money, Thorax obeyed and left the place, while Twilight returned to look at the corpses of her old friends from high school.

However, at that moment, Twilight was the only one in the place who understood the killer's motive: Jack had left a message... for her.

"How many of your friends have to die for you to open your eyes?"

"Just one more, Jack..." Twilight said, angry inside.

Immediately afterwards, Twilight began to run to get away from the place, not knowing that someone had been spying on her from a building.

This person was a man wearing a black trench coat, a black top hat... and a white rag mask that covered his entire head, with two holes for the eyes.

This man... was "Jack the Ripper" in person.

"You should have had faith, Twilight..." Jack said "Now, I'm coming for you".

A few minutes later, Twilight was walking down the street… knowing that Jack was following her from the shadows.

"I know you're there, Jack..." Twilight said "Now the Master of Terror is afraid to show his face?"

"I'm your shadow, Twilight" Jack whispered.

Then, after turning a corner, Jack noticed that Twilight was crashing a party that was being held today, blending into the crowd.

"I'll gut them all, if that's the quickest way to get to you..." Jack said.

At that moment, Jack pulled a knife from his trench coat.

Then, Jack grabbed one of the party guests at random... and started violently stabbing him with his knife.

Before such event, the guests of the party began to flee terrified, forcing Twilight to leave her hiding place, being in sight of Jack.

"Come on, you fucking monster! Let's get this over with!" Twilight said, starting to run.

"Run all you want, Twilight" Jack said, also starting to run "I'll catch you!"

Leaving the party venue, Jack began chasing Twilight through the alleys.

"I've always been good at tracking down a dying animal" Jack said, as he ran.

But then, before Jack could catch her, Twilight pulled a small container from her pocket, which when she dropped it on the ground, it released a huge cloud of smoke.

It was a smoke bomb!

"You can't hide anywhere!" Jack said, stopping.

Suddenly, voices caught Jack's attention.

Those voices were from four policemen!

"Stay tuned! A girl just passed by saying that a murderer was after her!" one of the policemen said.

But before the police reacted to seeing Jack, he let out a powerful roar that scared them.

Then, Jack grabbed one of them and stabbed him in the same way as the guest he killed at the party, causing the other police officers to flee, even more scared.

A few minutes later, Jack walked into a nearby graveyard, carrying the body of the policeman he had killed earlier.

"STOP!!" a voice yelled.

At that scream, Jack stopped and saw that the person who had screamed... was Twilight.

She had been hiding in the graveyard… but she came out of hiding from her, totally furious at what Jack did on the way to catch her.

"You want me, Jack?" Twilight asked "Come and kill me!"

Accepting the challenge, Jack released the policeman's corpse, and drew his knife with only one purpose in mind: kill Twilight Sparkle.

"You don't have to use that" Twilight said, preparing to fight.

"This is my true magic, Twilight..." Jack said.

And the fight started.

However, Jack didn't manage to stab Twilight even once, because she dodged each of his attacks quickly.

Then, Jack noticed that Twilight was starting to get tired, but she, anticipating this, released another smoke bomb and took advantage of the occasion to run away again.

"You can't escape!" Jack yelled, as he chased after his target.

Walking out of the graveyard, Twilight turned into a dark alley, with Jack closing in quickly.

But then, just when Jack thought she had her target cornered... Twilight appeared on a motorcycle, escaping her pursuer!!

"Yes, hide in your hole, little mouse..." Jack said, smiling behind his mask.

Later, it was revealed that Twilight had fled to her apartment and quickly set about collecting and hiding all the information she had on Jack.

She couldn't risk it falling into the wrong hands.

"Are you in a hurry, Twilight?"

As soon as she heard those words, Twilight quickly turned towards the entrance of the room... meeting Jack, looking at her and with his knife in his hand.

However, instead of running away, Twilight decided to ask the killer a question.

"Why, Jack...?" Twilight said, as she putting her papers of his investigation on the table "Why are you doing this?"

For an instant, Jack looked at his own knife, doubting what he was doing, but then he started walking toward Twilight with murderous intent.

Acting on instinct, Twilight grabbed a pair of scissors from her desk and the two of them started fighting again.

Unfortunately, Twilight was still exhausted from the chase and the fight in the graveyard, and Jack began to dominate the fight, until he managed to knock his opponent to the ground.

"Don't you see the irony, sister?" Jack asked, as he approached Twilight.

"Jack... wait..." Twilight pleaded.

Kneeling down, Jack slowly brought the point of his knife close to Twilight's throat, pinning her in place.

"Only you know who the Ripper is, but you can't tell anyone..." Jack said, enjoying the moment "Because it would be the end of you... and your friends".

Analyzing the situation, Twilight remembered that her brother, Inspector Shining Armor, had given her a gun to use for self-defense... and it was located on a nearby shelf.

Immediately afterward, Twilight grabbed a wooden chair that was near her and hit Jack with it, knocking him down before starting to run towards the gun.

"No, no, no, NOOOO!" Jack yelled, recovering quickly from the blow.

Enraged, Jack hurled the chair at Twilight, causing her to fall back to the ground.

Jack then jumped on top of Twilight, who was stunned by her blow, and grabbed her by the throat, keeping her pinned to the ground.

"Jack... we can fix you..." Twilight said, trying to hold her breath.

"Fix ME!?" Jack said, starting to raise his knife ready to stab Twilight.

But before attacking, Jack whispered in Twilight's ear.

"I... am... the Solution".

But then, at that moment, something unexpected happened: instead of killing her, Jack knocked Twilight unconscious.

"No… not yet…" Jack said, stroking Twilight's unconscious face.

Jack then pulls out a roll of duct tape and uses it to bind and gag Twilight.

After finishing, Jack walked over to the desk, picking up a small photo of Twilight with her friends, the Rainbooms.

But Jack was looking specifically at the face of the girl with red and yellow hair who was in the photograph.

"Soon... you will hear about me and my fun little games..." Jack said.

And then, Jack violently stabbed the face of the girl in the photograph...and yelled her name.