The Great and Powerful... Stinky!?

by Lulamoon Crystal

The End

Trixie basically gave up, “Just call me Blue” she mumbled, at least ‘Blue’ was better than ‘Stinky’.

“Alright, Blue! Let’s go to Zecora, she might be able to help” Trixie smiled in response, she got up and walked outside with Starlight.

“Breaking news!” Discord’s voice boomed, “A wanted criminal with a huge bounty is in Ponyville! Do not engage! Please run away on sight and she won’t hurt you! This is a job for the Princesses and the guards, they’ll be here soon, I repeat! Do not engage! The guards have been preparing and practicing for this moment, they studied her tactics and there’s still not a fifty percent chance of capture!”.

“That voice sounds like Discord...” Trixie commented.

“What!?” Starlight shrieked, “That sounds nothing like him!”.

Ponies all throughout Ponyville screamed and ran into any building they could find, they locked their doors. Discord’s voice continued, “Keep an eye out for a blue unicorn with purple eyes and wears purple, her name is Stinky Lulamoon”.

“What!” Shrieked Trixie and Starlight at the same time.

“She is guilty for trying to burn down entire towns on multiple occasions, she tried to kill the princesses multiple times, she stole ancient artefacts and sold them for money, she lies about her name, it is, always was and always will be Stinky! She had also had a record of killing animals on farms such as chickens and pigs... she knows multiple instant kill spells, she’s more likely to use them on foals”.

Starlight stepped back with a scared expression, “You lied to me!” She teleported into the castle locking every window and door and blocking access in any other way.

“No! None of this is true!” Cried Trixie.

Ponyville was empty, she saw a mouse that screamed in fright and ran away. She sat there and started to cry, “Why Discord, what’d I ever do?”. A rain cloud suddenly appeared above her and rained on her, it was the only rain cloud around. Soon enough her mane was all flat, her hat and cape collar were all droopy as she sat there in the pouring rain.

Her life was basically over, everypony hated her, she walked to her wagon and buckled it to herself to pull it, she didn’t know what to do. The rain cloud also followed her, staying above her at all times. Trixie walked deep into the Everfree Forest not really knowing what she was going to do.


When she felt she was deep enough she went into a dark cave, the cloud vanished but she sat on the cold, dark rocky ground, she heard Discord chuckles. “Well well well, what have you learnt today? Maybe not miss my warnings and argue with the Great and powerful Discord?” He chuckled has he appeared and put his foot on Trixie’s head forcing it to the ground, “What if I told you that today was an illusion? You didn’t interact with any real ponies, just my illusions”.

Discord pressed his foot harder on his victim’s head, “I’m always better, I’ll always be stronger... I can just kill you right now, you hear?, right now...” She grumbled. He summoned a sword and pointed it down at Trixie, “Any last words? Oh wait, you can’t” he crackled.

Her aimed for her neck, Trixie looked up at him with puppy dog eyes but it was hopeless, he changed is mind and kicked her side as hard as he could making her squeal and roll on her back, he put his foot down on her tummy and aimed to her heart.

“D-Discord...” Trixie coughed, “Why?”. Discord didn’t say a thing, he only placed the tip right where her heart was causing her to squeal, “Please don’t!” She tried using her magic and hooves to kick him away but it was no use, Discord summoned chains and shackles that kept her legs down and her horn unusable.

“Give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you” Discord snarled.

Trixie felt herself sweat and tears come from her eyes, she could only watch the sword push against her, it pushed a little harder drawing some blood. “No!, please...” she begged, “The great and powerful Trixie-“

He suddenly stabbed Trixie right in the heart killing her instantly, the shackles and chains all vanished away. Blood came out from the wound but Discord made it stop with his magic.

“No one competes with Discord...” he grumbled as his sword vanished, he picked up the corpse and put it in her hammock in her wagon and left.

No one ever found Trixie or her wagon, they never even found out the truth, to them all she just disappeared suddenly. Discord said he didn’t know what happened to her and they all believed him, the vanishment of Trixie was a huge mystery that haunted everyone for years yet to come