Twilight's "Baby" Dragon

by SuperPinkBrony12

A Diapered Dragon

The first thing Spike became aware of as he opened his eyes was the presence of something in his mouth, something... rubbery for lack of a better term. He didn't know what it could be, he couldn't remember falling asleep with anything in his mouth and it was too soft to be his own claw. So what was it? Something about it felt familiar, but for whatever reason he couldn't put his claw on what exactly it was (or why he'd have it in his mouth in the first place).

The little dragon then started to notice something else as his surroundings came into view. Everything around him looked so much bigger than he was used to it being. Yeah, he was kind of small compared to most ponies but the size difference had never been this noticeable and obvious. Had there been some kind of spell cast to make everything bigger, or... he fought back a gulp, to make him smaller?

"Something is... different. But what?" Spike mentally pondered, finding it harder than normal to gather his thoughts and not just because he was still in the process of waking up. It felt as if something was fighting inside of him, telling him that he was "too little" to be thinking the things he was thinking. Fortunately, it wasn't strong enough to consume his thoughts and with a good deal of mental straining he could keep it at bay. At least for now.

Everything looked the same as far as Spike's green eyes could tell. Even though things were much bigger there was no mistaking where he was, that sparkling crystal castle he and Twilight had been living in ever since their old home had been destroyed by a certain centaur's magical fireball.

But as he looked around the room again, the little dragon started to realize that he wasn't in his bedroom. In fact, he wasn't in his own bed at all. To either side of him rested huge, wooden bars. Bars spaced too closely together for him to squeeze through and too high for him to climb over. Directly over his head rested what could best be described as a mobile, one containing the sun and the moon in exaggerated fashion. In short, Spike found himself in a crib. But how? He didn't remember Twilight getting one or having one.

And there was still the issue of that rubbery object in his mouth. But now that Spike had had time to adjust to his surroundings and wake up a bit more, he gazed down at himself and knew there could be no mistaking the object resting in his mouth: A baby blue colored pacifier made to loosely resemble a sapphire gemstone. Spike spat it out in shock! "What the?!" He exclaimed as he watched the object drop onto the sheets in front of him. "What's going on here?! Twilight?!" He frantically called, hoping that she was nearby and could help him figure out what was behind his current circumstance.

Meanwhile, Spike also noticed something else that was still on him. Something that was hugging his rear quite snuggly and felt soft to the touch. It looked like a pillow, but Spike knew better. Pillows weren't worn on your butt. It could only be one thing, a diaper! And the dragon knew he hadn't gone to bed with one on, he knew he hadn't worn diapers in years and neither had Twilight made him wear them. This had to be the result of some kind of spell, hopefully one that Twilight could undo when she came.

Fortunately, it seemed Twilight had heard Spike's cry of distress because she soon entered the room and immediately trotted over to Spike. Strangely, she didn't seem to react at all to the pacifier, the crib or the diaper. It was as if she'd seen it all before. But she still had her wings and that increase in height that had come with her ascension to alicornhood, so the possibility of this being a different Twilight didn't seem likely.

"Twilight!" Spike cried out again as he slowly tried to stand up, only to find that his legs felt more like wet noodles as they fought against him (the diaper certainly not helping matters with how it seemed to push his legs apart). In fact, come to think of it, his legs and arms seemed smaller and pudgier than he remembered them being. Had he somehow regressed overnight?

Twilight, for her part, didn't seem to believe anything was out of the ordinary as she approached the crib and stood by its side. She yawned, rubbing a sleepy eye. "My, it seems my Spikey Wikey is being rather fussy this morning," She commented in a motherly tone. "It's okay, baby. Mama's here for you now."

At that the little dragon blinked in surprise. "Mama?" He knew he hadn't misheard but he was still confused. Twilight never called herself that around him and he'd most certainly never called her that as far as he could remember. Truth be told he felt more of a maternal connection to her mother, as well as to Princess Celestia and to an extent Princess Cadence. Those were the ones he remembered caring for him the most as an actual baby, not whatever he was right now.

Twilight only cooed as she used her magic to effortlessly lift Spike out of the crib and pull him close to her body. "That's right, baby. I'm your mama, Twilight Sparkle," And she encouraged. "Can you say 'Twilight'? Come on, you can do it. Say 'Twilight'."

"Twilight, what's going on?! Stop it already!" Spike whined and protested as he tried to get her attention. "I'm not a baby! Why are you doing this to me?!"

But it seemed like Twilight didn't hear anything. It was as if all she could hear was gibberish considering her response. "Almost, cutie. We'll have to keep working on that. 'Twilight' is a big word though."

Spike just stared in disbelief. Why could he understand Twilight but she couldn't understand him? It didn't make any sense at all. Everything was the same except for himself. Maybe he really had regressed somehow without knowing it? Or maybe this was all a dream? But if it was, why wasn't Princess Luna intervening and why did it feel so real?

Well, those were thoughts for another time and place as the dragon soon found himself being floated over to a nearby table. A table with a soft, padded surface that he was subsequently strapped to. Come to think of it, a part of him was feeling unusually damp for some reason.

