Investigating a Romance

by Ahiam94

Chapter 4

Rarity could not resist the temptation, she found her unable to just sit there while Pinkie gathered her thoughts. Without thinking she had placed her lips onto Pinkie's. Rarity's mind was completely blank, the only thing she could focus on was the kiss. The kiss that was happening right now. The kiss Rarity had been waiting for. It felt like hours since the kiss started, but Rarity knew better than that, it had probably been only a few seconds. But these had been the most amazing seconds of her life.

Pinkie could not believe what was happening. One minute she is just about ready to give up on telling Rarity altogether, the next she is locking lips with Rarity. But right now, Pinkie did not care, she was too caught up in the kiss. Rarity's lips were so soft and delicious.

Pinkie and Rarity finally pulled apart, Pinkie still standing over Rarity. For a minute the two ponies just stared at eachother. No words needed to be said between the two, all they needed was to gaze into eachothers eyes. Even though Pinkie already thought that Rarity was the most beautiful pony in Equestria, she now thought that Rarity looked more beautiful than ever before.

Rarity looked up at Pinkie and thought of how long she had wanted her, how much she had always wanted to embrase the pink pony. The two ponies were still, until Pinkie slowly made her way back down to Rarity. She slowly closed her eyes and kissed Rarity gently. Rarity closed her eyes as well and accepted Pinkie's embrace.


Pinkie Pie and Rarity did not end up getting much sleep. They spent most of the night kissing and cuddling. Naturally, they both ended up sleeping eventually, but their resting was short-lived, as Rarity's alarm went off early in the morning. Even though both the ponies wanted nothing more than to embrace each other for the rest of the day, Rarity still had a few more dresses to make, and she could not fail a client.

Making the last few dresses went by fairly fast, partly because of Rarity's experience, but mostly becuase finishing the dresses meant more time to spend with Pinkie Pie.

"Okay, I think that does it" Rarity said happily, as she put in the last stitch, finally finishing the last dress. And as if it was planed, the pony that ordered the dresses walked into Carrousel Boutique.

"Hello, sorry to come in so early, but I'm running a bit late and I was wondering if you had my dresses ready." The pony said, obviously in a rush,

"Why, yes. We just finished the last one, miss...?" Rarity said half asking for the ponies name.

"Ruby." The pony politely replied

"Okay then miss Ruby, here they are." Rarity said as she pointed at the twenty dresses. Each dress had their own unique design, just like Ruby had requested. The customer's eyes lit up when she saw all of them.

"They're beautiful!" The pony said. "How much do I owe you; I need to get going."

"Well, I usually charge about twenty five bits a dress when it's completely original, but since you ordered twenty of them I'll give you a little discount." Rarity quickly did some math in her head. "Okay, your total will be three hundred eighty bits."

"Wow, that's very generous! Thank you." The customer then took off her saddlebags and looked through them. In no time the pony had gotten a sack full of bits out. "There you go, it should all be there." The pony then ran up to the dresses and quickly, but very carefully, grabbed all of them. "Thank you so much!" The pony bowed to show just how greatful she was and then she left out the door. Rarity and Pinkie could hear her call for a taxi and leave.

"I guess any price can be generous to somepony." Rarity thought out loud. Then something struck Rarity as odd. Pinkie Pie had silent way too long. Rarity looked in the direction she thought Pinkie was in to find that pinkie appeared to be in deep thought. "Is something troubling you, darling?" Rarity asked Pinkie.

"Well, because of the super amazing thing that happened to us last night we forgot about something." Pinkie said not looking at Rarity, instead still making a very serious face while putting her hoof against her chin.

"Whatever do you mean?" Rarity asked, greatly confused. Pinkie pulled her hoof away from her chin and looked at Rarity.

"What happened with Twilight and Dashie?" Pinkie asked. Rarity could not believe she had forgotten about those two. It was a very big deal, but with what happened the night before, she really could not blame herself.

"My goodness, how could we have forgotten? We need to do something right away!" Rarity instantly grabbed a saddlebag and started stuffing random things in it.

"Are we going to throw them a party?! OOH! Maybe we could throw a double party! So we could celebrate Twilight and Dashie getting together AND me and you getting together!!"

"Actually Pinkie, I'm not absolutely certain that Twilight and Rainbow Dash ARE together. Although It looked that way we can never be too certain." Pinkie looked a little disappointed at this response.

"Then what ARE we going to do?" Pinkie asked. Rarity then pulled out two pairs of binoculars.

"We are going to Investigate!"


Pinkie and Rarity slowly trotted towards Rainbow's house. When they were almost directly below Rainbow's they layed down behind a bush.
"Okay, now that we're here, we can see what she's up to." Rarity whispered to Pinkie.

"Okie dokie lokie! This is going to be so much FUN!!" Pinkie said happily. Rarity smiled at her new marefriend, happy to know that she was having fun. Rarity looked into her binoculars and looked into Rainbow's house.

