The alicorn Princess and the changeling King

by Timothy1509

Sibling impression

Twilight got perplexed due to Thorax suddenly getting agitated after being in a contented mood not long ago. And hey did he say 'oh dear'? Is there something here that intimidates him? Nothing would intimidate him right? He is King here after all, and his subjects must all listen to him. So, she decided to get some answers from him.

"What's wrong Thorax?" She asked.

Thorax decided not to answer to Twilight's question due to him knowing what would happen if he immediately changes the subject. He then took a deep breath, exhaling a few seconds later, and turned around to face the changeling behind him.

Twilight got perplexed when Thorax turned around instead of replying to her, his slightly anxious expression indicates that something unpleasant is going to occur, so, she turned around to see what he was looking at, when she did, she noticed another changeling walking towards them both. This one was dark green coloured and was slightly shorter than Thorax, but, he does have some structure similarities to him.

To Twilight, this looks like a changeling who has encountered somepony doing something bad to him, or has made a mistake that has made him angry due to his engraged expression. But to Thorax, the changeling is none other than Pharynx, his older brother and the Prince of the Hive.

"Hello Pharynx." Thorax greeted with a nervous smile as he walked in front of Twilight, hiding her in the process "What brings you here?" He asked.

"Step aside Thorax." Pharynx demanded.

"Oh uh... I think you-"

"I'm not gonna ask you twice." He told him "Step aside." He finished.

Thorax let out a sigh when he heard this, there was no point in hiding this so, he slowly stepped aside and revealed the alicorn mare behind him.

When Pharynx noticed the alicorn mare, he began to scrutinize her from head to hooves, and his exertion has made Twilight a bit irked and uncomfortable due to her wanting her personal space back. A brief second later, Pharynx has completed his inspection and looked up at his little brother with an incredulous expression.

"Are you kidding me Thorax?" Pharynx asked with an incredulous expression "You're letting a random foreigner into the hive now? This would definitely damage your reputation." He told him in a logical tone.

Twilight was a bit offended due to the fact that this changeling called her a 'random foreigner' for no reason.

"Hey, watch your words moster-"

Twilight immediately stopped in her sentence when the dark green changeling shot her a glare that made her loose her bravery, the alicorn princess could clearly see that this changeling is very tough and mean judging by his expression and his previous attitude towards her friend Thorax.

"Just who do you think you are?" Pharynax asked.

"Who am I?" Twilight asked with a perexrd expression, then, she decided to reply to his inquiry "My name is Twilight Sparkle, princess of friendship, element of magic, the leader of the-"

"Blah blah blah blah." Pharynx blattered, interrupting Twilight's introduction in the process "You think I care miss sweet potato?" He asked in an insulting tone which offended her again.

"You listen here kid, my name is Pharynx, and I am the Prince here as well as the older brother of Thorax." Pharynx said "I have no interest in hearing your preposterous royality things from your city or Kingdom, you think that you own this place?" He asked her.

"Uh... no."

"Exactly." He said with a nod "So therefore, you have to listen to everything me and Thorax say, otherwise, we will send in a law enforcement officer and throw you straight to jail!" He warned sternly which intimidated her.

By this point, Thorax has had enough, he stepped in between his big brother and the alicorn princess and looked at his big brother with a serious expression, defending Twilight in the process.

"Pharynx, that's enough." He told him sternly.

"What do you mean Thorax?" Pharynx asked with a raise of his eyebrow "Can't you see that she is not from here?" He asked again.

"I know she is not here." Thorax told him which got him surprised "But, I can't just treat anyone who are not from our Kingdom like some sojourner that we need to get answers from. We as changelings must show kindness to each other andother species no matter what background we have, or where we're from." He finished logically.

Twilight was totally touched by Thorax's statement as well as the sight of him defending her. He sure is extremely benevolent and has a great heart unlike his older brother Pharynx.

"But still, we can't just let any outsiders down here without questioning them." Pharynx said "This would jeopardize our subjects." He finished.

"I know, and I'll handle it." He told him "Give me and her a chance." He said kindly.

