The Cutie Mark Crusaders Sleep & Spread

by Sleep Mast R

Chapter 2


"So this is what the kitchen looks like in Port-Jay-A?" asked Sweetie Belle. "I've never seen a kitchen shaped so... rounded."

Pipsqueak showed up. "Well, it certainly does look like a good place."

"Pipsqueak, you came! --er, I mean went to sleep!" said Scootaloo, happily.

"Yup, but not just me," replied Pipsqueak.

"Snails and I also came," said Twist happily, "and we'd sure love some of your falafel."

"Falafel?" asked Apple Bloom. "How in tarnation did you know we were making that?"

"...lucky guess."

"Then be our guest! Here in Port-Jay-A you can never be too prepared!"


Rumble yawned and said, "I'm getting tired..."

"But you haven't eaten a slumber apple..." said Skedaddle.

"Slumber apples aren't the only things that can make ponies tired!" objected Featherweight. "There are tons of other situations, like the sound of snoring, ASMR..."

"I guess I shouldn't have dimmed the lights," said a sweating Kettle Corn. "Aw, but I don't want to turn them on now, it could wake the preciously snoozing colts and fillies..."

"Well... there are still several extra beds on the ground," said Skedaddle, "so Rumble, if you decide to hit the hay..."

"Twist is superb at improvisation," remarked Snips, as he gazed at the slumbering and snoring Twist. Her head was so deep into the pillow that he could only see one of her (closed) eyes, and the blanket covered her so well, that it was hard to tell that anypony was even in this bed at first glance. Snips couldn't help but stroke her. Luckily, he didn't commit any OSHA violation.

"Zzzzzzz" snored Twist. Meanwhile, Rumble collapsed on a random bed and rolled himself under the covers. Then he turned off his flashlight, and went to sleep.

"The CMCs aren't just sleeping... they're spreading the slumber..." said Kettle Corn, yawning ever so slightly. "With Thunderlane's little brother sleeping, the slumber count is eight."

"I would totally agree," said Snips.

Skedaddle was just mesmerized by the sight, so he didn't speak.

Kettle Corn was becoming sleepy, but she denied it, since she wanted to adore the sight of the sleepers, and she knew she couldn't if she were among them.

Pipsqueak rolled over 180 degrees, and sleep-mumbled "Nightmare Moon... nooo... oh wait... you're just Princess Luna dressed up as her!"

"You know, Kettle Corn... there is an actual name for this kind of event," said Skedaddle. "Unfortunately, I don't remember what the name is."

Kettlen Corn did not respond. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted forward.

"Oh, looks like a certain filly is getting sleepy-eepy..." said Skedaddle, blushing.

"Am not!----" said Kettle Corn, stubbornly. Then she yawned, and her eyes started closing again.

"You know, Kettle Corn," said Featherweight, "there's nothing wrong with sleeping in one of those extra beds. Eight ponies are doing so already. And this universe doesn't shower us with duties or anything. Once you're asleep, you'll feel much better. You might even dream of painting circles and haikus!"

"But what if the others have interesting sleeping patterns? I'll miss out!" objected Kettle Corn.

"Then I'll keep it recorded," Featherweight said with a wink.

"Alright... (yawns)" said Kettle Corn, as she started at the CMCs' bed and walked across the room, saying, "Sweet dreams, Cutie Mark Crusaders... sweet dreams, Button Mash... sweet dreams, Pip... sweet dreams, Twist... sweet dreams, Snails... sweet dreams, Rumble..."

Then she immediately settled into the next bed, where the mattress was Japanese slime surrounded in wrapping paper. Since youngsters love slime, she found it really comfortable. Then she sunk her head into the pillow and mumbled "Sleep is relaxing. It feels nice to close the eyes. Either day or night" as she fell into a deep sleep.

MEANWHILE, IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE... yeah, I won't delve into details this time, I'll just let you know that the CMCs are serving a delectable meal to a larger table of friends. BACK IN REALITY...

Snips, Skedaddle and Featherweight were the only ponies awake in the big bedroom. They got together to discuss many things, such as what the CMCs would react when they woke up. Meanwhile, a film producer heard the variety of snoring sounds from outside the room, and recorded it for his movie.

After discussion, Snips noticed that Snails' mattress was stretchy and elastic, and also that the bathroom robe was large. Just in time, too, because he was drowsy and ready to be the 10th sleeper. He took previously cut off versions of the CMCs' tails and made them into a pillow. Then he stretched the mattress to twice the width, added the pillow, and slept ever so happily in the double bed with his best friend.

"You know..." said Skedaddle quietly, "now I'm surprised that I'm still wide awake. Must have been unusually well rested this morning."

"There are four improvised beds left, and two of us," remarked Featherweight. "That'll be enough for us if we get sleepy, plus two extra newcomers..."

"It just occurred to me... are there any more slumber apples in the world? We, well mostly Button Mash, emptied the bucket."

"Oh, they are still being made in the factory. But Music says they're going to be marked with dye to visually distinguish them from regular apples."

"Whew, that's a relief..." said Skedaddle.

