Feyn Do Fin Dovah; Their Rise And Fall, Our Mistake

by mrheadhopper

Chapter 7 - Wah Win Kein

Author’s Note: You don’t know how sorry I am about this whole not-updating-for-a-million-years thing. My attention went from this to Skyrim, and I went from a shitty level 1 light armored warrior to a level 26 that can easily beat any and all dragons in roughly a minute. I’m also shit at descriptions, so if you’re confused about Alduin’s looks, then go find a picture in google or something.

Be sure to have safe-search filter on. There’s dragon porn.

Alduin held the basic structure of an ancient dragon; two large pairs of backwards circling black horns adorned the back of his skull, a single row of spikes of varying size & length ran all across his back, the middle one being the tallest & thickest. The dovah’s chin seemed to have sharp black protrusions that fit along nicely with his burning red eyes. His wing structure was adorned with several jagged protrusions, the same that plagued the shoulder bones and filled the general structure of the otherwise brown dragon, much like thorns on a rose. A rose of pure hatred.

Said large black dragon swooped over the now burning city of Canterlot. Several smaller dovah flew alongside him, and some even landed on buildings to start incinerating the terrified ponies that ran or attempted to escape their deaths in the streets below. He let out a loud, fierce roar as he landed on a nearby ancient stone tower, causing the whole of it to dissipate dust and shake furiously. All along, Alduin hugged the sides of the structure with his wings as he posed himself on the flat stone stand, the perfect spot for the call of the storm. Roars surrounded the air near him, and screams plagued the streets below him. He stopped staring at the destruction around him and instead looked down, his red eyes now looking at several ponies of varying genders that were frozen in terror from the onslaught that raged around them. Inhaling, Alduin shouted ‘yol’, his voice channeling into a massive wave of fire that brutally and quickly incinerated the ponies below him, leaving only a massive heap of ashes and charred bones, mostly skulls. The Destroyer let out another wordless roar as he lifted off into the airs. Smiling proudly as his head scanned the chaos that surrounded the whole of Canterlot, he finally looked above and flapped his wings another time, giving him even more height. There he hovered, inhaling twice over before...

“Strun bah qo!” The sheer force emanating from his shout was powerful enough to bring some structures down upon unsuspecting roamers below. He felt as the sky darkened, the clouds twisted and the lightning rearranged itself in order to rain fiercely upon the unlucky citizens below. He canceled his hover as soon as he stopped swooping his wings, allowing him to drop down head first, wings tucked neatly at his sides.

“I am Alduin, first born of Akatosh!” He shouted, forcing the whole of Canterlot to shake furiously, causing cracks to appear in the floor of the mountain city because of the mighty force that enveloped the dragons form.

“Tremble and despair in my voice!”

There was a massive flash of light up in the Altreach mountains, one of the spots that housed a dragon wall; those massive structures shaped like a half-circle that had ancient texts embedded into them, some being about memorials to certain heroes, some being about tales of glory or simple texts regarding the uncanny creatures that plagued Equestria’s landscape. Nonetheless, the flash soon diminished and revealed the three dragonslayers; the sanctified ones that were here to finally put an end to Alduin, the destroyer.

Olaf was the first one to get up. After making sure he wasn't in Sovngarde or some other weird realm by patting his chest several times, he slowly got onto his feet and looked around. His friends were scattered haphazardly around him, their sleeping bodies dug lightly into the snow that plagued the place. Instead of scanning the things that were below the mountain they were standing upon, he turned around to face a word wall unlike any other. While it still held the classical symbol and the large walls surrounding it, there were no words where one would usually find them. Walking up to it, he extracted a paper and a dragons talon claw from a satchel tied to his waist. The nord stared at the yellowish paper for a few seconds before beginning to mark both the snow and the rock.

As soon as he was done safekeeping his dragon talon and paper, he heard the sounds of something shuffling behind him. Not to his surprise, it was his companions, waking up from the sleep that had also affected the nord not a few minutes ago. Rorik was the second one to get up, but he only managed to cast a sideways glance to the nord before his attention flew over to the edge of the standing platform they were resting upon.

“Olaf! Look!” yelled the redguard, earning the nord’s attention. “There’s a town in flames there... and I think I can make out a dragon!” The nord, who was now next to Rorolf, looked behind and saw Sarah already up on her feet, shield and sword held tightly.

“Go! Go!” Sarah had already began her descent, already gaining quite a bit of distance. Despite her steel plate armor, she was quite agile.

No other words needed to be spoken. The group climbed down the ascent and slowly made their way to town...

Spike, adorned with several bleeding scars and cuts into his unprotected flesh, finally slammed the dovah’s head with his tail spike, causing it to groan loudly as it tried to zone in on Spike. Aojun had sustained major wounds, his left wing muscle was torn up and there were massive burns along his head and across his upper back. His head appeared to have many gashes, cuts and lacerations that dug deep into the dovah’s flesh. Once again, the purple lizard effortlessly dodged another ‘force balance push’ shout that the dragon had chose to cast more often than his fire breath. Odahviing, after ruthlessly dodging more and more shouts finally let out a unheavenly roar as he dashed towards the dovah and placed both of his talons on the dragons upper and lower jaw, so that he could begin separating it. The dovah’s jaws snapped open and then Spike bended the upper part of it unnaturally as he began to exhale flame inside the dragon’s throat, completely charring the flesh that hid beneath the dovah’s thick scales. Aojun coughed up flames as Spike suddenly released his jaws, low growls being the only thing able to escape from the dovah’s charred throat before the dragon eventually slipped off the mansion, causing the foundations of many buildings to shake violently as he hit the burnt ground below. The dovah let out a pained growl as he tried to lift his one good wing only to have it fall limply on his chest, proving that the dovah had been finally slain.