"Let's get you changed out of that wet diaper," Twilight cooed as she bent down beneath the table to open a drawer. "I don't want my baby dragon getting a rash again. The last time you got one you kept me up all night with your cries."

Spike gasped as he looked down at himself, noticing that his diaper was indeed wet! How had he not noticed before?! He couldn't remember the last time he hadn't been able to hold it in until he could use a bathroom. It seemed like he really was a baby. But he still didn't know if it was due to a spell or if something else was involved.

One thing was for sure, this was definitely not his Twilight. The Twilight he knew hadn't changed a diaper of his in many years. In fact, she'd rarely changed his diaper when he'd last been a baby. What little he could remember of his hatchling years involved his needs mostly being taken care by Twilight's mother and father, or occasionally Princess Cadence when she came over to foalsit.

This Twilight, however, changed the diaper as if she'd done it all before. Quick as a flash she had undone the tabs and yanked the old diaper out right from under Spike, dropping it into a nearby wastebasket without fanfare. Then she lit up her horn, summoning over several wet wipes to clean Spike's rump until it was spotless. Finally, she secured a new diaper, sprinkled in just the right amount of powder and fastened the tabs. "All done." She motherly cooed as she lifted Spike off the changing table.

At the least, Spike was grateful to be in a clean diaper again. No wonder babies cried whenever they had an accident, it was so uncomfortable.

Just as Twilight had finished the diaper change, the door to the room opened again and in strolled a very familiar looking unicorn mare. Her cutie mark alone left no mistake about her identity, it was Starlight Glimmer. "Morning Twilight, morning Spike." She greeted, confirming that she too seemed to think nothing was out of the ordinary.

Spike found this most odd. It served to yet again indicate that aside from his appearance (and the way Twilight was treating him) everything was exactly as he remembered it being. He'd just gotten used to having Starlight as a guest in the castle while she was undergoing friendship studies with his Twilight.

This Twilight seemed to sense Spike's confusion, but also seemed to think that something else was behind its outward display. "It's okay, Spike. Starlight is not the same horrible pony that she used to be. She's reformed now, she's staying with me while I teach her about the magic of friendship."

Starlight giggled as she used a hoof to tickle Spike's tummy. "Oh, who's the cutest wittwe baby dwagon?" She cooed in exaggerated fashion. "You are. Yes you are. Yes you are."

"S-stop it, Starlight!" Spike protested as he couldn't keep himself from laughing. He was relieved he'd just been changed because he was sure he would've wet himself from how much Starlight was tickling him.

Starlight did appear to respond to her name as she ceased her tickling assault. "Aw, you remember my name. That's so sweet," She declared with a smile and patted his head. "Don't go growing up too fast now, you hear?"

So it wasn't just Twilight who was not the same as Spike remembered her being, Starlight Glimmer had also been affected somehow. Or maybe it was just him? Maybe it was part of whatever it was that had been cast upon him?

Twilight then declared to Starlight as she yawned a bit. "Well, I was hoping to sleep in a little longer today but it seems little Spikey-Wikey had other ideas. I should probably get him fed before he starts getting too fussy again."

"Want me to do it for you?" The unicorn mare offered with a wink. "You always make it look so easy."

"I don't see why not," Twilight nodded in approval as she yawned once again. "Just make sure to be careful what you feed him, he can't quite digest solid foods yet. So that means no gemstones."

"Not even if I crush them up for him?" Starlight inquired.

Twilight quickly responded. "Well, maybe you could do that. That is, if he behaves himself," And she then said to Spike. "Mommy's going back to sleep for a little bit. You be a good little dragon for Starlight, okay?"

Spike grumbled and snorted, dismayed that no smoke escaped his nostrils. Even though he knew it wasn't his Twilight, the way that last line had been delivered had reminded him so much of how his own Twilight always scolded him whenever he did something wrong. And now that he thought about it, he wondered what his Twilight was doing, assuming she was looking for him. Maybe she hadn't noticed he was missing yet?

Spike kept dwelling on those thoughts, wondering what could be going on with his Twilight and her friends. It was better than dwelling on his current situation from which he could see no real escape. He'd always resented being called a baby dragon, he'd had no desire to go back to his hatchling days and he was quite certain his Twilight would never agree to let him relieve them while serving as his caretaker. And he was certain that his Starlight would never agree to either, and neither would she have cast a spell to bring something like this about.

So how was he going to get out of... whatever it was he was currently trapped in? He really didn't see much of a chance of convincing this Twilight or this Starlight that he was not their Spike. And if he couldn't convince either of them he didn't see himself having much of a chance of convincing their versions of his friends, not even their Rarity, their Fluttershy or their Applejack.

Starlight Glimmer, for her part, didn't seem to pay any attention to Spike as she clumsily carried him with her magic. It was clear that she didn't quite have that gentle, reassuring touch that Twilight had. Still, it was strong enough to ensure that Spike couldn't escape from it. And soon, she had brought Spike to the kitchen and plopped him down into a highchair. It looked just like the one Spike remembered from his old baby pictures, but it couldn't be the actual one because it wasn't meant for him exactly (it was meant for the other Spike, wherever he was).

