My Little Sackboy: Creativity is Magic

by DerpyBug23

Chapter 2: Crusaders, A Baby Dragon, and a Bulb-Bot

As Sackboy and Fluttershy are at peace in the cottage, Fluttershy has asked Sackboy about his origins and where he has come from. With Sackboy being silent as it may be hard to talk, he opens his popit to spawn in a blank canvas with his painting tools. Fluttershy was impressed that Sackboy has some wild powers with the popit, which she was surprised to see Sackboy spawn in some canvases and paint tools. This way, Sackboy can show Fluttershy onto his life and his current situation.

"So your name is Sackboy? I have never heard of that name before, but it explains you're knitted skin right?" Fluttershy asked Sackboy when the knitted sack reveals his name as he nodded. "Now with that, I am ready to see you're origins and where you're doing right now."

Sackboy painted his early days when he was at the Gardens, hence, the painting shows him walking with the Gardens background, the King at the village, and bubbles on the ground with birds flapping their wings tied with chains. The last part show's where he stopped the Collector from being greedy from stealing his friends away, thus the Collector has reformed to be part of the LBP Community. This made Fluttershy impressed that he was a sack who loves to explore and reformed a little cardboard who has greed over friends to being friends after learning about sharing.

"Wow... I never knew you love exploring and reforming an innocent cardboard that was afraid to form friends." Fluttershy said with how impressed Sackboy'a first adventure turned out to be his history. "Can you also make more of your adventures Sackboy?"

After hearing Fluttershy's request, he painted another canvas that shows Sackboy and the Alliance, which made Fluttershy surprised that Sackboy's world does have different planets and has friends who are more than just a group. Sackboy also shows a panting of the Creator Curators from his first adventure. She could imagine Pinkie Pie working with Victoria in her factory and Twilight reading books at Da Vinci's hideout. Fluttershy was also surprised that the knitted sack managed to defeat the Negativitron, hence a painting show Sackboy and the Negativitron in a 1v1 battle in the Cosmos. How the little sack managed to beat a giant evil vacuum from the cosmos made Fluttershy integrated on how Sackboy became the hero of the Imagisphere.

"Now that you're a hero from you're world, why did you come to Equestria?" Fluttershy questioned Sackboy with a curious face. "I'm curious as you appeared from the Everfree Forest when you saved me from that dragon who was about to freeze me."

Just then, Sackboy remembered why he's in Equestria and had to paint something very important as this may fear him that an enemy of his will somehow gets to this world. He shows Fluttershy the painting of Dark Screen with Da Vinci being absorbed with the pod shattered in cardboard pieces and shows Sackboy using the Super 8 Projector with the wormhole opens in. This shocked Fluttershy as she never knew that an evil TV screen can absorb anything in its the path and plotted to destroy the Imagisphere. She also feels bad for Sackboy as he lost his friends from that monstrous tv, including the leader of the Alliance, Larry Da Vinci.

"Oh my... so that's how you got to the Everfree Forest," Fluttershy said in shock as that explains how Sackboy got here. "Whatever this evil TV thing is, I feel sorry for your friend that got absorbed from that... that... monster."

Just then Fluttershy heard a knock from the door, which made her worried that she doesn't want her friends to see Sackboy in her cottage. She tells Sackboy to hide in the bedroom, as it may feel safe for her to see who's on the door. Sackboy was confused about the idea and refused Fluttershy's idea, hence, he opened the door to see Fluttershy's friends.

Just as Sackboy opens the door, he sees three fillies and a baby dragon (who has the height of Sackboy) who were about to meet Fluttershy. Those three fillies left to right are, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle, as they're known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Baby Dragon's name is Spike. Fortunately for Fluttershy, she was relieved that it wasn't Twilight and her friends, but her other friend to come inside the cottage.

The Crusaders and Spike were dumbfounded and surprised to see someone completely different and they see Fluttershy right behind Sackboy. The Crusaders then gave an inspection at Sackboy, as if the three had never seen a living knitted sack who seemed to be cute but also has charm and creativity in his mind. Sackboy gave the CMC a hug, thus the Crusaders were starting to grow a friendship with Sackboy. Spike was the one to speak since he asked Fluttershy about Sackboy.

"Woah... Fluttershy, who is this creature?" Spike asked out of curiosity on Sackboy. "Looks like he's from an storybook I read when Twilight has her books in her castle."

"This creature actually saved me from an ice Dragon," Fluttershy says as she recalls how she was almost being frozen by the Ice Dragon before Sackboy swooped in to save her. "His name is Sackboy, and he's onto a mission to stop an evil old TV that's ending his world."

"Evil... TV... Thing?" Spike questioned in confusion.

Fluttershy shows Spike and the CMC on Sackboy's painting of his origins, his first adventure, how he becomes the Imagisphere's hero of CraftWorld, and defeating the Negativitron with the help of the alliance. Fluttershy explains that there's a new threat in Sackboy's world that could end the dreams of the Imagisphere. Spike and the CMC were integrated on Sackboy's past adventures but were shocked when hearing that he's got a bigger threat to deal with that could enter Equestria and could destroy their world.

"So ya'll mean that this old big TV is gonna end his world?" Apple Bloom asked. "We outta ask Twilight if we're gonna need his help."

"Well, you have to admit, a tiny cardboard with greed isn't threatening and a giant evil vacuum cleaner is a threat," Scootaloo said. "But this evil TV thing looks way too evil."

