Silver and bone

by ThePinkiepie


POV Smolder:

“So you see class.” Headmare Twilight said, I'm honestly not sure what she was talking about. I fell asleep halfway through her lecture and the only reason I woke up was because Silverstream nudged my side causing me to wake up. This usually happens when I fall asleep during a lecture I couldn't care less about. Then about 5 minutes before class ends Silverstream wakes me up, and after class she tells me what it was about. I'm not really sure how she remembers any of it, I mean I can barely remember the stuff our headmare says before I fall asleep.

I quickly lean over and whisper into Silver's ear, “Anything important?” I ask. She quickly answered back “just about generosity and its importance to the other elements, I'll explain more later.” 
I gave a quick nod and began listening to the best of my abilities.

literally a few seconds later we heard a knock at the door followed by it opening with pony magic or levitation or whatever they call it. Then came walking in Counselor Starlight, “hey Twilight sorry to interrupt, But I just need to borrow Silverstream for a second, there is somebody here who needs to see her.” Me being the nosey dragoness I decided to move my head to see if I could see anybody behind Starlight, and all I saw was some adult hippogriff with purple fur. It looked like the hippogriff I had seen on the first day of school.

I heard Silver whisper “oh shit” under her breath as she grabbed her books and flew out of the door. so I'm going to take a big guess and say that him being here is not good. But on the Brightside I will get to hear about it when she is doing her midnight rant later tonight.

“No problem Starlight, I was just about to dismiss class anyway.” so hearing that made me pop out of my seat. Literally.

As I ran out of the door I could hear headmare Twilight say “have a good day everybody makes sure you have all your homework done.” Good thing I did all my homework during lunch. Now i can sit and relax and-

“SMOLDERRRRR!!!!” And the next thing I knew I was being tackled by a big brown fluffy yak. The yak was giving me a hug lifting me up into the air and almost made me pass out. “Nice Breath to Breath See Breath you Breath to Breath Yona” I said trying to breathe.
I think she realized she was smothering me because she finally let go which caused me to fall onto the floor.

“Oh” she said, helping me up. “Yona sorry.” then she looked to my left then to my right. “Where pink hippogriff?” 
“Oh she got called out of class early, apparently some purple hippogriff is paying a visit and needed to see her.” 

"General Seaspray?"

"Ya I guess so."

“Is She in trouble?” Before I would get a word out Yona and I heard a door slam shut a few halls down. which made us both turn our head in the direction the sound came from. I looked down the hall and saw Silverstream flying full speed around the hall and out an open window. It looked like she was holding a bag of something I couldn't really tell though. Me and Yona just looked at eachother, I gave her a nod, she gave me a nod and we started running after her. We followed her path all the way outside where every building is connected.

Me and Yona had to stop and catch our breath by the water fountain. As I sat down on the edge of the water fountain I looked around for Silver but I couldn't see her. “I think we lost her,” I said in defeat. “Do you see her?” I asked Yona who was laying on the floor panting. She didn't answer me so i'm going to take it as a no-


I heard somebody scream behind me. I jumped up to see who it was and I automatically realized it was Silverstream as she transformed into her hippogriff form.
“Holy Ember Sil you scared us” I screamed. Silver just let out a giggle then I noticed she had some water under her eyes which was weird because she usually fully dry when she turns from a seapony to a hippogriff. Wait-, had Silver been crying?

“Silver, are you ok?” I asked her “yuppy i'm good” she said bubbly Yona then asked my second question “what Seaspray want?” Just then her face seemed to turn into a frown just for a second, It was quick but I still saw it. “Oh he just wanted to make sure i was doing well in my classes and stuff,” Me and Yona just looked at each other. “He had to pull hippogriff out of class to do that, Why not wait for class to be done?” 
Sliver shrugged, “I don't know he is a general so he is very busy so maybe that was the only time he could talk to me or something.”

Ok so like 3 things don't make sense here 

1. Usually they check on their students at parent/teacher conferences. 
2. If he wanted to know he could have written a letter asking about how she was doing. 
3. Why would Silver be flying that fast if she didn't just hear something bad cause if it was good she would have ran to find all of us and tell us, even if it wasn't any news she would be so excited to tell us what the conversation was about.

"umm ok then" is all I could really say. 
"Hey guys" I heard somebody say I turned around and saw my 3 other friends Gallus the griffin, Sandbar the pony, and Ocellus the changeling.

