The alicorn Princess and the changeling King

by Timothy1509

The Changeling Hive

At the front gates of the Changeling Hive, there were two changeling soldiers wearing armour on their chests, a leather quiver on their backs, and armed with metallic crossbows guarding the front gates. The soldiers were a member of the Changeling Hive Armed Forces, established after Thorax was announced as King.

"Where do you think the King is Blaze?" The soldier on the left asked his colleague.

"I have no idea Blades." Blaze replied with a shrug "If the King doesn't return soon, we must report it to our captain." He told him sternly.

"Agreed." Blades said with a nod "After all, we would be doomed if we don't have a King with us." He added which made Blaze a little edgy but, he stuffed his agitation down.

"All we can do is wait."

Then, the two soldiers guarding the gates began to wait patiently for the King, this was their obligations for today either ways. However, a brief second later, the two soldiers heard some walking noises coming towards them. The changeling s look d forward and saw their King Thorax walking up to them, the sight has made them relieved and happy.

"King Thorax." The two soldiers said in unison with salute.

"Hello Blaze, hello blades." Thorax greeted the two soldiers with a smile "It's good to be back." He told them.

"And it's good to see you safe your majesty." Blaze said in a loyal tone like any changeling soldiers would say to their King.

"Thank you."

Blades noticed something on the King's back, so, he looked behind him and saw something strange. On the King's back was a purple alicorn mare resting on his back, she is also conscious too, never once has the Hive encountered a pony kind. Her appearance would concern the citizens too.

"Uh... king Thorax, who is that on your back?" Blades asked as kindly as he could.

When Thorax heard the questions, he must assume that Blades was asking about the alicorn mare that he is carrying on his back. The alicorn Princess looked in front of her and saw something extremely unique, in front of her were two armoured changelings welding what looks to be like metal crossbows that seemed slightly more advanced compared to the ones the royal guards use in Canterlot. Judging by the changelings expressions, it was like they have combat experience which made her slightly petrified.

"This is Twilight Sparkle." Thorax replied to him "I found her alone in the forest injured during my trip to find more herbs, so, I decided to bring her here for a stay." He finished.

"Understandable King Thorax." Blades said slightly astonished "But, what if your brother sees this?" He asked.

Thorax froze slightly at that question, although he is King but, he has an older brother who always put pressure on him when he was a young drone. This is all due to him wanting to toughen him up if he wants to be King of the Hive, even though he has already learned a couple of things about combat and self defense from the military. But, he pushed the anxiety out of his head and remained composed.

"Even if that's true, he'll eventually get through it." He told him with a shrug "Although he is rough around the edges with me, but, we're still siblings." He finished.

"Okay then King Thorax." Blades said with a smile"Either than that, it's good to see you back." He finished as he and Blaze pushed the gates opened.

"Thank you you two." Thorax said with a smile.

After that, Thorax walked through the gates and the two soldiers closed it afterwards. Then, the changeling King started to make his way to the front doors of his Kingdom. Once he got to them, he activated his horn and gripped onto the door handles with his magic. But, before he decided to pull them open, he decided to talk to Twilight.

"Twilight." He called her.

"Yes Thorax?"

"You're now going to enter my Kingdom." He informed her "I'm going to need you to remain composed while I am carrying you to the third floor. If any of my subjects looks at you oddly, I'm going to need you to disregard them because, they can be quite questionable. Understood?" He asked kindly.

Twilight was a bit shocked when she heard this, Thorax's subjects must be very sensitive, but, she pushed all of that aside and nodded to Thorax.

"Got it."


Once that's settled, Thorax looked back in front of him at the doors and took a deep breath, exhaling it in the process. After that, the changeling King pulled the doors back and walked through them, entering his Kingdom in the process, then, he shut the doors behind him and Twilight.

Once they were in, the first thing Twilight encountered was her leaning up slight on Thorax's back which nearly made her slide off of his back, thankfully, she managed to stay on by wrapping her hooves gently around Thorax's neck, the friendship Princess must assume that he was walking up some stairs.

Ten seconds later, Thorax has made it up the stairs and what Twilight heard next were loud chattering noises. The alicorn Princess looked in front of her and saw something incredibly unique in front of her and Thorax. In front of her were a bunch of multicoloured changelings walking in the large area. Some were holding grocery bags, and some were walking their children around too.

"Wow, talk about a fancy city." Twilight thought with a flabbergasted expression.

"Okay." Thorax said "Here we go." He finished exhaling his breath, and Twilight did the same.

After that, the changeling King started to walk through town in an equanimous way like he always is. During the walk, many of the citizens started to wave their hooves at their King while smiling, and Thorax returned the gesture with a few simple waves with a smile of his own, and Twilight was astonished by how many positive comments that Thorax is currently receiving, he must be very popular in his Kingdom. In addition to that, this place must be extremely busy.

However, during the walk, many of the changelings noticed the alicorn mare resting on their King's back. The sight has made all of the changelings mumble at each other.

"Who is that?" Asked a male drone.

"She looks completely different compared to us mommy." A young male drone said.

"In what rights does she have riding in the King's back?" A female drone asked in a bitter tone.

"Is she a foreigner?" A male drone asked with a slightly feared expression.

All of those negative and resentful comments has made Twilight sad, she then rested her entire body on Thorax's back with an embarrassed blush.

When Thorax noticed this, he began to pick up the pace out of the busy crowd and to the third floor of his hive which only him, his brother, military soldiers, police officers, and chefs could access, his subjects would be restricted entry in that special floor. If any of his subjects want to enter, they would need to seek permission from the soldiers guarding the doors to it.

"Don't worry Twilight, just one minute and we'll be there." He assured her, but, Twilight was still too humiliated to even open her muzzle.

One minute later, the changeling King has successfully made it to the stairs that leads to the third floor doors with Twilight still on his back after walking past his subjects as well as some police officers who questioned Thorax about the mare on his back. The changeling King then began to walk up the stairs to the two doors of the bird floor where two soldiers armed with crossbows guarded them.

The two soldiers immediately noticed the changeling King after looking down the stairs, however, they saw something else on his back. The two soldiers looked closely and saw a pony on the King's back which made their eyes widen in surprise. But, they decided not to question about it due to them not wanting to be kicked out of the military if the King reported their behaviour to their General. So, the two soldiers saluted to Thorax when he made it up the stairs, pushed the doors open in the process.

"Thank you you two."

"You're welcome King Thorax." The soldier on the left said "It's good to have you back." He told him.

Thorax gave the two soldiers an appreciative smile before walking through the two doors, entering the third floor hallway in the process. Then, the two soldiers closed them after.

Once Thorax made it back to his hallway, he took a deep breaths and exhaled it.

"Well, that wasn't hard." Thorax said with a chuckle. He then turned his head around slightly to look at Twilight, and he noticed her still covering her face with her wings due to how humiliating it was in the town "It's okay Twilight, it's just you and me now." He told her.

When Twilight heard his assuring words, she slowly removed her wings and hooves from her face and looked around her.

The hallway was extremely big like the one in Canterlot castle, the carpet on the floor was bright green coloured, there were four chandeliers on the ceiling for lighting in the night, there were also six couches on the left and right sides, as well as four tables with flowers and glass vases on them.

"Wow, this place is quite fancy." Twilight commented with a flabbergasted expression.

"Thank you for your wonderful comment Twilight." Thorax said with a smile "And welcome to the Changeling Kingdom." He told her.