The Impostor Among Us 2

by FIM Fiction

2, Mistakes made No more

Have fun reading my notebook I guess. Not sure why I'm writing in it, nor why I expect someone to read it.

I think I got hit in the head or something.

Anyways I think Im going to draw another doodle.

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Its a fox! Very nice yeah? Anyways.


Spike leaned in the air filter. "How are there so many leaves!? The tree looks so healthy!" he exclaimed.

Jake shrugged, brushing some lint off his green suit. "Not sure, don't care."

You don't care about anything but how gay you are." Spike said.

"Hey!" Jake growled. "I care about how gay my boyfriend is too!" Spike pulled his head out of the filter to stare at Jake. The two glared at each other, before laughing.

"Why does that always make me laugh!?" Spike giggled.

Jake shrugged. "Dunno. Maybe because it's always funny. Hey, want me to grab you a snack?"

"Sure!" Spike answered, finishing up with the leaves.

"Would you like extra meaty or nice and lean?"

Spike yanked his head out, the blush on his face visible through his clear visor. "I- I prefer Pretty and Radiant." Spike said.

"Gotcha. Three Amethyst layered in sugar. The Triple Gem Bottom Special." Jake let out a laugh as he saw Spike drool before blushing in embarrassment. "See you later Spike!" he said, walking to the Mining Quarry.


Cygow let out a cold chuckle, before pulling her helmet back over her face. She helped the Pink 1 to their feet. "I name thee Singed!" she proclaimed, before hugging the Pink 1. "Celt's Liar Detector is broken." she whispered in the clone's ear. She then sprinted down the hall.

"...Singed. I like that!" Singed said, looking at her black singed hair. "I like that a lot! Ironically funny!"


Cygow walked up to the Navigation, glad for the cover of darkness. She stared at the panel, nose scrunching up in thought. It was years since she eavesdropped this information.

"Twice on top, three on the left. Another on top. Hit the screen." she muttered. Only one person survived. Only one.

Cygow danced through the bodies. She remembered the lives she took. How good it felt. But alas, she was not early enough to stop this. She could, however, make sure her bestie still had a daddy.

Captain Chip raised his head. "Y-You!" he growled.

"Eh, I mean yes and also no but still yes." Cygow said. "It's all very technical."

"Have you come here to finish me off?" Chip asked.

"Kinda the reverse!" Cygow said. She grabbed Chip's stomach, before stitching his flesh back together, not caring about his sounds of pain. "None of the emergency energy was used, but this level of injury is gonna take a few days to fix. Maybe even weeks." Cygow was proud off her handy work, but now it didn't go well with her currant tastes.

Cygow carefully carried Chip to the Captain Healing Pod, located in the Captain Medical Chamber. Cygow's sensors told her the Company sent something a little extra. She ignored the message for now. Chip was more important. Cygow removed the Captain's clothes, and gently set him in the pod. "Comfy?" she asked, turning the lights on in the room. It was devoted entirely to healing, top notch tech for (and only compatible with) the captain of the ship.

"I don't know why you're doing this. But... I am thankful." Chip said. "There's a Gameboy, in my bag. And the mustache on my helmet."

Cygow grabbed the objects. "Golly! A reminder of Daddy, and a toy so he won't get bored? Oh, how sweet!" Cygow said joyfully.

"I... I can't tell if you're being sarcastic." Chip said. "You're also a lot taller then I remember."

"Oh don't worry Chip Sir! I'll make sure to take care of your son. Or at least to protect him. You can care for him once you're all taken care of." Cygow left the room, standing in the dark hall. Chip's eyes widened in horror, seeing the mess of flesh for a face and tattered suit. It seemed to make a smile of jagged teeth, before the doors slammed shut, bolted, and deadlocked.


Redheart glanced around the room. She felt the beds. "Hm. Comfy." she said with a nod. The only light from the room came as a green glow from the Healer. "Now, why are the lights off?"


Cozy Glow walked down the halls, memories muddled. She was tired of waiting, yet she had to wait. She had to wait for the perfect opportunity.

"I know what you're thinking." Cozy Glow looked up, seeing a figure sitting in a light. "And it's all lies."

"What is?" Cozy Glow asked, getting closer.

"No wings upon the devil's back." Cygow pulled back her hood. "Zemlinder speaks truth, mixed with lies."

Cozy Glow laughed. "Alright, nice prank. But don't waste my time."

The lights flickered, Cygow flashing between forms. "There are dangers, little one. Dangers that were not here when I was your age, Cozy Glow. Remember, this Twilight never put you in stone. She never hurt you. None of them did. I made sure of that."

"What!?" Cozy Glow asked.

"Your memories are injured. But remember my words. Don't kill anyone. Don't get killed. And stay in the light." Cygow got up, before walking away, pulling the hood back on. "Danger for all lurks in the dark."

Cozy Glow watched the mare walk away. Her words stuck deep and true to Cozy Glow. She had chosen a target, and felt so sick about it. But now... "Maybe... I won't." she muttered under her breath.


Button Mash sat at a table, staring out the window at the stars. He wanted to venture around, but he didn't really like the dark. "psst."

"Ack!" Button Mash jumped at the sound. He saw someone sitting at a table. Only the tables had lights in the Cafeteria. "Uh... Hi?"

"Hello!" Cygow said, pulling back her hood. She giggled as Button Mash'es eyes widened. "Don't worry about my scars." she said. "I got a present from your daddy!" She set the gameboy and bag on the table.

"My Game Boy!" Button Mash ran up to the table. He grabbed it from the table, before hugging Cygow tightly. He then let out a gasp. "I know what this is called! I can remember what it's called!" Button Mash froze, letting go of Cygow. "It's from my dad. Do you know where he is?"

"Yup!" Cygow exclaimed. "He got a little beat up, but I'm making sure he heals up!"

"Really!? Can I see him?" Button Mash asked, his tail wagging in excitement.

"Not yet. The place is a bit messy, and not for the weak in stomach." Cygow said. "Oh! Hang on." She pulled out the mustache and smushed it on Button Mash's visor. "There. So handsome."

Button Mash puffed out his chest. "Thanks Miss!" He pulled out the gameboy, before plugging in a game and turning it on.

"Got any two player games?" Cygow asked, pulling out a gameboy slightly covered in dried blood.

"Uhh Let me check." Button Mash rummaged through the game bag. "I remember these games!" He pulled out a game with a pirate on it. "I know this one is two player. Versus or same team?"

Cygow pulled out the same game, the sticker having a dot of blood on it. "Same team." 'I need to make or find a third. Wait, Gameboys are only two player max.' Cygow shrugged. It still would be fun actually playing with her bestie.