"But if we can tell Twilight about this, we could have Sackboy and Twilight save the day!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed. "But yeah, this old TV thing looks too evil than Chrysalis and Treik."

"But girls, I can't let my friends know Sackboy about this situation. I have to keep this by myself." Fluttershy is worried since her friends are going to question her on how he found Sackboy. "But promise me that you'll keep this as a secret right? Because he has a pop it that's his powers that could cause chaos around and he's done many things like creating a statue of me in many materials, spawns in any object from it, and he has stickers to decorate with his creations."

As Fluttershy did say that Sackboy has his popit, Sackboy was finishing up a gift for Spike and the CMC. For Spike, it was a statue of him but made with materials out of stone, cardboard, and sponge. Spike was surprised and was happy to see how Sackboy can create with is his popit. For the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sackboy shares a painting of him and the trio jumping together, which made the Crusaders feel excited that Sackboy sees them as a friend.

Just then a loud knocking was at the door. Fluttershy opened the door, but with a twist. Instead of a pony, it's the Newton Bot who was about to meet Sackboy. Fluttershy screamed which led Spike and the CMC to stay behind Sackboy seeing what they're witnessing. With Fluttershy running back to Sackboy hiding behind him, Sackboy was prepared, thinking it was one of Dark Screens minions who's about to attack him. But the bot wasn't a treat whatsoever. Instead, it was Newton speaking to Sackboy as he's controlling his robot self. He is telling them about Dark Screen and gives Sackboy a warning that the Evil TV Screen has sent him his minions.

"Chum! Settle down, I'm not one of Dark Screen's minions." Newton says, controlling his robot self. "I'm here to inform you about Dark Screen. As he's attempting to fix that wormhole, I have witnessed three bots he summoned to exterminate you."

With the information Newton send in, Sackboy was shocked, hearing that Dark Screen has three of his robot minions going on the hunt to find and exterminate him. Newton also explains the current crisis of the Imagisphere and telling him that he's had enough time with his Pegasus friend (Fluttershy). He also says that his robot self will be on the hideout, hoping to not get caught by Dark Screen's minions.

"Listen closely Chum, with Da Vinci and your friends absorbed from Dark Screen, you'll have to follow your yellow Pegasus friend to find an artifact being so powerful that it could defeat Dark Screen," Newton explained, with his robot. "For the Imagisphere, things are in a dangerous slate as Carnivalia was sadly absorbed. The Puppeteer couldn't defeat him himself along with his puppet friend of yours. So I have to warn you that the Imagisphere is in a dangerous situation as he's grown bigger. Oh, and by the way, one day I'll invite you to Bunkum one day since it's far away from CraftWorld."

"But wait? If you're Planet is far away from Sackboy's home, then how come Dark Screen didn't absorbed it?" Fluttershy asked since Newton's home planet is far away from CraftWorld. "Is your Planet that safe from Dark Screen's attacks?"

"Bunkum is safe, it's on lockdown because of Dark Screen's recent attacks in the Imagisphere, and we have to stay in our homes since the three heroes of Bunkum has made a shield around it at their time defeating those villains that attacked our plant before they disappeared to prevent Bunkum being absorbed from Dark Screen," Newton said, as he feels safe that Dark Screen is still on the Imagisphere, ending off the dreams, but still hasn't found Bunkum. "But if I recall you're friend's names Chum, it's Fluttershy, Spike, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle right?"

This surprised Fluttershy and her other friends since they believe Newton's bot could hear them when he was in front of the door. As Newton's bot is about to leave to do the hideout, Newton speaks to Sackboy one last time and also to Fluttershy about them being the only ones to stop Dark Screen.

"Listen, Chum, you and Fluttershy are our only hope to save both CraftWorld and Equestria. If you find the Artifact with your Pegasus friend, there's the only hope." Newton said. "And for Fluttershy, please keep in mind to do tell your friends about this situation, even when you're hiding Chum from them as a secret. Even if you're afraid to speak the truth, please let Chum follow you and show him you're friends. If your friends work together with Chum if he has the Artifact, then Dark Screen will come to an end. The Imagisphere is in a crisis right now and Chum is our only hope... to stop Dark Screen."

"That is all I can say, and one more thing!" Newton said one last time. "Keep an eye of Beta, Alpha, and Gamma. They're Dark Screen's deadliest minions who are out there in Equestria looking for you Chum, so be aware if you see them in disguises or lurking around. See you around and save the Imagisphere!"

Thus, the Newton Bot runs off and closes the door. With Fluttershy now worried about the current situation, Spike calms her down, knowing about the situation Sackboy is in. He'll keep this as a secret from Twilight and co. This also applies to the CMC too, since Fluttershy has to have Sackboy follow her around.

"You promise that you'll tell Twilight about this?" Fluttershy asked. "If Sackboy follows me around, please don't tell Twilight and my friends about my new friend?"

"We got you cover Fluttershy!" Spike nodded. "If things don't plan well, they might as well speak the truth. That bot from Bunkum is speaking facts if we don't tell Twilight about this."

"Well, Ah gotta go. Crusaders, you know what I'm thinking?" Apple Bloom said.

"The Clubhouse! The CMC shouted.

As the CMC left Fluttershy cottage and Spike following the CMC to the clubhouse, it's now Sackboy and Fluttershy. Will they prepare to have enough time to stop Dark Screen, and will Fluttershy hide Sackboy from her friends? Who knows, but this is the start is Sackboy's adventure in Equestria with Fluttershy!