Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

Chapter 17- CMC School

"We have some cool fillies with us today, deciding to join us to help present a new scheme to help blank flanks get their cutie marks!" Pinkie said, turning to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, "Why don't you introduce yourself to those ponies who don't know you yet?"

"Sure," Scootaloo started, "We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders! If you are having problems finding your special talent, we are your go to guide to getting there. I'm Scootaloo."

"I'm Sweetie Belle, Rarity's little sister," Sweetie joined.

"And I'm Apple Bloom, Applejack's little sister," Apple Bloom rounded off, "Thank you for having us in your studio today."

"No problem!" Pinkie said, then turned to Gabby, "You should thank Gabby for suggesting you three to come onto our show. Gabby wouldn't stop raving about you helping her find her purpose, cutie mark or no cutie mark." Gabby blushed at that comment.

"These fillies are are to help you our find your hidden talent," Gabby addressed the audience, "If they could help a griffon like me, I'm sure they can help a pony like you!"

"And what's this new scheme you have in mind?" Silverstream asked in excitement.

"A school for blank flanks!" The CMC said out loud, shaking the studio room with their loud dry.

"And what will the school be like?" Autumn asked, a bit unsure about what they have in mind, "You go to Ponyville's Day School, and Princess Twilight has the School of Friendship. Don't you think three schools is a bit much for one town to handle?"

"Well, we tried one-to-one sessions," Scootaloo explained, "But that hardly gave a chance to help every blank flank in a certain amount of time."

"We then tried our own camp," Sweetie Belle quipped, "But then some Pegasus caused a mutiny, creating a division. We may have fixed it with Rumble's Wonderbolt brother Thunderlane helping Rumble see his mistake, but it was a lot of time and effort to clear everything out," Sweetie did a motor mouth.

"A school would be the perfect plan to gain blank flanks in different classes and activities in larger groups!" Apple Bloom summarised, "We found out what we were good at when we did things on our own away from each other. Sweetie Belle is good at music, so she can do the creativities and arts. Scootaloo loves sports, so she can be in charge of the PE activities, and Apple Bloom is the best at potions and chemistry, so she can do the classes."

"We will be based at our clubhouse, Zecora's hut for potions and the park for my sports," Scootaloo, "Who knows, we could even do this when we become teachers at Twilight's school someday!"

"That sounds like a big responsibility," Gabby wondered, "I could be your griffon post announcer if you want. delivery is what I do anyway."

"That would be awesome!" Scootaloo declared, "The more blank flanks we could help, the better!"

Marble just gave a sigh. Hearing the Cutie Mark Crusaders' antics from Pinkie, she knew something would go wrong down the road. Pinkie gave a glare, clearing knowing what her sister was thinking.

"You know what this means, Crusaders?" Scootaloo asked the other members. Pinkie and the others quickly covered their ears.


The Crusaders shouted all at once, causing the studio to shake once again. Marble and Gabby were quick to grab their beverages, whilst Marble was holding the table for dear life. Pinkie, somehow, pulled some earphones out of her mane and covered her head. Autumn was through across the floor, here ears ringing from their chant. Silverstream, being new to their chant, was knocked off her seat as well.

"And with that," Pinkie chuckled, "We shall leave it for today."

"What?!" Silverstream shouted, "You want to eat some hay?"

"No!" Pinkie shouted, "We are done for the day!"

"You want me to shake?!" Silverstream shouted with horror, "I'm a terrible dancer!"

Marble decided to press the 'Off Air' button before that escalated.