Olaf rushed up to the black dragon and slammed his right iron axe into the dragon’s snout. After several attempts of trying to split the axe from the dragon, he noticed that the jagged iron blade had somehow pierced almost all of the dragon’s thick scale armor, the thick muscle being only inches from the now jammed iron axe. Smiling, he nord propelled himself upwards using the axe as leverage and landed on the dovah’s head, where he began slamming his left axe several times into the insides of the overgrown lizard’s mouth, a task that only proved itself possible because of the nord lifting the upper end of the dragon’s jaw, revealing the soft tongue and flesh inside. After striking three times, the dragon finally hissed loudly before brutally swooping his head & body upwards, flinging the nord behind the dovah and onto the charred ground in the clearing behind. The redguard in thick scale armor, Rorolf, finally released the bows string and sent an ebony arrow that had been narrowly aimed towards the dragon’s eye. Upon impact, the black dragon let out a fierce roar as his eye unleashed a thick stream of red blood before it took off in blind flight. Sarah raised her shield high above her as the dragon let out a stream of flames mid-air before heaving sharply and losing control. Somehow, it managed to do a barrel roll before hitting the ground with immense force; a large trail of unorganized as the now lifeless body of the dragon dragged on. It finally stopped after covering about twelve paces of now-charred ground. Somehow, the trees that circled the massive clearing had turned up unscathed, visibly showing that not an arrow or the fire reached them.


Rorolf rushed towards the small blueish mound at the far edge of the clearing. He found that the nord’s helmet had fallen off to reveal a man in his early thirties with lengthy blond hair and a knotted beard of the same color. He had a white eye with a large scar running down the middle, but his right eye was fine and actually sported a gray iris.

“Are you a-” Rorolf began, but was promptly cut off by a gloved finger over his lips. Sighing, the redguard backed off and gave the nord some breathing room. When Olaf got up, he began a search for his helmet and the axe he was holding not a minute ago.

“Is he alright?” voiced Sarah as she reached the group.

“I suppose. He can walk...” Rorolf sheathed his ebony bow as he walked towards the dragon.

Celestia snorted sharply as she looked towards the massive black figure that was quickly speeding away;; she had basically rendered the dragon blind when she jammed a spear into its right eye, but it had somehow managed to fly away perfectly anyway. Her grimace turned into something more of combined shock, disgust, and horror as she looked over to her right. Rainbow Dash was lying over a heap of rubble covered in her own blood, the flesh on her lower right hindleg was completely torn off, exposing the bone. Rushing over to the wounded pegasus, Celestia managed to gather just about enough mental strength to pick up the pony with telekinesis and carry her over to the insides of the library, a task completed only because of the massive, gaping hole where the doorway should have been. As soon as she stepped in, she did her best to ignore all the gasps and gently leave Rainbow Dash on the floor. The white-red pony held her ground for only a few more seconds before sighing and collapsing to the ground, allowing the most welcome unconsciousness to take over her mind.

Gasps, more gasps. Consciousness held its ground steady. “Celestia! Ce- There’s bloo- THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!” She guessed that was Applejack. Her body shook a little as her eyes squinted open.

Shock. Only shock on those green eyes. Consciousness failed and withdrew its armies, giving the land of Celestia to Unconsciousness.

Humans, he thought. His rotten lungs lay in shock for a little bit before finally accepting the magic taking over them. Slowly enough, he opened his eyes only a little bit, allowing a eerie blue smoke to pass out and into the warm air of the obsidian coffin he was inside of. The smoke lighted up just about enough to tell the draugr to finally open his eyes, and so he did. Now the whole of the coffin, at least what he could see, was painted a grayish blue. He let out a soft sigh as the magic slowly reached all the way down to his fingertips... then his toes... and when he felt a small sensory overload as he finally felt all of the soft leather that was covering his body. After harnessing enough strength, the cold and lifeless hands of the draugr now known as Krah pushed the lid of the coffin away, bathing the him in merciless white light. His eyes closed almost instantly; a draugr held almost all of the sentiments and physical afflictions that the old jul had. Krah lifted the upper half of his body and opened his eyes, revealing several other coffins, most already empty. The sarcophagi were scattered about, some half dug into the deep snow or some half buried. Luckily, Krah’s coffin only had a light layer of snow above it. After slowly making his way out of the sarcophagus, he stretched his limbs to his sides before gripping the two ebony war axes that had been tied to his thighs.

An ancient helmet with two horns sprouting from the sides covered the draugr’s head, giving way only to the thick black beard and shining blue eyes of the undead. A plate of thick iron fitted with leather and then a smaller pad fitted both of his shoulders while runed leather bands were tied to the spot where the elbow connects to the forearm. His upper chest was covered in a thick furry dressing that rested below a massive iron plate that fit diagonally of his ribs, with a larger and thicker mass of iron marked with nordic runes above it. Down to his knee reached a thick dress made out of a combination of fur & leather, and from that point was a leather boot circled with ancient iron. The draugr finally stepped forwards, eyes leaving a trail as he slowly walked down a lengthy flight of stairs...

Authors Note (2): I’m sorry for the terrible grammar and bad descriptions. Give me yer goddern criticism n shit