Three Equestrians and an Engineer

by Greasebrony


“You realize how ridiculous that sounds right? He realizes that right?”

Alison just finished being told the same tale that Eduardo had heard not minutes before her arrival, no surprise that she was in disbelief. That was until Eduardo brought over popcorn and Spike made it, burning it to a crisp but made it nonetheless.

“Trust me when I tell you Ali, no bullshit in this one.” Eduardo said with a deadpan tone.

“Hey didn’t you tell me not to speak like that?” Spike giving an angry look at Eduardo.
Eduardo sighed and looked at the youngster. “We’re adults, you’re 17, we’ve known each other for 14 years, I’ve known you for 2 and a half hours human or not, you’re still a kid.” He finished with a matter of fact tone.

“So you really can spit fire?” Alison still somewhat in shock over what she just witnessed.

“Breathe fire.” Spike plainly said.

“So this deal is really legit, you three are from another world.”

In unison Spike and Eduardo said. “Eeyup.”

After a moment of scilence Eduardo looked at his watch and spoke up. “Shit, 1 a.m. okay what do you say we all get some sleep? Its been a long, awkward, interesting night for all of us. Ali, you’re more than welcome to stay over.”

She looked at Eduardo. “I would but I have a shift in the afternoon, a kid needs to have a tumor removed.”

Eduardo wide-eyed asks “Jesus, I hope is not serious.”

“Nah don’t worry, we caught it in time before it got to be serious.”

Eduardo turns to Spike. “You see why I love this chick? Smart, beautiful, kicks ass like a champ, sweet enough to give you diabetes, and a lifesaver.”

Alison shot him a flirtatious grin and bedroom eyes. “Oh honey you would know a lot about that ass kicking part wouldn’t you?”

He moves close to her and using his left arm he pulls her close giving her the same look. “Oh sweet thing you’re still the only one who can.”

They lose themselves for a moment and get dangerously close while Spike feels sick to his stomach and is compelled to voice his opinion.


Both Alison and Eduardo begin laughing their heads off in unison.

“OH Ali hahahaaa that was fantastic.”

“I know, hahaaahaha. How did you know to pick up on it?”

“Cause just like me you love screwing with people especially complete strangers.”

“Oh that brings back memories.”She giggles a little. “But really I gotta get going.”

“Okay Ali drive safe alright?”

“You know it.”

With that her and Eduardo hugged before she got back on her bike and rode out of the warehouse back to her home.

Once the garage door closed he turned around to find Spike staring daggers at him.

“You’re a jerk.” A clearly unamused look on him face.

Unable to stifle his laughter “Sorry little dude. But its been a while since we’ve seen each other before tonight. Tomorrow I’ll make it up to you. Cool?”

He yawns. Then smiles “Well okay I gotta admit, I really didn’t that coming.”

“That is what makes good pranks great. Unpredictability.”

“I know a couple of pranksters like that.”

“Is that so?”

“haha yeah Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, oh man those two are a riot.”

“Can’t wait to hear more about them.”

“Yeah, but tomorrow though.” He yawns as he lays down on the pull out sofa and pulls the covers over him. “I’m tired.”

“Yeah same here. Say aren’t you supposed to respond to that letter?”

“I’ll take care of it tomorrow, ideally when Twilight wakes up.”

“You’re call man. Yo if you need anything I’ll be sleeping in the blue car over there.”

“The one on the stands with the bugeye looking lights?”


Eduardo made his way to the STi.

“Why not sleep in your room?”

“Been a while since I’ve had a sleep over. So I’ll make the best of it.”

With that Eduardo sat in the driver’s side and tilted the seat as far as it goes using his leather jacket to cover his body as he slept.

Fluttershy began to wake, she looked around to only find Twilight sleeping soundly in the bed a parallel to hers. However this was the only familiar sight to her as was the saddle bags at the foot of their beds. Then she remembered the night her Twilight and Spike made it to this planet. Twilight passed out shortly after she had changed their physical appearance save for the exception of Fluttershy’s wings then those strange creatures attacked their group Fluttershy picked up the unconscious Twilight and ran with Spike dropping the saddle bags somewhere along the way eventually leading up to the house. After they ran inside and locked the door. The creatures kicked the door down one of them flicked the lights on and surrounded them in a corner leaving no chance of escape. She remembered Spike standing in front of her and Twilight blocking the creature’s path. Next thing she knows a loud roar and whining sound comes from outside and a strange looking chariot crashes through one of the walls blocking their group.