"Since we are out of school for the day do you guys wanna go to sugarcube corner and go get some milkshakes and cupcakes?" Sandbar suggested 


Yona responded by licking her lips which we knew was Yona for YES!.
"I don't really want to get cupcakes" I heard Silverstream say, we all turned around in shock and disbelief. Ok since when doesn't Silverstream want cupcakes literally every time we bring up cupcakes, she is the first one at the store.

"Umm Stream" Gallus said walking to her "are you feeling ok" he asked trying to put his claw up to Her forehead but she quickly pushed his hand away and flinched? What the hell did she flinch? "I feel..fine I just don't feel like having cupcakes" she explained drawing into the dirt. "But you love cupcakes and milkshakes. You would go every day if you could" Gallus exclaimed. "Well sometimes shit changes." jeez attitude much.

"OK well you don't need to have an attitude" Ocellus spoke up. I saw Silverstream roll her eyes and mumble something under her breath that I couldn't hear. 
"what did you say?" I asked. For a few minutes there was silence around us, I think we were all waiting for her to respond, or maybe even say she was joking around, then we could all go to sugarcube corner laughing about it. 
"Sorry but I think I'm gonna go to our dorm..." Sliver was looking to the ground while she was talking.

Why couldn't she look at us?

We all just looked at each other. "Does Hippogriff want us to bring something back?" Yona asked. "NO!" Silver yelled finally looking up, i could see the pain in her eyes, she looked like she wanted to cry.
We were all taken aback on her reaction. I wanted to to say something but I just stayed silent and watched her fly away to the dorm me and her shared. There was again silence around us, we all just looked at each other not sure what to do next.

"So do we go check on her or are we suppose to leave her alone?" Sandbar asked breaking the silence.

"I don't think she wants all of us around her right now" Ocellus answered . "What if 2 of us go see whats up with her and the rest can go pick stuff up at sugarcube corner, and we can all meet at the lake in like a hour or 2? Sandbar suggested.
Ok ya that is a good idea "Ok" I said "whos going were?"

"Well I think it would make since for the creature she shares a dorm with, and the creature that can sense different emotions to go to Silverstream" Gallus suggested, Ocellus and I just looked at each other.

"Ok then lets go celly" I said walking to the dorms Ocellus followed close by.

"what do you think is wrong?" She asked " I have no idea" I answered.

POV Silverstream:

I start feeling the spot on my check he hit as I flew into the dorm Smolder and I share, our dorm is pretty nice we have a closet that we divided so she could put her stuff and I could put my stuff in, and I try to pretend I don't notice the big box labeled Not girly stuffthat she keeps in the corner of her side. We both have a desk we use to do homework or have a midnight snack.

We also have bunk beds, I sleep on the bottom and Smolder sleeps on the top, We even have a mirror with a bunch of pictures of us and all are friends. There are some of us from hearts warming when Gallus destroyed the tree and we all stayed at the school for the holidays, it was probably the best holiday I had, I was able to spend it with people who actually care about me.

I started to scan the room for the bag I had earlier. It was a white bag that General Seaspray gave me... It had bunch of stupid stuff that he said would help me "lose weight" like seriously he came all the way here just to lecture me on my looks about how fat and ugly I look, give me a bag with laxatives, scale, and a corset to sleep with to "fix my body." I'm already having trouble wanting to eat as it is he didnt need to do that! 
I finally found the bag near the window I threw through before diving into the water fountain then proceeded to scare the living scales off of Smolder which was kind of funny. thank the tides the bag was tied or else everything would have fallen out. For now I decided to put the bag under my bed, That way it's out of the way and I don't have to look at it.

I decided to walk over to the mirror and examine myself....
i can still hear that stupid voice of General Seaspray and his horrible words repeating in my mind.

"Look at you! you've gained so much"

I remember him slapping me..
Then getting real close to my face....

"honestly when i think you cant get more disappointing"

...he grabbed my hair and threw me onto the ground

"if you wanna keep going to this school then you better make your self look better"

.....Then he threw the bag at my face

"Here i brought you some stuff to help"

I looked into the bag and saw a scale, a coreset, and pills.

"But if i were you...."

he started leaning over me...
...and i started shaking and softly crying

"i would just stop eating"

he started walking out the door

"Maybe then you could look presentable....
remember you are showing off the royal family and your country.. and you've disappointed us so much these past years you need to do better or else there will be serious consequences"

then he just shut the door and flew away....
....I just grabbed the bag and flew out as fast as I could trying not to cry.