My Little Sackboy: Creativity is Magic

by DerpyBug23

Prologue: The End of The Dream

Equestria... or like the rest of the omniverse calls it The orb of harmony.

Their inhabitants, which are talking equines, are well known throughout the universe for their powerful magic known as friendship.

They mostly spend time hanging out with their friends, playing some games, sharing their experiences, and doing many more things together.

When the sun of Celestia leaves the sky to Luna's moon. Every pony goes back to their sweet homes, sleeping in their beds and dreaming.

While they dream, their vast imagination is humming the way and charging with creative energy.

Where does this energy go? They drift away, one by one, into the cosmic Imagisphere. From the atomic to the galactic, they dance; they whirl and they merge. Unfettered by worries and concerns. This is the heavenly ballet of the Wonderplane.

And sometimes, this dance creates something astonishing.

It creates a place where your dreams, fantasies, and ideas come to life, into fantastic worlds.

And this vast expensive dreamscape has a name...

They call it Little Big Planet.

And like every dream, it has an ending.

===The End of the Dream===

Deep in the darkest and the farthest space of the cosmos, the rejected zone, something evil was about to be born; this thing was made with the creative energy of our scariest nightmares that our subconscious could come up with. This monster, lurking in this dangerous part of the cosmos, is far more eviler and more powerful than what the evil vacuum cleaner ''The Negativitron'' was. They call it Lord Dark Screen, a dangerous old television which is what we can call ''a pure nightmare''. Hatching from his cosmic egg, bright purple light was spreading very fast all over the universe. Starting the nightmare that will follow.

Since his birth, with his electrified TV antenna, he has absorbed planets, moons, curator creators, and all created objects standing on his way to achieving his ultimate goal, The end of the dream. He will kill anyone who stands in his way, like a barbarian with rabies.

Who could save the cosmic Imagisphere from this powerful new threat?

This world needs a Hero, a great sack hero.

After stopping an evil plot of a greedy collector, fight the Negativitron with the help of the alliance; go racing against hoarders, and many other endless adventures. Sackboy was, without any doubt, the guy for the job.

You can imagine him or her just like you left him in the game, but in this story, we will consider he is dressed up without any clothes, has brown knit skin, and has his black button eyes. He will also have no specific gender.

The day Lord Dark Screen has attacked his planet, Sackboy was working on a platformer level on his moon. The level itself was set in a futuristic city with flying cars, tall skyscrapers, people moving in the streets with their jet-packs, friendly robots, and much more high-tech stuff in it.

Just after he has set the level of lightning to something like sunset.


A meteorite has just crashed near the beginning of his level. The shock wave sent everything flying that wasn't glued into the sky.

To his left, The devastation was breathtaking, not even a single molecule of any matter was left. There was only a Forty-five feet long crater that had dug a hole through the solid metal floor. Stunned by the sudden destruction of his futuristic city, Sackboy closes his popit and he then runs quickly to the crash site to see what happens. Once here, he begins to investigate.

By looking closer, he saw a pod in the middle of the crater. The vessel was damaged by something powerful because parts like the wings have disappeared as if something or someone has ripped them off and deleted them. The pilot of the vessel also seems to have tried to defend himself because the main cannons were deployed and armed, ready for action.

Like a brave firefighter, he bravely put out the fires with the splash cannon he had obtained from Eve's asylum. He decided to check inside the burned wreckage five minutes later to see if the pilot was still alive.

He did find someone unconscious inside, someone familiar...

The pilot was an old man made of paper, not any paper but an old newspaper. He was also wearing broken 3D glasses and he had a beard made with some newspaper strips. He also had a minor injury on his forehead, but he was OK at least. Sackboy knows who the pilot is; He is Larry Da-Vinci, the leader of the alliance. A few years ago, he helped him save the cosmos from the Negativitron with the help of the other members of the alliance, bringing back joy and harmony to the cosmic Imagisphere.

But what was he doing here? Well just when Sackchum was thinking of it, Larry had opened his eyes.

" head, wherein the omniverse am I?..." As Da Vinci wakes up, just when he saw Sackboy... "Oh! Thank goodness, I found you, Sackthing. I should consider myself lucky I didn't catch on fire."

Sackboy then smiled just by seeing his good old friend was still alive. He then grabs Larry's hands to help him stand up.

''We have a very big problem Sackthing, the monster of the rejected zone has born'' said Larry, very worried at the same time he was still trying to stand up, holding Sackboy's hands.

Sackboy, who had never heard of the rejected zone before, was intrigued by this story.