"Say, (yawns) could you keep a good watch of my camera please?" asked Featherweight.

Skedaddle came to a realization. "You too??"

"Yep," replied Featherweight indistinctly with a yawn. He was getting sleepy as sleepy could be.

"Well, I'm not sure how good I am with cameras, but I'll try," said Skedaddle faithfully.

Thus, Featherweight dozed off in the the bed with the hay bale mattress and the applesauce-filled pillow. At this point the room was totally... sleepy. Skedaddle was surprised he was still wide awake.

He was the only one awake in the room until there was a knock on the door. It was Tender Taps and Babs Seed, each intending to consult the CMCs about something. "Sorry..." said Skedaddle at a low volume, "it's actually recommended that you guys... stay super quiet."

"Why should we----ohh..." Babs Seed and Tender Taps were finally mesmerized by what they saw.

"Wait, isn't that my sleeping bag with Button?" Babs objected. Then she realized there was no point, because he was so adorable with his slumbering and snoring in the sleeping bag, that she couldn't think of taking him out of it, even though it was hers.

Tender Taps just walked around, just as awed as Babs Seed and Skedaddle. Tender Taps accidentally tripped over Pipsqueak's back hoof. "Sorry..." he said sheepishly. But Pipsqueak was out cold, so the trip had no effect on him.
When Tender Taps finally sat down, he sneezed.

"Gesundheit," said Skedaddle, as he noticed a dusty box next to Tender Taps. He removed the dust, and found Pipsqueak's old Luna plushie in the Lost and Found. "Well, that's a lucky find," he remarked, "the Lost and Found was much more full before Twist made its content into beds."

Skedaddle placed the Luna plushie in between Pipsqueak's hoof and his blanket. As Pip was out cold, he had no reaction, but Skedaddle still knew about his act of kindness. In the meantime, Babs Seed stroked the manes of the CMCs whose still, sleeping bodies reminded her of her time being so relaxed in Manehattan.

Tender Taps got a handkerchief from the Lost and Found and blew his nose. He was sure allergic to that dusty box! However, he noticed his nose wasn't the only body part getting a reaction, as his eyes were only 60% open. As one would expect, he was getting sleepy, and his yawn contagiously passed over to Skedaddle.

"Uhh... maybe we're just yawning 'cause we're bored," said Skedaddle, "I mean, there isn't that much to do around here..."

"Nope, it's sleepiness," responded Tender Taps faintly while using the sleepiness measure device. Skedaddle finally admitted his fatigue, so he and Tender Taps took two of the remaining improvised beds, fluffing the pillows and sorting the blankets for maximum comfort. Then they settled into bed, and Tender Taps fell asleep, but Skedaddle jolted awake.

"I made a promise to Featherweight!" said Skedaddle. "Luckily I know exactly what's needed for his camera..." He set the camera to the mode "auto-stop the recording after 1.5 hours and recharge." He then headed back, yawning and blinking extra on his way to his improvised bed. And what do you know, Babs Seed followed him, yawning as well.

Shortly, Skedaddle, Babs Seed and Tender Taps were all asleep in the last three improvised beds. Now that there was no longer anypony awake, the room just filled with snores and cute breathing, as the camera went into its mode.

Meanwhile, a weary Princess Flurry Heart slowly made her way into the room with her Whammy, while her crib was being washed. There were no more empty beds, but despite her sleepiness, she know what to do. She used her magic to pile a mattress on top of a wooden box, a pillow on top of the mattress, and a blanket on top of the pillow... she found these things that Twist didn't.

She then used wooden fences to surround the mattress and the wooden box. They fit surprisingly well. Then Flurry Heart, while tightly hugging her Whammy, dropped into this new crib. Since this crib felt more comfortable than her usual one, she immediately fell asleep.

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance saw this from outside. They held hooves, with tears of joy over the cleverness of their child.

Little did the Cutie Mark Crusaders know how much they would spread the slumber.

MEANWHILE, IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE... the CMCs were happy to know that they fixed enough food to go all around. Even Flurry enjoyed some. Well, specifically the ice cream. BACK IN REALITY...

Suddenly, the room started getting brighter, slowly but surely, but nopony noticed. They just slept on, as the status of all the comfortable beds did not change. Time passed, and the room was eventually as bright as it was at the beginning of the story.

Rejuvenation must come eventually. Thus the time came that everypony woke up, first the CMCs, then Pipsqueak... they awoke in roughly the same order that they slept. Except Button Mash was up last. Since he ate the most slumber apples out of everyone, it really knocked him out for super long. And Pipsqueak didn't know how he ended up with his favorite plushie, but it put a smile on his bright face.

They finally had lots of energy, so they went outside to play together. Though Flurry Heart caused a little commotion, that didn't stop the fillies and colts. Twist was especially proud of the improvised beds she worked up, and now everyone was friends with her. After some playing, the fillies found themselves hungry, so they went back inside to eat.

MEANWHILE, IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE... There was nopony left, since everypony awoke in reality.

MEANWHILE, IN REALITY... Flurry Heart's crib finished being washed and it was back in her room... but she didn't want it any more.

The End.