The alicorn Princess and the changeling King

by Timothy1509



In Equestria's capital Canterlot, the citizens of the town were all seen doing their work and walking around the town just like usual in their daily lives, everything is tranquil as always for the contented ponies. However, some of the others were seen having a chat about the gala that is going to occur in the castle next week, the announcement made by Celestia yesterday has gotten them all very exhilarated! Some mares even went to fashion stores to polish themselves.

In Canterlot castle however, the mane six, Spike, and Shining Armor were all seen setting up the ballroom in preparation for the lovely and amusing event next week. Some were even seen wearing their dresses while doing the obligation so that they could get comments on it by each other.

In the ballroom, Pinkie was putting up party banners on the walls while standing on a ladder, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were both seen setting up the tables so that lots of food can be placed on them, Shining was seen standing by awaiting for the Princesses orders, while Rarity was seen checking the dresses that Twilight was currently in right now.

"Rarity, isn't this a bit too much?" Twilight asked with a slight blush due to this dress.

Rarity started to scrutinize Twilight while wearing that dress, it did not have any mucky stains on it which is a good first sign, it was sparkly in every direction that she looks on it, it was bright purple which nearly matches Twilight's colour, in addition to that, it fits in her perfectly! Then, a smile appeared on her muzzle.

"Why yes darling." Rarity replied with a nod "I specifically made this dress for you! It looks perfect!" She exclaimed in a joyful tone.

Twilight however, kinda did not agree with Rarity's rejoinder, this dress was quite right on her hooves, it could also attract many of those stallions towards her which would be awkward, many mares would be envious of her dress due to her being a Princess, plus, it would make her subjects think that she is a mare who is always interested in opulent things. All of these thoughts would make her feel extremely embarrassed but, she must respect the dress, after all, Rarity did make it for her. A brief second later, she looked back up at Rarity with an anxious smile.

"Thank you Rarity." Twilight said.

"You're welcome darling."

On the left side of the ballroom, Pinkie was seen trying to desperately stick the right end party banners up on the wall, during that, Spike was helping the pink mare out by steadying the ladder.

"Are you done yet Pinkie?"

"Almost there." Pinkie said stretching her right hoof. After three attempts, she was successfully stuck the right end of the party banner on a pillar "Woohoo! I-"

Pinkie wasn't able to finish her sentence when she suddenly lost her balance on the ladder due to her early celebration, then, the pink mare fell to the ground where Spike was standing at. The young dragon wasn't able to tract in time when Pinkie fell on him.

"Poof!" Mumbled Spike.

"Wow, that was hazardous." Pinkie said shaking her head "Anyways, come on Spike, let's go to the other side!" She exclaimed getting up from the floor and rushing to the other side of the room, unknowing that she fell on her friend.

"I'm coming." Spike said in a pained tone.

On the right side of the large room, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were both seen moving a long rectangular table to the right side of the room after finishing putting one on the left end of the room. During the process, Rainbow was irked.

"Ugh! This is so frustrating!" She complained which made Applejack roll her eyes in aggravation due to Rainbow Dash's indolent attitude.

"Oh quit yer' yapin' Rainbow Dash." Applejack said "We need to set up everything for the gala next week, after we finish, you can eat lots of food during the party." She told her.

When Rainbow Dash heard this, a smile appeared on her muzzle, she did want to eat lots and lots of food during the gala day but, setting up all of them would be a difficult and aggravating obligation. So, she had no other choice but to accept it.

Four minutes later, everypony were finished in doing their obligations that they were assigned to do, now everypony was fatigued, luckily, Celestia endowed everypony with a cup of water which they all drank delightfully.

Twilight also set up some dishes, utensils, and wine glasses in front of some seats too which got her a bit thirstful again, so, she decided to ask Rainbow Dash to get her a drink.

"Hey Rainbow Dash." Twilight called her.

"Yes Twilight?" Rainbow asked looking at her.

"Can you get me a drink please?" She asked "Any flavour, or water would be good." She told her.


Then, Rainbow Dash hovered to the rectangular table placed on the right end to get a drink for Twilight. When she got there, she grabbed one of the cups and began to get the tall glass water bottle, however, when she looked to her right, she noticed that it wasn't here, she must assume that it was on the other side.

"Guess I'll have to hover to the other side then." Rainbow thought with an irritated expression.

So, the pegasus began to hover to the other side of the table, but, when she hovered a few centimeters to her left, Rainbow Dash saw what looks to be like a jar with pink juicy like substance in it.

"What is that?" Rainbow asked herself quietly.

She then began to scrutinize it carefully, after looking at it's juicy and sweet looking texture for five seconds, the blue pegasus must assume that this was a new flavoured juice that Pinkie brought in.

"Maybe this juice would be perfect." Rainbow said grabbing the jar.

She then pulled the lid open with her hoof and slowly and cautiously poured the pink juice into the cup so that she would spill it on the floor. Three seconds later, Rainbow has successfully poured the juice into the cup, and she could even see her own reflection on its surface. After that, she placed the jar back onto the table, putting the lid back on in the process. Then, the pegasus began to hover her way to Twilight.

"Here you go Twilight." Rainbow said stretching her right hoof out. Offering the drink to her friend.

"Thanks Rainbow Dash." Twilight said in a grateful tone.

After that, Twilight grabbed the cup with her magic and levitated it near her muzzle. Once she's done that, she closed her eyes and sipped the cup down into her mouth. While it was going down her throat, Twilight noticed that this drink was a bit off due to it being a bit too sweet. A brief second later, her eyes widened in horror when she realized what the drink was. She then pulled the cup away from her muzzle and spat out the drink but, it was too late, she drank most of it.

The sound of somepony spitting our his/her drink has caught the attentions of everypony in the room, even Celestia. They all then cocked their heads to the source of the noise and noticed that it was Twilight who spat out her drink.

"What's wrong Twilight?" Rainbow Dash asked with a perplexed expression "You don't like the drink?" She assumed.

Then, Twilight shot Rainbow Dash an anxious expression which got her even more bewildered.

"Rainbow, where did you get this from?"

"Uh... from that jar there?" Rainbow replied as she pointed to the jar.

Twilight looked to where Rainbow Dash was pointing at, when she did, she noticed that she was pointing at the potion jar that she brought with her for studying purpose.

"Oh no! Rainbow! You made me drink a teleportation potion!" She exclaimed in a worried tone which got everypony perplexed again.

"A teleportation what?"


Twilight wasn't able to finish her sentence when a pink aura started to surround her entire body, the glow was so bright that it made everypony in the room shield their eyes.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Screamed Twilight.

After ten seconds of light illuminating and screaming, the glow slowly faded away and the scream wasn't heard anymore. All of the ponies in the room removed their hooves away from their eyes and saw that Twilight wasn't there anymore! All that was left was the cup, and it has fallen on the same spot that she has stood on.

"Oh no, Twilight! Where are you?" Shining asked with a worried expression. But, she wasn't around the room.

"Everypony, let's search for Twilight." Celestia said.

Then, all of the ponies in the room faced the doors of the ballroom and began to head towards it so that they could exit the ballroom and look for Twilight in the castle.