Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

Chapter 27- Crazy Little Thing Called-

"Guys?" Pinkie asked on their morning show, "Do you remember that prank I pulled on you about your crushes?" That caused many faces to turn red at the memory, none more so than Gabby and Silverstream. Both looked at each other, wondering where this was heading and if they should make a hasty retreat. Gabby decided to be the first to ask.

"And why have you decided to talk about that moment?" Gabby gulped, sweat already starting to form.

"Because I brought in a very special guest to help explain everything about love," Pinkie excitedly explained. The others looked at each other with worry.

"And who would that be?" Silverstream asked with equal trepidation. Suddenly, Pinkie's back began to visibly shake.

"That would be my Pinkie Sense, telling me somepony is about to teleport into the room. Every creature, please welcome our very special guest..." She paused before a a burst of magic came into the studio.

"Princess Cadance!"

"Oh no..." Gabby squawked.

"I'll be ruined..." Silverstream gaped.

"Pinkie, I was so surprised to get your letter of requesting to be on the show. However, I could not turn down the offer as it is about everything that I specialise in," Cadance walked up the Pinkie and gave her a hug, which Pinkie leapt out into her embrace.

"Now," Pinkie started as she got back into her seat, "What does one mean when they say love magic?"

"Why don't we start at the very beginning?" Cadance suggested, "Love is a precious and powerful, more than some romantic novel. Love isn't just about a partner, but a family, a friend or even a pet. Love becomes more stronger though, of course, with those you form a promising bond in, most commonly with a partner."

At Carousel Boutique, Sweetie Belle looked at her romantic fantasy book before throwing it away.

"I learnt that the hard way three times already," She sighed.

"When we come into my love magic, it comes from within, as well as those who are in love or something else. I tap into the emotions of positivity, creating a powerful bond with another and then create it with another pony or creature. I push aside the negative emotions, and replace it with strong, positive ones. One example was when I helped settle an argument of two ponies when Twilight was a filly. I can even sense who's emotions for another using this to tell how some creature feels towards another creature," Cadance went into professional princess mode, causing Autumn to yawn slightly. Marble poked her out of her sleepiness.

"Like a love detector?" Pinkie raised a brow

"If you would like to call it that," Cadance noded.

Gabby and Silverstream tensed up at the mention of Cadance's last ability. Surely Pinkie wouldn't-

"Would you like to give us an example on us?" Pinkie wiggled her eyebrows.

Well, there goes that prayer out of the window. Cadance made a sly smile before closing her eyes, activating her magic and made a strong face of concentration. She first directed her horn to Autumn, who held her breath.

"I sense little interest in you, Autumn," Cadance announced as she deactivated her magic and looked at the kirin with a slight frown.

"Still haven't found any creature special yet," Autumn shrugged, "Most of my time was during exile with little things to have a conversation with." Cadance put a wing over her.

"It will come, and once it does, you will know/ Hold onto it and don't let it slip. When it comes to declare it, do it now, or forever wish you had." Autumn simple nodded in contemplation before Cadance lighted her horn up and turned to Marble.

"I sense a small amount of love before, but that has somehow left you." Marble blushed, hoping that her sister wouldn't-

"That would be Big Mac. They met and had a small crush with each other on Hearth's Warming Eve, but Big Mac is now married to Sugar Belle from Starlight's own village," Pinkie quickly explained, which Marble sighed. It didn't help that she caught them kissing under the mistletoe the next Hearth's Warming Eve they met.

"Heartbreak is always a hard one to deal with, but you must remember the good times you had with the one you had that special time with." Marble smiled and nodded with understanding. There are plenty more diamonds in the cave. Cadance moved onto Gabby who was sweating waterfalls in her seat.

"I sense that you have an interest, but torn against who already in possession. Is that jealousy I sense?" Cadance asked. Gabby just shook her head. Pinkie gave the eyebrow a raise. Gabby was glad to spend time with Spike away from clingy Rarity. Cadance however moved onto a bright red Silverstream. Cadance was positively buzzing.

"I sense a teenage crush, young and eager. You better express it soon, or risk going into an unhealthy lust for the one you desire most," Cadance warned, causing Silverstream to flap her wings to get rid of the heat.

"However, I'm more curious about your love, Pinkie," Cadance turned to the lead host, causing every head to turn to Pinkie. Silverstream and Gabby breathed a sigh of relief. It was Pinkie's turn.

"What do you mean?" Pinkie tried to be as clueless as she could muster.

"Something warm and radiating, coming off, like a happiness that only love could hold. Somepony with interests similar to your own," Cadance paused before smiling, "Cheese Sandwich?"

Rarity's gossip senses was tingling before, but declared, "I KNEW IT!" for the whole of Ponyville to hear.

"Understand your love, tame and and treasure it. Feel brave and it will come true before you could know it," Cadance simply said with a knowing smile.

"I-I think we will leave it there for today..." Pinkie trailed off. Karma was served that day for Gabby and Silverstream, and were both satisfied.