by SoulHook

And I'ma let ya'll finish...

Previously: since Mane Death's manager, Golden Brochure, doesn't know who the contract holder is, the group loses faith in her. Short afterward, when the vocalist isn't nearby, Vinyl mistakes the remaining stallions as rapists and thus kick their flanks. Short after that, she meets up with the vocalist, sharing an even friendlier moment with him right before he leaves..

Part 5: and I'ma let ya'll finish...


The laughter kept echoing from the entertained stallion as he saw the brutally beaten stallions laying on the ground.

“What in Equestria itself happened to you three?”.

“Hng... a.. pony came... f-from nowhere and... I dunno, beat us up” Cord explained while remaining on the ground, rubbing his head.

“Yeah... he... ugh.. was fast... and strong...” Wide Beat hissed in pain while holding his head.

“Did... did I just get laid?”.

Everypony turned to Stricken, holding their sight on the blue beaten unicorn for another few seconds until Coal looked at the apathetic mare across the flood of humiliation.

“Hehe... well, who did this? You seem to be alright, Golden...” he stated without actually suspecting her for it. However, the dark brown mare kept standing still like she had a red laser dot on her muzzle, knowing it'd kill her if she just moved. Thus, she just nodded.

Displeased with the answer, the steel gray stallion sighed. “Oh well, whatever. It's not like I haven't beaten you guys up before all four on one. Come on, get up now”.

“Easy for you to say who haven't had... gnh... your genitals b-brutalized like stuck in a meat grinder...” Cord said annoyingly and took Coal's offered fore hoof. Soon they all stood up again, however very bruised and slightly angry

“Uhh... okay... who did this to you again?” the vocalist asked out of curiosity.

“By a m-floh!” Golden responded, perfect censored by the hooves of Wide Beat and Cord Screech. Coal cocked an eyebrow.

“A mofo? Ugh, I hate those little buggers, thinking they are something...”.

Golden pushed aside the hooves, freeing her mouth for a mere second.

“No, it was a uni-shfom!!”.

“A unison? Which one? The herd of life?”.

“It was Vin-yghsahs”.

“Vin Gasoline? The movie star? What the buck did you do to him?”.

“The rav-pfher!”.

“A raper?! Oh snap, Stricken, it must be your apprentice! I need your sleeping agent and your fleshlight!”.

“GET YOURHOOVES OFF ME!!” Golden yelled and struggled herself free from the stallions constantly covering her mouth. In that instant, Cord and Wide Beat yanked the mare and brought here away from Stricken who distracted Coal.

“What are you doing?! Get... off me!”.

“Golden, listen... there's something you need to know...” Cord whispered as he and the other stallion leaned closer to her face, creating an intimidating ambiance for the mare.

“When a mare somehow, somewhat and somewhy beats the living crap out of you... and if you happen to be a stallion...”.

Both of the males held their hooves like they did a thumbs up, not that they knew what that even was.

“You never let the truth out!” they said in unison with waterfalls of tears from their eyes, grinning widely to mask their souls dying a little inside. The dark brown mare stared without any sign of amusement for several seconds and sighed. “Okay... I get it...”.

- - - -
Meanwhile outside the bar, Vinyl had met up with her friends and relative. She didn't hide the fact that she was a little stirred after the fuzzy feeling taking over her inside. Sunny was fast, however.

“What's up, Vinyl? You were in there for a little while?”.

She didn't answer aside from the confused glance she gave him. Her mood was not in the right set to speak about suddenly sensitive subjects like what she did that took so long time. In normal cases, it would've been a joke about doing his mom or perhaps even Rain Water's mom for reasons outside anypony's understanding.

“Shut up, Sunny...” was thus her only response in form of a grumble. Sadly, the male had already seen that disoriented too many times to not know what it meant.

“Hehe... somepony just got the blushes a little while ago” he stated which triggered curios looks from the other ponies.

