My Little Sackboy: Creativity is Magic

by DerpyBug23

Chapter 1: Sackboy saves a Yellow Pegasus in the Everfree Forest

==Entering the Everfree Forest==

As Sackboy entered through the wormhole, successfully escaping Dark Lord Screens attempt to erase him, he enters through a forest that he never seen before, despite the atmosphere being dark and creepy. As he explores the forest, he was ambushed by the Timber Wolves, which made the knitted Sack to run in fear from those wooded wolves. Luckily, Sackboy managed to hide from the bushes as the Timber Wolves searched the area to find that little Sack. As expected, the Timber Wolves leave as finding an odd sack is pointless, which made Sackboy feel confident to explore into the forest to find a town or possibly a village.

Since Sackboy has some experience from CraftWorld from his previous adventures, he jumps on to the platforms from a swamp, avoiding those bluish plants (which are called Poison Joke), and having to hope to find someone who either lives in the forest or is an adventurous person who has experience exploring the eerie forest.

==Meanwhile back to the Imagisphere==

With Dark Screen trying to find the Sack by fixing the wormhole to find Sackboy into that dimension and and his 3 minions going onto the hunt to find him, there was one planet that hasn't been attacked. Faraway from CraftWorld is a planet called Bunkum.

As for Bunkum's history, legend says that before the Negativitron attacked and laid waste to CraftWorld, three giant gargoyles gorged on Bunkum's creativity as inspiration has been dried up from those devious and malicious trio. However, three heroes of Bunkum came in, defeating the titans in order to save their planet from the evils trio. With the Titans being 3 orbs, now stuck into a can in Stichmen Manor, the three heroes of Bunkum disappeared with no explanation.

Now with Bunkum at peace with the three heroes at no trace after the draft of the Titans, a creator curator with a light bulb by the name of Newton, has been spying on Sackboy after the attack of Dark Screen. Since Bunkum is a faraway planet from CraftWorld and that Dark Screen is mostly focusing on Sackboy, Newton is now seeing the little Sack in a different world with his monitor. With how impressed that Da Vinci and Avalon made before those two got consumed by the Dark Screen, Newton thought of making his own robot that could follow him and seeing Sackboy's new friends in that dimension.

"Ah there's fellow Chum, now entering into a different world than CraftWorld." Newton said as his monitor displays Sackboy in the Everfree Forest. "Just when I think of some assistance, I'll bring one of my little bot of mine to see what he's doing in this different dimension."

As Newton has created one of his bots, he sends a bot that faithfully resembles him, so that he can interact with Sackboy. As he sends his bot in a machine that can travel to different dimensions, Newton has planned about bringing the three heroes of Bunkum back, sending them to aid Sackboy's help. Although... that's going to be impossible as Bunkum is on lockdown for a potential attack from the Dark Screen. After the Newton Bot was send to the dimension Sackboy is in, Newton can finally have his chance to interact with Sackboy and his newly friends (if Sackboy sees them).

==Everfree Forest==

As Sackboy explores the forest, he hears a feminine voice screaming out loud, as she was attacked by a beast that big or that the fact that this forest has some nerving foes around the deep darkness hidden in the forest. When Sackboy finally ran through the branches and bushes, he see a yellow Pegasus with a pink Mane, now in fear, seeing a Dragon with an ice breathing ability, whose about to freeze the innocent Pegasus with the possibility of dinner.

"Please don't hurt me dragon..." The Shy Pegasus said with a scared tone, fearing she's on a dragon's list of being it's food. "Please, nopony isn't a dragons delicious food."

With no choice or escape as the Ice Dragon was about to freeze the yellow Pegasus, Sackboy leaped out the bushes and jumped in-front of the Yellow Pegasus, defending her from the Dragon. The Dragon on the other hand was surprised to see the knitted Sack, as if he's more human than ever before and more tasty than a luster Pegasus. The Yellow Pegasus was surprised to see the knitted sack, seeing him right in front of him of hoping of saving her.

As Sackboy glares the Dragon with an angry expression, the Dragon shot an ice ball at Sackboy, but the knitted Sack knows it's the start of the battle. Just then he uses his popit to unleash one of the power ups he had from his previous journeys. He uses the Grabinator from his popit and attempted to grab the ice ball that the Dragon shot. Fortunately, Sackboy managed to grabbed it and throws it at the Dragon's face. With the Dragon now in fury, he swung his arms as the knitted Sack, trying to throttle and squish him like a clay filled with mud. However, Sackboy uses the Grappling Hook to swing and hit the Dragon at it's jaw. Luckily for him, he grabbed the Shy Pegasus from there and landed to safety. As Sackboy beats the knitting snap out of the Ice Dragon, the Dragon is now dizzy, now in defeat and he slumped to the ground. As the Dragon got up, he fled the scene, now afraid what that sackling could do to him if he stayed longer to fight him.

The yellow shy Pegasus was surprised to see Sackboy saving her life from that Ice Dragon.

"You... you saved me! The yellow shy Pegasus said. "I never seen you here, but let's hurry back to the cottage. It will be safer to talk there than the Everfree Forest. By the way, my name is Fluttershy."

As Fluttershy reveals her name to Sackboy, the sackling gave the Pegasus a hug, now safe as he managed to get the ice Dragon away from her, in which Fluttershy grew a warm smile, almost tearing up as if, this knitted sack cares about friendship. Now walking away from the Everfree Forest, Sackboy then see Fluttershy's cottage, filed with animals that she took care of, which made him feel safe that Flutttershy tamed the animals. As both Sackboy and Fluttershy walked in, Angel was shocked to see Fluttershy bring in a knitted friend here. He was verynsuspicious at first, but Sackboy looked at him, petting at his head that he's friendly, thus Angel is now calm.

With Sackboy and Futtershy safe in the cottage from the Everfree Forest with the Ice Dragon gone, three bots, assuming being Dark Screen's minion bots, has now entered the dimension Sackboy has entered. Now being in the Everfree Forest, Alpha and Gamma has been search around the area to find Sackboy until they were ambushed by Timber Wolves. Luckily, the trio scared those wooded wolves away, and they were much deadlier and could dismantle them apart (possibly making a wood statue of Dark Screen).

"Alright bots, listen up! The boss said that Sackboy is somewhere in this world. But first, we're gonna need some disguises first." Beta said "If we get caught by an civilian in this world, than we're in trouble and possibly being imprisoned. So let's first discuss about this and then we'll find Sackboy."

As the trio of Dark Screen's minion bots discuss about how to not expose themselves, another bot has now entered the dimension. It was Newton's bot that resembled him, now outside from the Everfree Forest. Just then his bot see Sackboy with Fluttershy having the calming time they're having. Newton can now use his bot to interact with Sackboy, thanks to his genius brain.

"Ah, what luck! There's the chum with his little flying Pegasus friend. I hope he doesn't mind her animal friends see me. But onward!" Newton said, controlling his robot self to approach the cottage.