Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

Chapter 21- How To Party 101

"Good morning fellow listeners," Pinkie announced to Equestria, "And don't worry, I have been put under a total ban of coffee. I'm back, bigger and better than ever!"

"Thank goodness," Gabby breathed. The others nodded in relief, but knew that Pinkie was unpredictable in her own way. Luckily, Twilight managed to hide all the coffee in Ponyville and told every pony in town that if Pinkie were to receive even a cup of the brown stuff, Ponyville will probably never be the same again.

"I found that Twilight has this crazy book on slumber parties that she wrote. I thought, if Twilight can do one for the perfect party, why can't I tell your listeners who to make the perfect party!" Pinkie declared her intentions. The others looked at each other with knowing faces

"This is going to be good," Silverstream muttered, before Pinkie came face to face to hers.

"You bet!" Pinkie innocently shouted, "The first thing you have to do is get the perfect food. It isn't a party unless there is something for your grumbling tummies. The sweeter the better is what I say! Nothing says a party like a big delicious cake." She then, somehow, managed to pull out a pink frosted coat before slamming it into her face, munching it down as if it was the Equestria. she then thumped on her chest and gave a loud childish burp. The others were wondering how she managed to hide a cake in her mane, but stopped at mid-thought.

"Pinkie Pie?" Silverstream asked.

"Pinkie Pie," The others agreed. Marble just nodded knowingly.

"As for drinks, you can't say no to the fizzy variety. Lemonade, coke, fruit punches, anything to wash down a good solid meal." Pinkie then got cups and placed them in front of every creature, before reaching into her mane and pulled out a big bottle of lemonade.

"Next is the decor. It will never be a party without my," she paused before pulling out her go-to party weapon, "PARTY CANON!"

With that, she pulled the trigger, setting the canon off with confetti and streamers. The others were caught in its firing line, and when the explosion was over, they found conveniently placed party hats on their heads and party blowers in their mouths. The table somehow managed to he decorated with a checkered tablecloth and everywhere had confetti, streamers and balloons. It was as if everything was placed exactly were it was meant to be.

"Looking good, but it doesn't feel like a party yet," Pinkie pondered, "You need some lively music to really get every creature mingling. She jumped over to the table and pulled Marble to the centre of the party chaotic room.

"Good party music should be uplifting, fun to dance to and up to date with the charts. Not some boring music like what they play at the Grand Galloping Gala or Rarity's old mare music. Once you get the right music, every creature can dance! Come on, Marble! Dance!" Once again, she reached into her mane and pulled out a gramophone and vinyl. The room was instantly filled with happy dance music. Whilst Pinkie bounced around like usual, Marble just stood there, a blush slowly creeping up on her face as she did some simple waving.

"You really have to go all out!" Pinkie giggled as she was on her hind legs, wriggling like a snake, "Put those hooves in the air like you just don't care! Come on every creature! You're missing the party!" The others looked at each other, shrugged, and joined Pinkie and Marble on the makeshift dancefloor. Silverstream and gabby flapped their wings in time of the music, whilst Autumn swished her tail around in circles.

"Dancing is for every creature, no matter if you feel like you have four left hooves. She should have seen Twilight dance at the royal gardens!" Pinkie giggled at the memory. Some princess is never going to heard the end of that.

"Obviously, a good party is nothing without good friends. If good friends by your side, the party can last forever! Conga Line!" She shouted so that every creature can hear hear. They did what they instructed and soon a line snaked its way around the room.

"And that's how you throw and fun-tastic party! See you after the break every creature!"