The Crystal War Book I: A Spark to Light the Dark

by NatureSpark

II. Pegasus Brothers

~Part Two~

“We share the same blood and the same family ties. We spread wings together and soar through these skies. Should one sibling be grounded, the other is too. If you seek blood from one, you seek blood from two.”

~ Moonshine the Poet (Year 271 of Discord’s War)

His employer had summoned him for a meeting. This didn’t bode well for the griffon. His group had been paid very handsomely to complete another job and had failed miserably. The deaths of his two partners were a testament to that sobering fact. Normally he would have found replacements and attempted to correct his grievous mistake, but his employer was not known for patience or kindness. He was an aristocrat who was used to getting anything his cold heart desired.
The red eyed griffon limped through the doorway of the large manor and into the stark antechamber. He paused momentarily to compose himself before stepping up to the large hardwood door and announcing his presence using the brass knocker that hung from it. Though he appeared to be alone in the building, his employer had no doubt placed guards in advantageous positions around the property. The griffon kept this thought in mind as he planned his avenue of escape, should the need for him to flee arise.
The large door swung open to reveal a dimly lit room containing a few bookshelves and a large marble topped desk, behind which sat the owner of the extravagant home. The mercenary slowly made his way into the office and stood before his employer, trying his best to steady the erratic pounding of his heart. “You requested an audience with me sir?” The griffon’s voice wavered despite his best efforts to conceal his fear.

“You were given a simple task and yet it is my understanding that you failed to take the life of the hippogriff and her companions. Why is this so?” He had a cold, emotionless voice as he spoke, but the griffon knew the true anger behind his employer's words.
“It was much more complicated than I had expected, sir. Both of my partners were killed by the unicorn, even though he was blin-” The griffon attempted to stop himself, but it was too late. His tongue had already slipped and given away the pathetic truth.
“So it is true then... Your team of trained griffon mercenaries,” his employer’s anger began to show through as he raised his voice in a scream, “was defeated by a blind unicorn!” The griffon jumped as the aristocrat slammed the top of the desk with his hoof.
“Sir, allow me to explain myself,” the wounded griffon pleaded with him.
“I have no need to hear your excuses. You were paid to do a job and you have failed to complete it. I have no use for your incompetence.” The griffon’s red eyes grew wide with fear as he felt a sharp pain growing in his chest.
“No, give me another chance!” The mercenary's cry for pity did nothing to change his fate. He began to scream as he felt his still beating heart being ripped from his chest by his employer's magic.
“Consider this the termination of our contract.” With those final words the griffon’s heart was torn free of his body. He stood for a few seconds with a look of pure horror carved into his bird-like features before collapsing upon the ground in a blood soaked heap. The glow around the unicorn’s horn died down as he called for assistance from one of his servants. “I want this mess cleaned up and I want a cup of hot tea brought to my bedchambers. I will be retiring for the night.”

As the lord of the manor left the office and headed for his private chambers, his servant was already busying himself with the removal of the body. Before long his employer's office was in pristine condition again, as if a murder had never taken place there mere minutes before. With that task completed, the servant carried away the griffon’s remains and dumped them in the woods a mile away from the mansion, without even batting an eye at the task. It was a job he had grown used to over the years of serving his master.

II. Pegasus Brothers