Spike grumbled and protested as Starlight tied a bib around his neck and removed his pacifier, then retrieved several jars of baby food and a plastic spoon. "Why are you being so fussy today, Spike?" She asked him in an impatient tone of voice. "Did you not sleep good last night or something?"

"Maybe it's because I'm not your Spike!" Spike thought to himself as the little dragon mentally resigned himself to the inevitably of being spoon fed. But then a rather naughty idea came to him. If he could find a way to force this Starlight to leave him alone, he could do a little bit of exploring and hopefully get to the bottom of things. There had to be pictures around somewhere that could help him figure out what had happened to the other Spike, the one that was actually a baby.

Starlight used her magic to dip the plastic spoon into the first jar, covering it with a pasty yellow colored substance that she then brought it towards Spike's mouth. "Here comes the Canterlot Express." She declared in exaggeration fashion while making playful "Choo Choo" sounds.

Spike just kept his mouth shut, refusing to open it.

"Come on, open up! Twilight does this with you all the time, I've seen her do it." Starlight groaned in annoyance as the mare nudged the spoon closer only to still be denied.

The little dragon just waited until the spoon was right in front of him, then he reached out and grabbed hold of it as best he could with his pudgy little claws! With all his might, he turned the spoon around and flicked it, hurling its contents straight back towards an unsuspecting Starlight!

Before Starlight could react the baby food splattered against her face with an audible impact! Spike couldn't resist giggling and clapping his claws together, feeling proud of his accomplishment.

"Ugh! Now look what you've done! I'm a mess!" Starlight complained in annoyance and rose from her seat at the kitchen table. "Just stay there while I get cleaned up. And I'm gonna tell Twilight about this, you're going to be in a lot of trouble, mister!"

Of course, Spike wasn't willing to obey orders from this Starlight Glimmer. As soon as she was out of sight he wiggled his way out of his highchair, finding it difficult to do so at first due to the bar being in place. But he was soon free, resorting to crawling since he found it easier to move around that way.

But now the little dragon groaned, remembering how it was so hard to find one's way around the castle due to the hallways and the many similar looking doors. Even if this castle looked a lot like the one he called home, he couldn't be sure if every room was exactly the same as he remembered it being. Some rooms might have been changed by this Twilight or this Starlight.

Knowing that it wouldn't be long before this Starlight would come looking for him, Spike opted to just crawl towards the first open door that he laid eyes upon. He figured that would be as good a place as any to start his search.

Said door led the little diapered dragon to one of the castle's many bathrooms. In fact, he remembered it being the one he often liked to pose in front of the mirror of. It all looked the same, really. But of course everything seemed bigger to him given his smaller size.

Well, now that he was in here perhaps he could do something to assert his independence. A way to show this Twilight and this Starlight that he wasn't a helpless baby, and just maybe be able to convince them that he didn't belong in... wherever it was he'd ended up. Locking eyes with the toilet, he quickly got an idea in his head. "If I can use it, that'll at least show this Twilight and Starlight that I don't need to wear diapers and that I can take care of myself," He thought. "Maybe it'll even break whatever spell or enchantment sent me here and I'll finally get some answers!"

Spike crawled as fast as he could towards that all mighty porcelain throne, grumbling upon discovering that of course the lid was down. Did he really expect it not to be? This Twilight certainly didn't seem like the type of pony who would do that. But it wasn't like he had other options, there wasn't a toddler potty that might have been easier for him to use. From the way that Twilight had been talking it didn't sound like potty training was even close to being an option yet.

The little dragon tried to grasp both ends of the lid to try and raise it, hoping that maybe he could get enough of an opening to put his tail underneath and lift it the rest of the way up. He remembered that's how he'd initially managed when he'd started using the toilet (though it had helped that he'd grown a bit from the time of his hatching).

But Spike hadn't gotten very far when he heard what sounded like a gasp, and the next thing he knew he was being enveloped within a familiar violet red aura. Sure enough, he was brought before this Twilight who now seemed far more wide awake than she had been earlier. "Spike, what do you think you're doing?! You're not supposed to be in here without a grown-up! It's not safe for you."

Knowing that this Twilight probably wouldn't understand what he'd been trying to do, Spike just pointed to the toilet and then to his diaper in the hopes she would get the hint. Even if he couldn't get through to her, he at least wanted the chance to be diaper free again.

It seemed this Twilight understood, at least partially. "Oh, you really think you're ready?" She asked the little dragon as she looked down at him. "You have been waking up dry more often lately now that I think about it."

Spike put his claws together, hoping and pleading for the answer he wanted.

Alas, this Twilight seemed to shake her head. "I don't think you're quite ready yet, Spike. At least not for the grown-up potty. Maybe if you can go a few more dry nights, we'll see about getting you a training potty," Then she carried him out of the bathroom. "But for now, you're just gonna have to stick to your diapers. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get out of them soon enough if you really want to. With all the books I've read I know I'll be able to train you properly."

Spike could only grumble and sigh, so much for his opportunity. And he still knew nothing about where he was or why he was stuck like this.