The alicorn Princess and the changeling King

by Timothy1509


Changeling Hive 8:00am

It is early in the morning now in Equestria, many animals were getting up from their caves and we're exiting them so that they can find food and water to replenish themselves for their upcoming day today in the Everfree forest.

In the Changeling Hive, the changeling King Thorax, was seen sleeping comfortably in his bed still a little tired after last night's dance and romance with the love of his life Twilight Sparkle, but, he can manage it, after all, he is the King here. However, his sleep was put to an end when the feeling of somepony shaking him woke him up.

Thorax let out a groan and opened his eyes to see who was shaking him, at first, his visions were blurry, but when they worked again, the changeling saw his beautiful Princess Twilight Sparkle looking down at him with a smile probably due to her successfully waking him up at last.

"Morning Thory my King." Twilight cooed.

"Morning Twinkle's my beautiful princess." Thorax cooed which made Twilight giggle again "Anyways, you want me to get up?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied with a nod "I need you up handsome." She told him.

"But you look beautiful when you're down here with me." Thorax said as he placed his left hoof on Twilight's back and pulled her down on the bed on top of him which caught her off guard. Then, the changeling King rolled them to the other side and got on top of Twilight. After that, he pinned her hooves on the pillows and kissed her in the lips with his eyes closed, and Twilight kissed back with her eyes closed.

After kissing for twenty seconds, the two couple pulled away from each other to catch some breath.

"Wow Thory, you sure are full of surprises." Twilight said while panting.

"Thanks Twinkle's." Thorax said with a smile.

"You're welcome." Twilight said stroking his left cheek "Anyways come on, it's time for us to get out of bed and get some breakfast." She told him.

Thorax nodded and got off of Twilight as well as their bed, and the friendship princess got off after him. After that, the couple began to make their way to the doors of their bedroom. Once they got to them, Thorax gripped onto the door handles and pulled them open.

"After you."

Twilight giggled from Thorax's loyalty, then, she walked through the two doors, and Thorax walked out after he. Finally, the couple began to make their way to the dining room of this floor.

3 hours later

Thorax and Twilight Sparkle have both finished eating their pancake breakfast which was absolutely fascinating and scrumptious. Now, the Changeling King was working in the Hive while Twilight was reading books in the library in the third floor of the Hive, and she was reading a book based on astronomy.

"Wow, this book is certainly catching my interest." Twilight said in astonishment "Thorax sure does like to read books just like me." She finished with a slight giggle.

A brief second later, the friendship Princess decided to get another book to read so, she closed the current book that she was reading and stood up from the chair. After that, she began to bring the book back to the shelf where she got it from. During her walk, Twilight couldn't help but daydream about Thorax and how handsome he is.

"Thorax is so sweet and handsome."

However, just as Twilight walked up next to a shelf, she spotted something oddly familiar with her eyes.

"Huh?" She said as she turned to her right.

She then stared at the bookshelf that was next to her, when she did, she saw a book that read 'The ponies of Equestria'. The sight has made Twilight drop her book down onto the floor in a surprised way. After that, she walked up to the bookshelf and pulled the book out of the shelf, she then flipped it open and her eyes widened in horror when she read what was on it.

The book talked all about the things that are based on ponies, the way they live, the rulers, different Kingdoms, and many more. The discovery has traumatized her completely.

"Has Thorax known about this?" Twilight asked herself shakingly.

In the third floor hallway of the Changeling Hive, King Thorax was seen making his way to his library where his beloved was currently reading a book in after completing his work in the Hive.

"I wonder how my Twinkle's is doing?" Thorax asked himself with a smile "I bet she is enjoying it here, maybe I would even ask her to be my Queen and wife today." He said with a smile.

Once he got to the doors of his library, he gripped onto the handles with his magic and pulled them open. After that, he began to search for his love, and surprisingly she was right in front of him.


However, she did not reply to him, instead, she kept staring down at a book that she is reading with a scandalized expression as if she just saw a timber wolf eating an innocent little herbivore animal.

Thorax then looked at the book that she is reading in order to see what was bothering her. When he did, he noticed that she was reading the book that was based on the ponies of Equestria. He sight has made his eyes widen.

"Uh oh."

Twilight then slowly tilted her head to her right where Thorax is, and she faced him with a depressed and shocked mixed expression.

"How long have you known about this?" She asked him, but, Thorax did not reply. Now, Twilight was getting angry "HOW LONG HAVE YOU KNOWN ABOUT THIS?!" She shouted demanding an answer. Then, the changeling King decided to disclose the truth to her.

"Ever since I was young." He sighed.

Twilight was scandalized when she heard his reply, Thorax has known about her and her kind ever since he was young? Has he and his subjects been spying on them the entire time and conducted research on their lives? Why didn't he tell her that he knows about her and her species? If he did, he could've sent her home. A brief second later, the friendship princess has had enough of this, tears formed in her eyes and she dashed towards Thorax, when she got to him, she began to smack his chest angrily.

"YOU LIAR! YOU LIAR! YOU LIAR!" She screamed while in tears.

A brief second later, Twilight ceased on her smacking against Thorax and ran out of the library while crying, she then made a dash to the doors of the third floor hallway in order to escape from the Hive and run into the Everfree forest.

As Twilight left, Thorax was left standing there with a shocked expression due to her rushing. Then, tears stared to form in his eyes due to how ashamed he was in lying to the one he loves.

"How could I lie to my Twinkle's?" Thorax said as he began to sob.

Changeling Hive 8:00pm

In the third floor of the Changeling Hive, the Changeling King known as Thorax was seen looking out the window with a concerned expression. It has been nine hours since Twilight had left the Changeling Hive after the startling revelation that she discovered in his library, he now feels ashamed of himself for lying to the love of his life. It was also seen raining heavily outside which would put Twilight in a detrimental situation.

"Oh Twilight, I hope you're okay."

"Hey Thorax."

When Thorax heard the familiar voice, he looked at his right and saw his brother Pharynx walking up to him.

"Oh, hi Pharynx." Thorax said in a slightly down tone.

When Phayrnx heard his slightly depressed tone,he knew what was bothering him, it was due to the disappearance of Twilight Sparkle after she discovered the truth. Then, he walked up to him and gave him a gentle pat on the back.

"It's okay Thorax." He said "Twilight will be okay, she must be found by her friends and family right now." He assured him.

"I know but, it's now raining so heavily, I'm just worried that's she might get stuck in the rain."

"Thorax, everything will be okay."

Before Thorax could talk to his brother again, a loud thunder shock has stopped him, the changeling King looked forward and noticed that it was storming now, this has gotten him extremely anxious. A brief second later, he has made up his decision.

"Pharynx, I'm gonna go and find Twilight." He told him sternly.

"Wait what?"

Pharynx wasn't able to object when thorax rushed to the doors of the third floor hallway way, once he got to them, he pulled the doors opened with his magic and rushed down the stairs to the town, startling the two soldiers guarding the doors in the process.

After running through town and going down stairs for six minutes, Thorax has made it to the front two doors of his Kingdom. He then gripped onto the two door handles with his magic and pulled them open. After that, he ran to the front gates of the hive, when he got to them, he pulled them open with his hooves and started to run into the forest in search for his beloved.

"Hold on my Twinkle's, I'm coming." He said confidently.