Another creature though similar in shape but larger stepped out and began to fight off the other creatures. She closed her eyes and heard screams of pain and two loud bangs she was literally shaking with fear holding Twilight closely with Spike still blocking the path. She opened her eyes to see the larger one handling the chariot saying something and with the corner of her eye watched the other creatures leave. The larger creature turned to them and made its way towards them with some sort of black device with a silver tip in its hand. After that she has no memory. Franticly she looks over her body to see it was untouched in certain places and with no sign of bruising It occurred to her at that moment that creature saved them. With that she breathed a sigh of relief. She guessed that if it was friendly then surely it would explain why Spike wasn’t in the room. He was probably with it.

Gathering herself she made her way out of bed and walked to her saddle bags fetching out the clothes inside that Rarity had prepared. She spotted a mirror as she began to put her khakis on. She studied her body and listed the details Twilight had worked on. She began with her hands and feet. She began by studying her hands. She moved each finger individually then focusing on the edge of her hands, she had thumbs. Afterwards she opened her hands in front of her noticing claws at the tips of her fingers, though not as sharp as Spike's she thought it looked rather, nice. She looked down to her feet and wiggled each toe and noticing each toe had similar claws to her hands. As she studied the rest of her body, noting that her skin was hairless but soft and warm she moved closer to the mirror. She looked at her facial features noting that the lines of her cheeks and jaw were gentle and soft and her nose was small. She still had her long pink hair and her aqua eyes. She smiled at herself and noted that she had a bright smile. Not too different from when she was a pony but beautiful nonetheless.

She began examining her torso starting with the most obvious. She turned around and began studying her wings. She exteneded them to their full length and gave them a test flap. She inspected her wings noting that they retained their color but were extended. Figuring it was to compensate for her new body she didn't really give it much thought. She then looked at her chest from different angles on the mirror and figured these were the utters that Twilight spoke of. ‘Did they have to be so large?’ She saw her hair reached above her thigh where her cutie mark was supposed to be. ‘My cutie mark!’ She pulled down her khakis to reveal that it was in fact still present on both sides. With another sigh of relief she buttoned up her khakis went back to her saddle bags to pull out a yellow turtleneck sweater. ‘Rarity always did love winter clothes. I have to thank her for this when I get back.’ She put on the sweater finding it soft, warm and comforting, fitting snuggly and conforming to her figure. She absolutely loved it. She looked back at Twilight to see she was still sleeping soundly. ‘Oh poor Twilight. I really hope shes okay.’ She quietly walked towards the door careful not to disturb her sleeping friend and opened the door to the room.

Upon stepping out and closing the door behind her, she heard music coming from the lower level of what looked like a storage facility. Looking around she noted that there were other carrots similar to the one that their savior came with. She started making her way downstairs. When she reached the first floor she felt it was very cold and silently thanking Celestia that she had clothes to keep the rest of her warm.

“Fluttershy you’re awake!”

“AH!” Fluttershy was scared half to death but when she saw Spike she lifted herself up right away. Picking up Spike, she hugged him tightly and started spinning in joy. “Oh Spike its so good to see you. Oh I was so afraid. Are you okay? Are you hurt? I saw Twilight upstairs earlier is she going to be okay?” Spike was happy to see Fluttershy was okay, but wasn’t too sure what to answer first.

“I think I can help with that.” A familiar voice called from deeper in the warehouse.

Spike was let loose from Fluttershy’s grip and he led her over to the voice. “Follow me.”

Rounding the staircase she was led to the same creature from the night before. She saw he was working on the chariot no doubt from crashing it the night of their rescue. He stood up and turned around. “Hell of a night you three had.” With one hand he closed the hood. “I’d shake you’re hand but…” He revealed his hands were dirty from working. “Anyway, the names Eduardo, I take it you’re Fluttershy?” He asked with a smile.