Pharynx started to ponder about this, right now, the most obvious thing for him to do is to send Twilight to one of the interrogation rooms in the Changeling Hive Police Department so that she can be interrogated by either himself or the police. But, he wouldn't mind Thorax getting a chance to interrogate somebody this time, after all, he is his little brother, so, he decided to let it go.

"Fine, you can handle this Thorax." Pharynx said with a defeated sigh. After that, he turned around and prepared to leave and resume his walk through the town "You better make this right." He told him sternly, after that, he left.

When Thorax noticed that he has managed to talk Pharynx out of this, he let out a warm smile.

"Well, that wasn't that-"

Thorax wasn't able to finish his sentence when Twilight unexpectedly lunged herself towards him, wrapping her hooves around his neck in the process, then, she embraced him in a hug. Her exertion has made the changeling King blush slightly.

"Thank you so much Thorax." Twilight said nuzzling his cheek "You have no idea how grateful I am to you!" She exclaimed.

"N-no problem Twilight." Thorax said with a smile of his own "No one deserves to be treated this one no matter where they're from." He told her.

His remark has made Twilight smile brighter as she nuzzled him again which made him blush slightly again, his heart rate was accelerating slightly too. A brief second later, Twilight released herself from the hug and let out a giggle, and Thorax chuckled back.

"Anyways Twilight, it's getting dark soon so, do you want to go back to the third floor and get something to eat?" He asked.


"Alright then, let's go!"

After that, the changeling King and the alicorn princess both started to make their way to the staircase of the changeling hive that leads to the third floor.

It is now nighttime in the Changeling Hive, and many of the residents began to make their way back to their homes so that they could get some rest and call it a day after one long day, as well as eating their dinner.

On the third floor of the changeling Hive, the Changeling King Thorax, and the alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle were both seen having spaghetti for their dinner and some water for their drinks. This time, Twilight ate with manners no matter how scrumptious this meal tasted. After three minutes of eating, both royals have finished their meal, then, they both levitated their glass cups in the air and drank their water. A brief second later, the two of them placed their glass cups on the table and exhaled gratefully.

"Wow, that was a nice meal." Twilight said.

"Thanks Twilight. I'm glad you enjoyed it." Thorax said with a smile "So, wanna go to sleep now?" He asked.

"Sure." Twilight replied with a nod "But, one favour if you don't mind." She told him.

"Really? What is it then?"

"Do you think that I can sleep with you today please?" Twilight asked kindly "I just got intimidated by your older brother, that's all." She told him with a slight blush.

When Thorax heard this, he was a bit uncertain, sleeping with a female would be presumptuous and humiliating but, at the same time, Phaynx did discriminate her quite unfairly which scared he. So, he gave Twilight a smile.

"I can see why not."


After that, Thorax and Twilight both got up from their seats and walked to the doors of the dinning room. Once they got to them, Thorax gripped onto the door handles with his magic and pulled them open, he first let Twilight through then him next, closing the door behind him afterwards. Then, both started to make their way to Thorax's bedroom.

Thorax and Twilight were now in the large bedroom that belongs to the Changeling King, Twilight was seen sitting on Thorax's large King size bed while reading a biology based book that he gave her to read while he was brushing his teeth.

"Wow, Thorax must like biology very much." Twilight said with an astonished expression.

After five more seconds of reading, the door to the bathroom was opened, Twilight looked to her right and saw Thorax exiting while wearing his robe pajama, indicating that he has finished brushing his teeth along with her.

"Enjoy the book?"

"Indeed Thorax, I don't know that you like science as well."

"Ah well, biology is my most favourite." He told her as he climbed on the bed and sat next to her "Anyways, should we call it a night?" He asked.


After that, Thorax turned off the lamp and pulled the blanket above him and Twilight, covering their torsos in the process. Then, they both rested their heads on the pillows and closed their eyes.

However, Twilight opened her eyes again so that she could see Thorax again, she couldn't help but grow fond of him when she stares at him, or, when she is by his side. From all this time, he has been showing nothing but integrity and kindness to her during her stay in his Kingdom, not just some random creature to be studied and questioned. His kind hearted attitude shows that he is full of dignity.

"You're so sweet Thorax." Twilight said quietly with a blush. A brief second later, the lavender made slowly closed her eyes and drifted into sleep.