"Okay, it seems like she's sleeping." Rarity observed Rainbow in her bed. "But, she's tossing and turning a lot. She needs to get a new bed. Not sleeping well is a sure way to get wrinkles." Pinkie looked at Rarity and nodded gravely in agreement. She then went back to looking at Rainbow Dash through the binoculars.

"Hey Look! Dashie just woke up!" Pinkie and Rarity saw Rainbow jump up from sleep.

"It looks like she may have had a bad dream." Rarity pointed out. The two ponies continued to watch in silence. Rainbow appeared to be talking to herself. Then out of nowhere she took off through one of her windows. "Come on, we need to see where she went!" Rarity yelled.


Pinkie and Rarity quickly jumped into a bush that was just outside of Twilight's Library.
"Okay, so she's come to Twilight's," Rarity pointed out. looks like I may have been right." Rarity could barely hold in her excitement.

"So does this mean I get to throw them a party!?!?" Pinkie yelled quitely.

"I suppose it does, darling." Rarity and Pinkie stopped their conversation and observed Rainbow Dash. Rainbow approched the library's door. She raised a hoof to knock, but just before she made contact with the door, she pulled away. "Hmm? Why didn't she knock?" Rarity thought aloud.

"Maybe she's nervous?" Pinkie suggested. Rarity shrugged and they went back to observing. Rainbow was still in front of the door. She was talking to herself, but neither Pinkie nor Rarity could make out what she was saying. Then Rainbow put on a serious face and puffed out her chest. She raised her hoof again and squinted her eyes as she made contact with the door.

After a few seconds of waiting Twilight answered the door. At first she looked like as if she had just gotten out of bed, but when she noticed it was Rainbow at the door she instantly perked up and was full of energy. At least that's what Rarity thought.

The two poinies talked for a little bit, and by the looks of it their conversation had been very awkward, then Twilight invited Rainbow Dash in. After they made their way inside Rarity and Pinkie took this chance to get closer to the library.

They looked into a window and saw Rainbow Dash and Twilight talking. Twilight seemed a little skeptical while Rainbow looked awkward and nervous. "What do you think they're talking about?" Pinkie asked.

"There is no way of knowing, darling. But, I wish there was." Rarity said wishing there was a way to listen to the conversation. "Oh, look! Something is happening!" Rarity quitely yelled.

Twilight had taken a few steps back from Rainbow, a shocked look on her face, and a bright blush on her cheeks. It looked like Twilight was stuttering and slipping with her words. Rainbow slowly approached Twilight a desperate look on her face.

"IT"S THE ONLY WAY!" Rainbow had yelled loud enough for both Pinkie and Rarity to hear.

"My word. What could she be yelling about?"

"I dunno. But she sounded angry. I hope she isn't angry, but if she is I could make her a get happy cake!! Doesn't that sound yummy? I could put sugar-" Pinkie continued to ramble while Rarity simply rolled her eyes and went back to observing the two ponies. It seemed like Dash had calmed down, but she was talking at what looked like a thousand miles per hour. Twilight looked like she was listening very intently while nodding.

Twilight and Rainbow had finished their talk by the looks of it. They both smiled at each other and Twilight walked Rainbow Dash to the door. "Ooh that would be good too! With a little cherry on top" Pinkie continued talking, but Rarity had to interupt her.

"Darling, while I think that would be delicious, we need to go NOW!" Rarity grabbed the pink pony and jumped for the closest bush. The library door opened and Rainbow Dash came out while Twilight only set one foot out.

"Okay, so I'll go talk to them about it, and I'll see what they say," Rainbow said cheerfully.

"Sounds good." Twilight replied. "Do you think it'll work?"

"Definitely!" Rainbow gave Twilight one last confident looke then took off toward the sky. Twilight went back into the library and closed the door behind her.

"What could they have been talking about?" Rarity thought aloud.

"Hmmmm... dunno!" Pinkie chipped in.

"Well, we may never know, but that just this whole thing worse!" Rarity pouted for a second, but quickly got over it. "Want to go back to the boutique?"

"Okie dokie lokie!" And Rarity and Pinkie went straight towards Rarity's botique talking about what they had just seen, and what Rainbow could have been yelling about.


Rainbow flew away from the library happy with what she had accomplished. With the plan that she had come up with, not only would she be able to complete the investigation, but she'd be able to get a little more comfortable with Twilight. It was, in her opinion, the best plan ever.

Author's Note
It took awhile, but here it is. When writing this chapter I think I may have deleted at least two thousand words. Everytime I wrote something it sounded lame, so I kept deleting it, but I'm pretty happy with it now! I have to give a HUGE thanks to Sir0Chicken for his awesome proof-reading abilities. Seriously, without him this chapter would have been quite messy.