Dazzling Bladers

by Joshua the Dragonslayer

Magical! Wizard Fafnir!

The Dazzlings were currently on their way to their friends house, Frizzle. She had called saying that she had just gotten a bey from her parents and wanted to test it out. So the Dazzlings happily accepted the request, so now their on their way to Frizzle's house. Once arriving to Frizzle's house, Sunset made sure to give the Dazzlings a talking to.

"Remember girls to be on their best behavior. And if you lose to Frizzle be a good sport, alright?" Sunset asked.

"Yes momma." The Dazzlings said.

"Good, now go have fun. I'll come to pick you up later."

With that the Dazzlings ran off to meet Frizzle in the backyard. Once they made it to Frizzle's backyard they saw Frizzle in the middle of the backyard with a stadium.

"So you made it? I'm glad, I almost thought you ran away in fear." Frizzle said.

"We never run away, and we aren't scared of you! Now, can we see your bey already?" Aria asked.

"Fine, fine." Frizzle takes something out of her pocket. A yellow bey with a huge amount of rubber of the sides of it. "This is my bey; Wizard Fafnir. It's a counterclockwise spinning stamina type. It can drain all of your beys stamina and use it for it's own. Now then, who wants to battle me first?"

"I call battling her first!" Sonata said.

"Go ahead, Sonata." Adagio said. Adagio looks towards Aria and whispers in her ear. "Be sure to watch this match very closely, we might figure out a thing or two."

Aria rolls her eyes, "You don't have to tell me that, I already know that."

Frizzle and Sonata take out their launchers and start to get ready. Adagio stands in the middle of the two of them.

"Now get ready, and set!"

"Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!" With that both beys had been launched in the stadium. Turbo Spryzen zoomed around the stadium at breakneck speeds while Wizard Fafnir... was barely spinning in the middle of the stadium?

"What's going on? Frizzle did you make an oopsies launching your bey?" Sonata asked.

"We'll see who makes the oopsies after this match, Sonata. Now why don't you come and attack my bey."

"Fine by me, go Spryzen!"

Spryzen started to land a consecutive barrage of attacks. But instead of actually doing something to Fafnir it was actually speeding it up. That was when Adagio remembered something Frizzle at said.

'It can drain all of your beys stamina and use it for it's own.'

'So she launched slow on purpose... and Sonata fell for her little magic trick.'

The roles were now swapped, Fafnir was the one spinning at great speeds while Spryzen was nearly out of stamina, never mind make that out of stamina.

"It's over with a survivor finish, Frizzle wins the match." Adagio said, turning her head towards Frizzle.

"W-what happened? How did you all of a sudden get all of that stamina?" Sonata asked in shock.

"I did say my bey can steal the stamina of others. You should have payed more attention. Now who's next?"

"Aria your bey is an attack type. Fafnir is a stamina type, stamina types are weak to attack types."

"Now we're talking! I'll be your next challenger, get ready to lose." Aria said taking out her bey.

"How about we actually make this a challenge. Adagio, Aria, I'll take the both of you on at once. After all if we only one match at a time it'll end just like Sonata's match."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Sonata said.

"I beat you with ease, Sonata. With your two sisters facing me at once I might actually have to try. Now come on let's go, both of you at once."

"Sure!" Adagio said. Adagio changes her bey into stamina mode without the sword.

"Fine by me!" Aria said.

"Now let's begin!"

"Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Achilles rushes in and takes center stage, while Apocalypse charges towards Fafnir which was slowly spinning towards Achilles.

"Go Apocalypse, hit it out of the stadium."

"Go Fafnir, Wizard Spin."

Apocalypse and Achilles hits Fafnir with a pincer attack. All three go sent flying, while Fafnir gained some stamina and takes the middle.

"If we keep our distance she can't steal our stamina. Let's just stay far away from Fafnir and-"

Aria had other ideas and went to attack Fafnir. Fafnir was quickly picking up on stamina.

"Or don't follow my instructions and make this harder for us. What... that's it! Achilles crash into Apocalypse at full power."

Achilles hits Apocalypse which was in a head on collision with Fafnir. All three get sent flying into the air, Apocalypse and Fafnir get sent flying out of the stadium while Achilles hits the edge of the stadium and remains in the stadium.

"With a ring out finish, Aria and Adagio are the winners." Sonata said, pointing her hand towards Aria and Adagio.

"That was an amazing idea, Adagio. I didn't expect that at all." Frizzle said, shaking Adagio and Aria's hand.

"It was nothing really, it was an awesome match."

"Yeah, but next time you guys won't be so lucky. I'll beat you next time, now who are you guys going to challenge next?" Frizzle asked.

"What do you mean?" The Dazzlings asked.

"All of our friends have beys as well. I would recommend going to Derek and Dean's house. Their beys are super strong, but they mostly do tag battles."

"Tag battle? What's that?" Sonata asked.

"It's when two people team up and battle with another two others. We should probably think of a plan to beat them. What can you tell us about Derek and Dean's beys?"

"Derek's bey is a right spinning attack type. Dean's bey is a dual spinning balance type. But Dean mostly goes in left spin mode."

"I think me and Sonata would be perfect for the job, we're both balance types and Spryzen is also a dual spinning bey. It'll be perfect for the job."

"Why can't I go? I have the strongest attack between the three of us. Please, Adagio I'm begging. You did most of the work in our two vs one with Frizzle."

"I'll think about it... but for right now the line up is me and Sonata."

"Now we should probably train for our match with Derek and Dean. Frizzle want to help us train for are upcoming match with them?"

"I'll be happy too, but just to let you know, Derek and Dean have a strong bond. I would recommend having two of you with a strong relationship."

"Strong relationship... we got a lot to think about and only little time. We gotta start training as soon as possible. Let's go girls!" Adagio said, throwing her hands in the air.

"Yeah!" The other girls yelled.

For the rest of the day, Frizzle, and the Dazzlings battled with one another. Training for the tag team battle with Dean and Derek. All having fun with one another being with together.

Preview: The Dazzlings head over to Dean's and Derek's house. There they get into a tag team battle with them. Will they win or will they lose? Find out, Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Tag Battle! Brothers And Sisters!