Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

Chapter 18- Quiz Time

"Welcome, creatures from all over Equestria," Pinkie Pie announced, "You join us for our quiz time challenge! Facing head-to-head, we have Autumn Blaze and Gabby! Who will win? The atmosphere is on fire!"

"I'm not on fire," Autumn said in frustration.

"No! Are you on fire?!" Pinkie grasped the poor kirin's face.

"Yes?" Autumn replied slowly with uncertainty.

"You better be! These questions will be on everything that happened in the history of Equestria. Everything known to it ponykind! When you think you have an answer, press your buzzer. Be warned, if you get it wrong, you will give the point to your opponent. Marble will be keeping track of scores! So without further a-do, let's being!" Pinkie got her cards out.

In a certain Castle of Friendship, Twilight had gathered her friends for the weekly quiz. Twilight had also promised not to have a freak-out. This wasn't Trivia Trot, after all, and that she was the judge to avoid being crazy herself. Applejack was seated next to Rainbow Dash, both ponies directed a rival glare at each other. Fluttershy just smiled as she observed her friends' rivalry from a safe distance. Rarity just acted with lady-like annoyance at the two tomboys.

"Okay, here's your first question! What is the name of Princess Celestia's favourite Wonderbolt move?"

Gabby quickly pressed her buzzer with confidence, "The Icaranian Sun Salutation!"

"Correct! One point to Gabby!" Pinkie pointed. Marble nodded in confirmation.

Rainbow had given the correct answer and punched the air with pride, "Oh Yeah! Thanks to Twilight's boring lecture, one point to me." Applejack rolled her eyes. Twilight giggled.

"Next question! What is the name of the fever that turns its victims into the very tree that they infect?"

Autumn pressed her buzzers, "Swamp Fever!"


"Yay," Fluttershy cheered softly, "A point to me! Whoo-hoo."

"Next question. What is the name of the unicorn that threaten to end Hearth's Warming Eve in a certain novel?"

Autumn pressed hers, "Snowfall Frost!"

"A point to me, darlings!" Rarity cheered.

"Finish this catchphrase. Cross my heart, hope to fly. Stick a cupcake in my what?"

Both competitors pressed at the same time, "Eye!"

"That was as easy as low-bearing apples in an orchard," Applejack nodded, "Not to self, never break a Pinkie Promise. I learnt that the hard way."

"What is important about the Running of the Leaves? Is it A: To help fruit fall from the trees for harvest? B: To let the leaves fall for Autumn? Or C: To let Rainbow Dash and Applejack find out who is the Iron Pony?"

Autumn pressed hers again, "B! I love Autumn!"

Silverstream, who was watching from the studio table chuckled, "Is it because your name is Autumn as well?"

"Exactly. And the leaves turn into colours like fire! An Autumn Blaze of colours!" Autumn joked. Silverstream groaned at the pun.

"What a race, eh?" Rainbow joked as she won the point.

"Yeah...Some race," Applejack trailed off.

"What are the list of things you need to do to achieve the perfect zap apple jam? A point for each correct answer."

Gabby was the first to buzz in and answered, "To be extra friendly to the bees!"

Autumn buzzed again, "Give the jars a good talking to!"

"Paint pink polka-dots!" Gabby answered next.

"And sing to the water!" Autumn finished.

Back at the castle, Fluttershy and Rarity got a point each, whilst Applejack received two points.

"Of course Applejack got most of the points," Rainbow groaned, "They made the jam caused the foundation of Ponyville!"

"For someone with a Rainbow mane, I thought zap apples would be your thing," Applejack mocked.

"Final question! What does the MMMM mean?"

Gabby finished the question, "Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness!"

"And the final point goes to me!" Applejack triumphantly declared "I win the quiz for the day! That cake was a nightmare to carry to the train station. Big Mac almost bad his back out."

"Lucky pony," Rainbow huffed, "You win today, AJ."

"And that's the Quiz of the Day, wrapped up for today," Pinkie concluded, "The next quiz will feature Silverstream again Marble!" Marble eyes were filled with dread at the prospect of being a participant.

"Until next time, have a great day to every creature!"