Sombra’s Interesting Quest

by Badguy400

Epilogue: The Warm Welcome Home

Once the group arrived back at Ponyville; Pinkie Pie shouted out; “surprise!” and fired her party cannons so that the other ponies in hiding can come out, and welcome their heroes back home.

Meanwhile... in the Cake’s bakery... .

“Welcome back!” Pinkie Pie shouted while blowing on a noisemaker. Chuckling; Sombra said; “thanks kid; it’s great to be back.”

Cozy Glow was getting bored, but then Pumpkin Cake tapped on her shoulder, and asked; “hey; cozy; wanna help me dress my brother in a dress?” Hearing this; Poundcake denied that offer. However; before he could make it official; he was magically grasped by his sister, and led into their room with Cozy Glow.

After a few hours; the party was going great. Until... .

King Sombra sighs while looking out of the window in despair. Seeing this; Twilight; whom was also in the party; stopped talking to her friends, and went to see what the problem was. “S-Sombra?” she began. “W-what’s the matter? A-aren’t you gonna enjoy the party?” Sombra then sighs, and says; “to be honest kid; not quite.” Twilight sat down and asked; “wanna talk about it?” Sombra sighs again, sat down, and says; “well... ever since I founded out that Flash Magnus was the bandit leader... I was almost blown away.... let alone shocked even... . How does that even happen?” Twilight sighs, and then says; “I don’t know either... . But what I do know is that those bandits are gone. And that you’re still here; along with the others. Right?” Sombra said; “right...” before going back to looking out the window. Twilight; wanting to make her old enemy not be so gloomy anymore; then says; “look; whatever it is; I’m sure that it’s nothing; okay?” Sombra then says; “I guess...” but was cut off by Twilight putting a hoof to his mouth. “But nothing; okay? Look; let’s just enjoy this party, and then we’ll talk about it afterwards; okay? What do you say?” Sombra was hesitant and says; “well...” before seeing Flurry Heart arriving with two cups of punch while wearing a cute little dress. Seeing this; Sombra smiles, then says; “okay... . I guess I can tell you afterwards; alright? But it’s gotta be our little secret; got it?” Twilight picked up one of the cups of punch from Flurry Heart and says; “got it”, before drinking the punch down in one full gulp. With that in mind; Sombra followed Twilight, and danced the night away with her and Flurry Heart.

Right at the end; all seems that everything was going great, and it was. Until... .

Flash Magnus is currently locked up in his prison cell; mumbling to himself on how he’s gonna get his revenge. Suddenly; his cell door was unlocked, and he stood up. Seeing who it was that freed him; Flash Magnus began; “w-what are you doing here? I-I thought that you weren’t here anymore... . I-I thought...”. But before he could continue; the mysterious being putted their appendage to his mouth, and the mysterious being said; “but nothing!... . You are to continue your work, and to ensure that these beings are to not be together anymore! Else we’ll be stopped for good! Is that understood?!” Feeling a little nervous; Flash shakily said; “y-y-yes master... . B-but how can I... .” But before Flash could continue again; he was given a nice plate of grub; fit for the royal family of Canterlot, and the Crystal Empire as well. With that; the mysterious being said; “enjoy...” and left without a sound. Chuckling evilly to himself; Flash Magnus began eating, and began thinking on how to get his revenge. And with that; the story ends... . Until next time... . The end.