She was taken aback by the size of him. She assumed he was an athlete judging from how well toned he is under his long sleeved shirt and about a full 5 inches taller. Upon seeing his face she was intimidated by him. Her wings flaired open as she steped away from him. Looking over his facial features his structure was bold, yet subtle, significantly more masculine compared to hers. She then noticed a scar crossing over his left eye and grew frightend for a moment, then she looked at the his eyes. For a moment she was lost in his green eyes looking beyond his physical form and seeing something more than just a beast. She didn't know what it was, but she knew at that moment he was someone she could trust.

“Um…you okay?” Eduardo asked raising an eyebrow.

Fluttershy threw herself against him nearly knocking him off his feet, embracing him tightly with a smile on her face resting her head on his strong chest. “Thank you.” Eduardo smiled gently and kindly returned the warm gesture.

Twilight woke up 10 minutes later repeating the same process as Fluttershy save for the incident after she passed out. She did recall Spike saying something about not taking any chances and put his clothes on before they teleported. She thought it was quite silly at first but seeing the situation she herself was in it was probably a good call. She couldn’t help but wonder if she got the transformation spell wrong though because after looking in the mirror she noted that her chest was fairly large for her frame though for some reason she particularly didn’t mind. She approached the saddle bags at the foot of her bed noticing that Fluttershy’s bags were already opened. ‘She must be awake already.’ She quickly got dressed in jeans and a purple sweater vest with a pink undershirt and made her way out of the room seeing Fluttershy and Spike in what looked like a living area across on the same level with what looked like sleek chariots on the ground below them in what looked like a warehouse. Then she spotted someone unfamiliar to her. She thought for a moment and figured if this individual was willing to give them a place to stay and seems to already be friends with Fluttershy and Spike then he must be one of the good guys. ‘I’m liking this place already, though a change of scenery wouldn’t be a bad idea either.’ She thought to herself with a smile. She made her way towards the group and called the attention of the man.

As he looked back she said. “Hi, my name is-”

“Twilight Sparkle, most powerful unicorn next to the princesses and single handedly put an ursa minor to sleep. Of course also personal student to Princess Celestia. Also town librarian, right down my ally, nuts with organization and deadlines. Did I miss anything?” He said to which everyone laughed for a moment. “Sorry, the names Eduardo, but just call me Eddy.” He extended a hand to shake to which Twilight shook back smiling.

“I take it you already know about our experiment?” Twilight asked with a sheepish smile.

“Know about it?” He said with a serious tone. “NAAAAAAHHH.”

Spike then ran up to give her a hug. “How are you feeling?” He asked.

“A lot better thanks.” She looked at Eddy. “Sorry if I sound a little lost but how did we end up here?”

“I’m not a good story teller. Spike, be a bro would ya?”

“With pleasure.” He smiled.

As he told the story of the events from the night before Twilight was alarmed to learned that those events took place and felt very fortunate that Eduardo showed up when he did.

“Oh sweet Celestia…” She leaned back with a hand over her head.

“Hey what happened happened, no use beating yourself up over it. Besides you did use up a lot of your power last night, speaking of which how are you in that department?”

She leaned forward and looked at him. “Most of it recovered but I’m still feeling a little weak. For the most part, I’m feeling a lot better.” Satisfied with her answer he turned to Spike.

“Alright Spike, send it and lets pray your gods forgive me.” Spike chuckled and nodded while lifting a tightly rolled up paper with Celestia’s royal seal on it and spewed his magical flame on it causing it to evaporate instantly making its way over to Canterlot.

“So what do you say I introduce you girls to my roommates?”

“You have roommates?” Fluttershy asked.

“Hehe Something like that.” Replied Spike.

Eduardo took a deep breath and gave a loud whistle, soon rustling was heard not far away accompanied by growling. 10 seconds later a familiar pit bull and husky were running up the stairs charging at full speed towards the group of people in the living area, more directly towards the now conscious Fluttershy and Twilight. The pit bull jumping on Twilight knocking her seat back and the husky doing the same to Fluttershy both pooches showering their victims with affection and everyone laughing. Needless to say neither of them were prepared for the shower of sweetness that radiated from them.