“Shut up, I did not!” she insisted, sounding even more annoyed. The male did as commanded, but not without chuckling a little over his friend's rare girlish behavior. Oh yes, she had experienced the crimson spots on her cheeks just a minute ago inside the bar. The bar with the blue beaten body builders that is.

“Did you see a gray stallion with a red cap and black shades coming out?”.

The others looked at each other and then shook their heads. They had just gotten here and thus missed the very male she talked about. In that moment, Sunny, Rain Water and Lucky all smiled. This was certainly getting more and more hilarious.

Vinyl hung her head for a second and inhaled, turning her head to the place where that hotel they looked for was. “Let's go...”.

After a quick walk into the hotel, the receptionist refused to give them information about their guests. What he especially didn't tell them was the fact the hotel had been paid to shut up about it. So after just being inside the big building for five minutes, Vinyl and her gang all walked out and stood like lost in front of the door.

“Well, that was a bummer?” Sunny stated to the scowling and frowning mares. None of them wanted to give a response to him since they all had been looking forward to finding the band.

The mayor, however, was actually busy trying to find out where else they could be. It didn't take long for her to realize there was no other answer. There was no place for trailer parking in Ponyville, so if you didn't live here, you had to check in on this hotel. Now it was obvious, they had to live here.

Suddenly, Rain Water looked to her left and saw what they all were looking for. The game had been long and fun, but now was probably the time to end it. Running around Ponyville was only so much fun.

“Hey, Vinyl...”.

The mentioned unicorn didn't even glance away from her pouting. No, she had decided to stay like this. Frozen in a deep shell made out of steel and titanium, nothing to break her free. This was her new personality, cold, ignorant and to be honest a real bitch. She felt like killing someth-.

“Isn't that the stallion you talked about in a red and white cap?”.

A rainbow nuke detonate, freeing Vinyl from the imprisonment. She rose her head up in an instant and turned her head towards every direction until only one remained, Rain Water's direction. The others turned around too, noticing at once the steel gray male talking to one of the ponies Vinyl just beat the living hay out of. The eyes of the DJ widened when she recognized the light blue unicorn and the darker earth pony. In haste, she galloped away without caring about her company.

Sunny and Lucky put on their disappointed faces when looking at the light green pegasus who had ruined their fun.

“Aw, come on.... this story is getting nowhere anyways”.

Hey! Back in character!

“Ugh, fine. Sorry, mister narrator...”.
- - - -

Coal slowly began to wonder where his friend was going with the random talking about stuff he didn't even knew was so uninteresting. Sometimes it was a little hard hanging on to even the coherent words and sentences, but soon it would come to an end.

“... and that was the last time I tried a hoof-fetish. Sometimes it really feels like a kick in the-.

In the blink of an eye, Stricken's neck twisted 90 degrees as the well-placed hind hoof hit his cheek. The air cracked as he flew across the street into a fruit cart and blew up, disappearing in a thick smoke and raging fires. A second later, the white unicorn mare posed victoriously as a loud noise played out from nowhere.


“Oh come on, is this a manga now..?” he asked and... wait, hey! Do I have to tell you too?!

“Seriously, what the buck is this? Is it parody comedy or something? Everything's just a bunch of references and sexual jokes!”.

The author is just trying to write something else than clop for once, give him a ch-

“Meh, all he can do is write clop. Just look at a 'day called estrous'. How do you even come up with the idea of a mother and daughter having se-”.

Whatever! Just shut up and continue!

“Or else what?”

Or else... we can turn this into a parody of 'the spiderses'...

“Wow! Wow, dude... dude! Relax, I got it! Crystal clear, just... don't do anything we'll both regret...”.

Good, now let's continue. Ahem: Coal looked at where his unicorn guitarist had landed and then turned his eyes back on the white mare... ugh, now I'm all out of character...

“That was a tad... excessive?” he stated to the mare who got down from her pose, giggling all awhile.

