Phoenix Wright and the Mystery of the Twilight Witch

by AnimeFan419


The moon was glistening in the dead of darkness. A cyclone was jeopardizing the beach town of Maritime Bay. Meanwhile, the only pinto that were out were under the wire shopping in a panic. Even the lagoon seemed abandoned at first glance. In the distance a group of storm chasers were the only ones present since they had to work. Continuous units of earth ponies were active securing supplies.

The chief stayed alert. In the meantime, the stallion watched others attempting to hoist the massive equipment.


“Did any pony hear that?" Demanded the director as an attempt to sound fearless.

“I have no doubt in my mind that it is only thunder.” Mocked one of his coworkers.


“Stand down!” The stallion exclaimed as an effort to sound brave. In the next hour, he swore that someone was trying to pull a gag on him. This time the stubborn stallion finally resolved to find out what was making that blast. He trailed the ominous sound to town and was able to locate it in a back alley.

The area was pitch black so he recalled that he brought an old flip phone. He then used it to shine the light on a dumpster that tipped over and recognized the graffiti. The stallion was quick to swallow his saliva while listening to a demented cackle.

“Stupid teenagers pulling pranks.” The single stallion mumbled to himself. His heart was still racing because of the conspicuous galloping. As a result, his paranoia became heightened. He heard another sound but he was so frightened; he never bothered to check.

Amidst the torrential rain, the form of a crippled blue earth pony lay bloody and motionless. Nearby, way up on the roof of a building next to him, an orange mare peered over the edge. Horror was clear on her face despite her fuchsia mane soaked down on her head and neck.

"Oh, my Celestia!” She exclaimed in shock and fear. She soon found herself questioned by police the next day. Later on, she found herself locked in a cold, dark lonely cell with only a book to read.

"I am innocent!” The tangerine mare cried.

“Somebody is here to see you.” Came a reply and the mare was now a bit hopeful. One of the guards came in with somebody. To her surprise her visitor was a creature she never seen before.

“Are you Sunny Starscout?” The stranger asked.

“Yes, that is me.” Said the mare who was a bit confused as she wondered why a non pony came to see her. The visitor soon saw that the mare was still in distress.

“Ah, I see you are a fan of the Book of Friendship.” The creature said as a effort to calm the mare down.

“Why yes! I am enthusiastic to meet another fan!” Sunny squealed in delight as she began to geek out. “Oh man, I was about to get to the good stuff! This reminds me of the time Phoenix Wright defended Rainbow Dash!"

“I have read about that trial. Every lawyer has to study that era.”

“That is so awesome! What I would not give to go back in time and watch that trial myself!”

“That is a great idea!”

“It is?” The young earth pony paused for a moment and said, "How are you going to do that?”

“Well, I will let you in on a little secret.” Sunny looked surprised. “I will not only be your defense attorney; I have something that might help you out .”

“You mean like magic?” Sunny said squealing once more.

“Something like that. My name is Casandra.” She bowed and even made a quiet gesture as an effort to keep the conversation a secret.

“It is nice to meet you. My name is Sunny Starscout.” Sunny then tried to copy her but failed. Casandra then giggled before leaving the earth pony.

”I am home!” Casandra shouted once she was home. Nobody answered when attorney sighed in relief. Her farm was still a mess from the storm, not to mention that she lived in the middle of a swamp. It was clear that she had a hoarding problem.

Luckily, the important stuff that she needed was still intact. She was not only a lawyer she was also an alchemist. It was the reason why she had so much supplies. She went to work in an instant but while Casandra was brewing her potion, she held the bridge of her nose. The smell of the chemicals was strong even though she was wearing a mask to block it. She tried to be careful but the potion was difficult to make so it took hours. Once the product neared its’ completion, the potion changed color.

“I hope I am ready. My client needs me.” She said to herself. At last, an image appeared inside the cauldron. “This will allow me to view the past of the human world.”

While Casandra spied on the past of the human realm, she saw that Phoenix was in the middle of a stressful case. While she was watching, she saw that he was at home. In fact, the trial was virtual due to the pandemic. The witch then gaged due to the smoke from the bowl.

“Come on you stupid thing!” The frustration was sudden as she banged the pot with her foot. Another problem that was occurring was that the image was silent. For a moment, she was about to give up when she realized that there were settle clues. It even gave her an idea of the conversation taking place.

“The nerve of that guy! Can you believe that they thought that I did that?” Casandra sighed in after hearing sound at last.

“To be fair, that guy looked like you.”

“Yeah but the nerve of some people! I am so lucky to have a friend like you.” Said the guy on the screen. On the other side of the screen was Phoenix. He seemed embarrassed because his friend that was still on the screen was crying tears of joy. The attorney even tried to be patient.

“Is everything ok?” The acquaintance asked. The defender took a breather once he was calm.

“No! I need to hang up before my wife kills me!” Phoenix stressed.

“Oh yeah, how is Twilight doing?”

“Not great, she threw up all morning, and lately she has been a bit moody. That reminds me, I need to call the doctor.”

“Women are scary.” His friend shivered.

“Tell me about it.” Phoenix sighed closed his laptop. At the moment, he wanted to have some time for himself before checking in on the condition of his wife. The cool summer breeze seemed appealing. At the same time, he was already on the couch and he refused to move.

His mind then wandered to the rumors about his new apartment. As a lawyer, they were quick to his ears. He has heard this particular apartment was preyed upon by spirits. As a result, Phoenix never believed in the supernatural. The only acception was his magatama. It was either that or when some creature from Equestria tries to take over the planet.

“Haunted, whatever." Phoenix said to himself. He even snickered at the idea. Sighing, he finally turned on the television. At first, it was fine until it began to act up. When the defense attorney began hearing some static noises he became suspicious. The power was out as a result and nothing was playing on the tv anymore. It was that very moment when the defense attorney was as pale as a ghost when she saw a girl walk out of said tv.

“Hello. My name is Casandra. It is nice to meet you, Prince Phoenix Wright.” Phoenix couldn’t speak because he saw the girl phasing through the television set. The girl herself appeared to be in her twenties, has long black hair and dark clothing. She even looked like a ghost because her creepy eyes seemed to not have any pupils.

“B-be gone ghost!” Phoenix exclaimed with fear evident in his voice. He then began to strike the crown of her head. Before he was able to land a hit, the ghost girl grabbed his wrist flipping him midway. He fell flat on his back as a result.

“I do not think that would be appropriate Mr. Wright.” She said, a bit amused. The attorney-at-law felt dizzy and began to feel weak before passing out. When he woke up, he was in for a surprise. In fact, he found that he was not home but instead he was in an old chicken coop in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere.

“It is about time that I bring you to my attention." The girl was being straight forward. At the same time, the defense attorney wondered what kind of trouble he got himself into.