"I can see on your face you have never heard of Lord Dark Screen, I'll explain... just after he was fully standing up, he continued his story... He is a monster who is fed with the matter that composes everything and everyone in our world, the imaginarium. When he absorbs something, he grows bigger and more powerful. Many creators have tried to stop him with their most powerful creations, but they all failed and they end up being absorbed. The alliance and I think that only something from another universe could stop his thirst for destruction. So I and Avalon have worked together creating a gateway to another dimension in a laboratory of Avalonia. When we have completed our gate, Dark Screen has attacked the planet. Sadly, Avalon was captured by Dark Screen while we tried to escape Avalonia from his assault. I am now the last member of the alliance still alive. Before he got absorbed, Avalon told me I have to show you our creation."

Out of nowhere, Larry gets out a suitcase from his back. He drops it on the level's floor and it then opens by itself. Many pieces have popped out; flying into the air, spinning and assembling themselves like puzzle pieces to reveal a super 8 film projector.

Surprised by the sudden show he just witnessed, Sackchum was very curious to see how this thing works.

"We don't know where it will take us, but we know that spawn points will not work in other dimensions, so if you die, you're dead," Larry says, before Sackboy could examine how it works.

Just by hearing what he just says, Sackboy begins to be quite scared of traveling to another dimension. Just by thinking of it, it may not be a good idea.

"But at least, you should still be able to create down here," Larry says, trying to reassure him.

Just before Larry could turn on the projector, the pair heard a low-pitched and loud evil voice coming from behind them that says.

'' Don't even think of doing this, you fools!''

Just right after the monster ends his line; the pod's roof was torn off and thrown away by a strange purple aura.

Behind them, the duo saw a gigantic old television floating in the sky, staring at them with its dark purple evil eyes. He has a mouth that reminds them of the one the Negavitron had and his power cable was following him like it was the devil's tail. The monster has on both sides' two meanie's horns and his TV screen showed only statics. The evil television was looking at Sackboy and Larry, having an evil grin. Knowing what awaits them.

Larry look at Sackboy with a worried face, knowing what will happen next.

"It's Dark Screen Sackthing! He must have followed me here." Da Vinci says in a more shocking way.

Suddenly, they were both forced to jump out of the wrecked pod when a purple ray of dark energy hit and blew up the pod.

"There is zero chance you can stop me, Larry. Your plan has already been felt in the water, from the beginning."

Has he put all of his courage with him, Sackboy and Da Vinci are now floating around in space with the pod blown up.

"Heroes always triumph against evil in every story. Do you really think you can stop the alliance? Sackthing will find the power that will stop you and restore this world!" Larry yelled to the Dark screen, looking deeply into the monster's eyes.

"Muahhh aah aah aah. You are really more foolish than I taught, Larry. I'll show Sackfool what is true power."

Dark Screen then catches Larry with his purple aura. He then electrified him violently, making the leader of the alliance screaming in agony. He then notices he was disappearing in a pixelated mess. Dark Screen was absorbing Larry and the monster was also growing slowly in the process.

Frightened by the sight, Sackboy was trying to look for a weak point to save his friend. He moved and looked around the giant TV to find his brain, but he never found one. He only notices on the monster TV screen random flickering pictures of everything Dark Screen has previously absorbed.

Just as Sackboy think there was no way to attack him, he hears Larry, who was almost completely absorbed, yelling:

"Sackthing... you must... activate the portal. You... are... the... cosmos... only h..." until he has disappeared, completely absorbed by the monster.

Listening to his friend's last words, Sackboy rushes towards the super 8 projectors. When he arrives, he desperately looks for the metallic switch. When he found it, he flicked the ON/OFF switch to ON.

Gears and wheels, holding the film, slowly begin to spin. Just as the projector lights on, a multicolored wormhole appears in front of it. Sackboy then ran toward the portal but, as he was about to jump and dive into it, he did not expect it to pull him inside and he soon suffered from ''the spaghettification effect''. Sackboy's body quickly begins to stretch and shrinks as he turns into something like a spaghetti noodle. Soon, his weird temporary form disappears inside the portal.

"Come back here!" -Screamed Dark Screen as he tries to chase Sackboy through the wormhole.

He also suffered from spaghettification, but he slowly shrinks and gets stretched. Dark Screen suddenly hears a loud blocking noise. From his perspective, his butt was stuck inside. He was so big; he could not fit in the wormhole. He actually manages to jam it.


With a lot of effort, Dark Screen manages to get out by shaking his back a lot.

Right after his little big accident, He beamed out, from his electrified antenna, three shadowy looking robots, one having green stripes representing swords, the other one having red glowing stripes representing fire, and the last one having sky blue strips showing electricity. The three of them also have two insect-like antennae.

"Beta, Alpha, and Gamma, I want you all to go through the portal. Find Sackboy and exterminate him. Eliminate his allies, if it's necessary".

The green minion who was named Beta replied "Yes, master." with a robotic tone in his voice.

And then the three evil robots move near the wormhole and they get pulled inside.

"Soon this world will be only a memory. It's only a matter of time until my minions found you, Sackfool."