Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

Chapter 36- Ball Game

"Hello every creature to today's show!" Pinkie said, "I am joined by my crew, along with my buckball team Fluttershy and Snails to teach my friends here the rules of buckball! This is super exciting, and I think every creature here is excited to learn a new sport."

"Define excited," Gabby, "Try nervous. I was never the sporty sort." Marble was quivering as well. This was going to be an interesting game.

"Don't worry," Snails reassured, "Do what I do and try not to think about it. Seriously, I don't think about things at all. Like ever." The others gave Snails blank looks.

"We felt the pressure as well when me and Pinkie started before we were a official team," Fluttershy reassured them, "Just have fun and don't worry about it at all. It'll be fun, I promise." The others were more relaxed at that statement.

"Now then, the game usually requires a unicorn, pegasus and an earth pony, but we can improvise with what we've got," Pinkie suggested to her colleagues, "Silverstream will he the referee and start the buck-off in the centre, Gabby with wings can be the pegasus, Autumn can levitate stuff with like a unicorn and Marble can be the earth pony because, well, she already is one!" Marble rolled her eyes at her sister's remark.

"No then every creature, let's play some buckball!" Pinkie cheered. Whilst Team Ponyville cheered, Team GME looked rather nervous.

"How about we start with a quick demonstration?" Fluttershy suggested. Team GME nodded in agreement. Pinkie decided to explain the rules.

"Applejack explained to me when she introduced us to the game is that the two earth ponies are on offense. They meet in the middle of the field for the for the buck-off. They aim to be the first to buck the ball." Silverstream threw the ball into the air and Pinkie gave the ball a strong kick, sending it over to Fluttershy who caught it in her signature tail catch.

"The pegasus is on defense and they will try to keep the ball away from the goal basket and passes back to the earth pony in their team who tries to aim it into the opposite team's goal basket," Fluttershy explained before spinning the ball in her tail and flinging it back to Pinkie, who did another powerful buck. Gabby, being scared at the incoming ball, ducked and the ball landed into the basket.

"The unicorn's job is to catch it into the basket around the borders of the field," Snails finished.

"So is that everything clear?" Pinkie asked Team GME. Every creature nodded, but still some lingering nervousness on their faces.

"Let's play buckball!" Pinkie shouted with excitement, "Don't worry. we'll take it nice and easy to begin with! Silverstream with commentate the game for us!" Silverstream waved to the team, holding up a microphone. She stepped into the centre, holding a ball for the opening buck-off. She threw it into the air and Pinkie was the first to kick the ball.

"Pinkie wins the buck off, passing it to Gabby who catches it in her talons. She's launches it back to earth ponies in the centre, but Marble has taken the buck!" Silverstream commentated with excitement.

"Nice one Marble!" Pinkie congratulated her sister, who blushed at the comment.

"The ball heads is heading to Fluttershy now who catches in her tail, does her signature tail spin, and launches it back to teh centre field!"

"This is getting good!" Fluttershy laughed.

"Pinkie takes the buck again and Fluttershy passes it out, Pinkie takes a strong kick, Gabby just misses it and Snails catches it in the goal. that makes it one-nil to Team Ponyville!"

"Let's go again!" Pinkie said, "This is getting good!" The others nodded as they were starting to get the hand of it. Silverstream took another ball as the earth ponies gathered at the centre. Silverstream threw the ball again, but Marble plucked the confidence to take the buck.

"Marble wins the buck-off impressively, taking the ball to Fluttershy, who launches yet another brilliant save and highspeed ball launch. Pinkie is next to take the buck and Gabby catches it in her wing, throwing it to centre field again. It seems Pinkie will win- no! Marble just beat her too it and gives a tremendous buck. Fluttershy certainly didn't see that coming and misses the ball, and Autumn catches it with perfect precision! The scores are now tied one-to-one!"

"This is amazing!" Autumn declared, "My first ever catch and it felt so good!"

"Unfortunately, we can't play forever," Pinkie sighed, "But maybe this will be a new activity in our free time, and it will give Team Ponyville some practice in time for the Equestria Games. If every creature is up for that arrangement?" Every creature nodded with enthusaism.

"Well, that's all we have time for today creatures. Hope to see you all again soon!"