“Meh, don't worry about him. He was a rapist anyways who I just beat up before meeting you”.

Coal looked at the burning mess and thought for a moment.

“I suppose you're right... perhaps that can cool him down from his overheated perversion” he agreed and then chuckled, joining Vinyl who thought the exact same thing. “Ahahaha! I know right? By the way, what were you doing with him?”.

The stallion froze in a choke. He couldn't tell the truth, not now when he perhaps had a nice friend growing up here. But it was okay, he just had to hide his real name for the time being. Eventually she would find out, but now was not the best time to...

“C-coal...” he heard from the utterly destroyed fruit cart. The green unicorn crawled out from the debris like a puny weakling, scorched and bruised. “F-for the love of... Celestia, Coal... h-help me outta here!”.

As the stallion grit his teeth, he realized there was only one way to prevent this, by helping his friend before he said too much. Unfortunately when he ran away, Vinyl furrowed her eyebrows in total confusion when she heard that name.


In the meantime, Vinyl's friends and the mayor came up behind her, just in time to when Golden Brochure came back with the other band members. They all looked at each other for a short while. Puzzle piece after puzzle piece, it became clearer for all the ponies who the others were. Vinyl stared at the ponies she remembered beating up or saving, together with her friends who smiled nervously at her. She looked at the dark brown mare with the golden curls, this just couldn't be true.

“Who... w-who are you?”.

The mare looked at the stallions next to her who returned with glances. There was no point, she also knew who this unicorn was. A light sigh.

“My name is Golden Brochure... I'm the manager of the band 'Mane Death'..” she answered flatly.

Vinyl widened her eyes in shock before the stallions spoke up, looking angrily at her.

“I'm Cord Screech, lead guitarist”.

“And I'm Wide Beat, drummer”.

The mare glanced at the steel gray stallion coming back with the band's second guitarist. He was greeted by the sight of all the other ponies he didn't recognize behind the white unicorn mare. Stricken was out cold.

“Who are those?” he asked, which practically cued the strangers to smile and talk.

“I'm Rain Water...” the green pegasus stated.

“Lucky Catch...” the dark pink unicorn said with a flirty eye wink.

“Sunny Days...” the orange earth pony stallion said with his eyes on Cord Screech.

“Mayor Mare” the mature mare said with bedroom eyes on the whole band.

Coal stood still, unable to move when each aftershock after the mental earthquake shook him down to pieces. Stricken fell to the ground from his back with a thud, completely ignored as the vocalist took off his shades slowly.

Vinyl took off her own shades, staring with horrified eyes like Sarah Ponyn had been elected as Amareica's new president. She didn't dare breathe, she didn't fare believe, and she absolutely did not want to understand.

“Mother of Celestia...” they said at the same time with their shades in the right hoof.

“Vinyl Scratch...” Coal said.

“Coal Silvermane...” Vinyl said.

The world turned into ice for a mere moment, giving the sun time enough to launch a full-scale wave of heat over the globe. Equestria inhaled, allowing the flowers of summer to fall down silently. One lone bloom soared friendly down from a high tree, moving with the wind into the a part of the town where several ponies stood face to face. As the white mare and the gray stallion stared at each other silently, the flower slowly landed softly on the ground, signing that time once again existed.

It was at that moment the two ponies crushed their shades to the ground and lit a fire in their eyes...

To be Continued...

Author's Note:
I'm seriously already planning on putting this story down. I suppose I made a mistake when I published the first three chapters all at once. If I hadn't, this story would have bounced much longer and eventually caught more readers.

Or I'm just totally failing. Maybe I should have written this in a first person view? I dunno, but it's too late now. You guys have to tell me what you think, that's all I can do for now. If this doesn't improve any soon, the story will be canceled and removed, and I'll apologize to you guys who liked this. I'm just so busy with Tears of Ecstasy and Ponyville's Lusts and my motivation to continue this is dying :(

Brohoof on ya all!