The alicorn Princess and the changeling King

by Timothy1509

The being

Canterlot 8:00pm

In the Equestria's capital Canterlot, many pony stallions and mare including the mane six and Spike were all gathered around the outside of Canterlot castle while Celestia, Luna, and Cadence were seen standing on the balcony of it. Then, Celestia walked to the front and looked down at her subjects, two of them had anxious expressions on them, and they are known as Nightlight and Velvet, the parents of Twilight Sparkle.

"Greetings my fellow subjects." Celestia greeted with a smile "I can tell that you all are quite worried with the disappearance of Twilight Sparkle." She said.

Then, everypony around the area all displayed expressions of anxiety due to them hearing the news from Twilight's friends as well as some guards. Then, Nightlight spoke up in the crowd.

"Do you have any idea where she is now?!" The unicorn stallion shouted fearfully.

"When will we find her?!" Velvet exclaimed with a perturbed expression.

"Nightlight, Velvet, please remain calm." Celestia told them "Although I have no clue on where Twilight is but, do not worry, I'm going to conduct a search party soon." She assured them but, the two unicorns stress were still not relieved.

"My subjects. If we want to find Twilight, we must all work together." She told them "My hunch is that she is in the Everfree forest, so, we must venture into the biome to find her. So, let's not waste any more time, let's go to the Everfree forest!" She finished.

After the speech, everypony gave out confident expressions, then, they all turned around and started to walk to the gates of the castle along with the mane six and Spike so that they could go to the Everfree forest to find their missing friend.

"Will we have any luck sister?" Luna asked with a concerned expression.

"We will." Celestia replied with a confident expression.

Everfree forest

"Mmmm... what happened?" Moaned Twilight.

The alicorn Princess had been unconscious for an hour, all she remembered was being chase by three ravenous timber wolves, getting knocked to the ground by one of them, as well as a being scaring them away from her, saving her in the process. Now, Twilight was awaken by the crackling of fire near her.

"Ugh..." She moaned slowly opening her eyes.

At first, her visions were very blurry, but, when they worked again, Twilight saw a being in front of her sitting by the fire, and this one looked like it is a male considering it's facial expression. The being was green coloured, he had orange horns on the left and right side of his head, a green unicorn horn above his forehead, purple shelled wings on it's back, three diamonds on it's chest, and an insect looking mane.

"Who is that?" Twilight thought.

The Friendship Princess was going to try and back up and hide from the being but suddenly, her wiggling has made some noises which attracted the beings attention, in addition to that, she did not know that she had a black jacket covering her back. Then, he cocked his head to his left and took notice of her which got the alicorn mare anxious. However, the being gave her a smile.

"Oh, you're awake." The being said with a smile "Are you okay?" He asked.

Instead of getting a reply, Twilight slowly started to back up from the being with a perturbed expression on what he will do to her now.

When the being noticed this, he stood up away from the fire and started to slowly walk to the alicorn mare to prevent a panic from occuring in her.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you." Thorax said in an assuring tone while taking some steps forward "I just want to help you. I promise." He cooed.

Once Thorax got to the petrified alicorn mare, he bent down, stretched his hooves out, and gently embraced her in a comforting hug. When that happened, Twilight blushed softly due to the contact but, she did like it, the being's hooves and chest were warm and cozy.

"What happened to me?"

"Oh well, I saw you being chased by three three timber wolves in the Everfree forest while collecting some herbs, and I couldn't see somepony getting hurt so, I jumped in and scared all the wolves away from you with my magic before they devoured you. After that, I began to check on you but, you lost your consciousness by then therefore, I brought you into this cave so that I could perform a medical operation on you by using my herbs to treat some of your scratch wounds." He delineated.

Twilight was nonplussed by this, he was the one who rescued her from being eaten by those wolves? But, she shook the confusion out of her head and gave he being a smile of appreciation.

"Thank you." Twilight said in an appreciative tone "If I was alone, I would've been eaten." She told him.

"You're welcome." Thorax said with a smile "Anyways, where are my manners? My name is Thorax, I am the King of the changelings." He introduced himself.

Twilight's eyes widened when she heard this being or changeling saying that he is a King, this indicates that she has come in contact with a species from another Kingdom. This also means that there could be a lot for her to learn!

"He is a King?! Wow, this means that there are so much new things for me to learn!" She thought with an exhilarated expression.

But, the alicorn princess snapped out of it due to her obviously going to be impudent if she expressed this attitude towards the changeling who has saved her life. So, Twilight pushed the exuberance thought out of her head and started to kindly introduce herself to the changeling.

"Why nice to meet you Thorax, my name is Twilight Sparkle." She introduced herself "Princess of Friendship." She added.

Thorax was surprised to hear that this mare is a Princess but, he pushed that away.

"Nice to meet you Twilight." He said with a smile.

A brief second later, the little mare began to shiver due to the cold getting to her again. When Thorax noticed this, he stood up straight, helping Twilight up in the process, then, he slowly started to bring her to the fire so that she could be warmed up. Once he got to it, he sat himself and her down and unwrapped her left hoof from her so that she could warm herself up on her own.

"Here you go Twilight." Thorax said with a smile.

"Thank you Thorax, this fire is warm." She said placing her hooves near it.

"You're welcome, it's a good thing that I started a fire after bringing you into this cave, otherwise, you'd suffer from hypothermia." He told her logically.

"And I appreciate you preventing me from receiving it." Twilight said with a smile.

"So Twilight, why are you here?"

"Oh well... uh, had a little accident while setting up some equipments for the gala day in Canterlot." Twilight told him "My friend inadvertently gave me a teleportation potion to drink and boom, that's how I got here." She finished.

Thorax's eyes widened when he heard the word 'Canterlot', he remembers that city, but, he pushed the past out of his head and stared at Twilight with a sympathetic expression.

"I'm so sorry Twilight." Thorax said softly "Tell you what, why don't I bring you over to my Kingdom for a stay until me and my subjects get you home?" He offered.

When Twilight heard this, her eyes widened.


"Of course." Thorax replied with a nod "It wouldn't be pleasant for you to stay in the Everfree forest for months." He told her.

Twilight then let out a squeal and hugged the changeling King in his torso, and the sudden contact made Thorax blush slightly.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"You're welcome." Thorax said hugging back "I can bring you there tomorrow, what do you say?" He asked, and Twilight responded with a nod.