Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

Chapter 33- Revenge Best Served Sweet Pt.2

"Have you read the Foal Free Press? You won't believe what's on the front papers!" Silverstream waved the paper in every creature's face, causing many heads to turn.

"What does it say? It's not the Crusaders isn't it?" Pinkie said in alarm, remembering when the CMC tried their luck with journalism, causing Ponyville to be humiliation central of Equestria. Silverstream shook her head.

"It's from some new writer called Sweet Crusher. I've never heard of her before," Silverstream scratched her head in confusion.

"What does the paper say?" Autumn asked with trepidation. Silverstream looked at the page before her face contorted into one a pure horror.

"It's about all of us!" Silverstream said in shock and terror.

"What?!" Every creature in the room shouted before Gabby grabbed the paper and turned it to the front page.

"GME's Secrets Revealed: Read About It Here," Gabby read as she turned to the first page, a very cute picture of Marble sleeping with a rock she carved in the shape of Big Mac. Every creature turned the mare in question. Marble just wanted her seat to swallow her whole.

Marble Pie: The Mare In Need

"Need I ask?" Autumn turned to the earth pony, who now had a deep blush on her face. Pinkie was the first to comfort her.

"When I get my hooves on her, I will give her a piece of my mind!" Pinkie punched the air in pure anger.

"You might want to hold onto that promise," Autumn warned her as she presented Pinkie with the next column. Pinkie Pie was surrounded by inanimate objects, her mane down when at the time when she thought her friends didn't like her parties. Pinkie Pie looked at the picture with pure shock. That shock turned to horror.

Pinkamena Diane Pie Has Lost The Party

"How could someone like her get an image of that! That was ages ago and it's not what it looks like, I swear!" Pinkie tried to salvage whatever party dignity she had left.

"It was a misunderstanding between friends that resulted in me being completely different. Sure, my mane goes down whenever I'm said, but it was just a bad phase!"

Silverstream grabbed the paper next and turned to her part. The picture was off her getting to excited about stairs to the point of wanting to lick one of the steps.

Silverstream, The Over-Curious Hippogriff

"But...I...What?" Silverstream spluttered, earning some weird looks from the others.

"That's taking curiosity over the top, right?" Gabby asked, before turning the page to her part. Her column was her incident when she flew to eagerly at her first post office job in Ponyville, colliding into an postbox, letters flying everywhere/

Special Delivery, Griffon Class

Gabby only blushed at the picture, wondering who in Equestria managed to get that moment. It took forever to get out of that mailbox that she somehow managed to squeeze into and apologies to the homeowners for the incident. Autumn let out a comforting giggle before turning to the final column. It showed the overexcited kirin with her painted pumpkins and blankets, along with her sock puppet, talking to ponies about her inanimate friends.

Looney Autumn Blaze

"It's true! I do have a problem!" Autumn burst down into tears.

"That's what I said when the Crusaders wrote about me being a Party Animal," Pinkie crossed her forelegs and huffed.

"The question is, who in Equestria could have done this to us?" Gabby asked the group, who turned to the paper and saw one final paragraph of the column.

Think of it as payback for all the cake remarks last time.

Your faithful listener,

Princess Celestia

Dead silence filled the studio as every creature turned to each other with a mixture of awe, dread and incredulous faces.

"Wow," Gabby said simple, "Who knew Princess Celestia had that in her?"

"We're never going to live this down," Silverstream whimpered.

"It will pass," Pinkie reassured them, "Same with the Crusaders. We all have our embarrassing moments..." She gave a wry chuckle at the end.

"Dear listeners," Autumn said to their outside audience, "We are going to take a small break from there. Hopefully we will come back sill alive after today."

Marble promptly switched the air button off.