“These two are rather friendly.” Twilight commented still on the floor scratching behind the pit bull’s ear.

“Agreed.” Fluttershy giggled petting the husky in the same condition as Twilight.

Rainbow Dash had returned late in the evening with Luna waiting on the balcony in which she lifted off.

“How are you feeling Rainbow?” Luna asked with genuine concern.

“I’m still frustrated. But I blew most of it off flying.”

“With that sonic rainboom I would sure hope so.”

“Hehe yeah, but I’m still worried about them though. The fact that theres nothing I can do to help its just…” She bit her lower lip fighting back tears.

Luna approached her and gave Rainbow a hug.

“Thanks Luna.”

“Think nothing of it. That’s what friends are for right?”

Rainbow lightly nodded and both made their way inside the palace later to their personal chambers. It had been a long day for everypony and what they needed was a good night’s rest.

As the Alicorn sisters raised the sun and lowered the moon a letter appeared in front of Celestia. Recovering from the shock from its abrupt appearence she wasted no time opening it and reading its contents brought a hoof over her face and she silently cried tears of relief and joy.

“Tia whats wrong?”Luna ask

“Lu Lu hurry and help me wake the others.” As soon as Luna saw the smile of her older sister’s face she immediately knew what it meant and complied, together they galloped though the main halls of the Canterlot Palace.
Within minutes everypony was gathered in the Palace’s main hall.

“Oh my I hope this is good news. Especially after being woken up like we did.” Rarity giggled with a smile.

“Well I figure if the Princesses are riled up that much with smiles that large it has to be.” Applejack replied with a confident smile of her own.

“I knew it I knew it I knew it I knew it!” Pinkie Pie bounced around the group with her mane and tail back to its original poufy style with her spirits up giggling all the way.

“Ha ha chill there Pinks.” Rainbow Dash said smiling at her giggling silly friend.

*GASP* “We should have a PARTY!” With that she pulled out her party cannon from seemingly nowhere and fired it several times inside the main hall covering every table with assorted treats and the walls painted in streamers, confetti and balloons and somewhere along the line they found themselves wearing party hats, princesses included. In response everypony was in good spirits.

“Pinkie Pie you are so random.” Rainbow giggled.

Celestia was the first to speak. “Well before we get any party going I would like to say that yes it is good news and yes Twilight Fluttershy and Spike are just fine. As we predicted Twilight did use up most of her magic in the teleporting and transforming.”

Luna then spoke. “Though they did run into some trouble with ruffians they were later rescued by a kind stranger who is currently with him right now. As we speak he is learning about our world and currently working with Twilight Sparkle to get a direct line of communication going.”

With that Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie cheered in happiness, relief, excitement, and anticipation in learning about their safety and in hopes to see their best friends again.

“Alright so now with that taken care of, WHOS HUNGRY?” Eduardo asked.

“Oh I would certainly appreciate a meal…if that’s okay with you.” Said Fluttershy with a smile.

“Definitely.” Said a hungry humanized dragon teen.

“I am feeling pretty famished myself.” Replied Twilight Sparkle.

“Alright, lets get washed up and we’ll get started.”

Everyone began making their way towards the kitchen.

“What do humans eat?” Asked Twilight.

“Well we are omnivores, meaning we eat both meat and veggies.”

“” Fluttershy cupping her hands over her mouth.

“Hey relax, its usually by choice and if there is any meat in the equation there is usually an equal amount of vegetables to balance the meal, but that’s just me. There are plenty of people that are one sided about what they eat. Ideally, humans in general can’t have one without the other if they want to live a long and healthy life style. Personally I usually go for chicken or fish, but sometimes I like a big juicy steak with either rice and black beans or some onion soup as an appetizer.”

With that response Fluttershy was more fascinated. “Humans are interesting.”

“That’s the way mankind has survived for millions of years long before civilization existed for us. Anyway, what are you guys down for? If you want just a salad I’m cool with that. More steak for me.” He chuckled lightly.

“Do you know how to make pasta?” Twilight asked.

“Do I?” Eddy responded nonchlantly. “I assume vegan right?”

The three nodded in unison.

“Alrighty then, ladies and gentleman prepare your taste buds for you are about to be blown away.”