Animal Instinct

by FIM Fiction


Angelo laid beneath a tree, his paws behind his head. 'Second chances... Compared to my old life, this ain't so bad.'

"Mr Boss?"

"Hm?" Angelo opened his eyes and raised his head. "Hola perrita. You need something?"

"Umm..." Willow scratched her left ear with her left forepaw. "I know I can't understand it, but may you please not cuss? In any laungauge?"

Angelo shrugged. "Sure ninita. And hey, if you ever wanna learn the safe swears, just ask me, kay?"

"Safe swears?" Willow asked.

"Si. Like-" He paused, rubbing his chin. "Actually, I'll hold off on that one. I don't know if this poni place has swears, and how bad they are."

The two glanced at Fluttershy as she rushed over and set a massive bowl of salad down. "Here you go Angel! Your favorite!"

Angelo stared at the massive amount of food. "Holy j- Holy Toledo!" Angelo caught himself before he cussed. "Gracias Cuidadora!"

"I- Your're welcome???" Fluttershy said. "You said Thank you, right???"

"Oh, Yeah. Thank you..." Angelo pondered if Mom should be added. "Madre." With that, he began stuffing his face with salad. "Ninita, go play." he said with a wave of his paw.

Willow nodded, before running over to where Apple bloom was. She watched the pony climb the tree. "Ohh" She attempted to climb the tree, and failed. "Aww. Hey Olivia! Climb the tree!"

Olivia sat nearby being fanned by Gabriel. "Why would I do that? I am perfectly comfortable where I am." Gabriel threw the fan away, where it sunk into Pinkie's hair. "Hey, what did you do that for?"

"Barnacle geese drop their children off a multi-hundred foot cliff so that they may fly." Gabriel responded, writing in his notebook. This time he wrote in Arabic.

"What in heavens name does that mean?" Olivia asked.

"It means you have not practiced your leg day and they will attempt to force you to be able to walk properly or climb or both." Odin said, walking over. "I myself can hover for a few moments."

Gabriel walked over to Willow, climbed up her back, and whispered in her ear. He jumped down, landing on his claws. "Activate Operation Barnicle Goose."

"BARK BARK RUFF BARK!" Willow rushed for Olivia.

"Stop." Olivia simply batted Willow on the nose, surprising the pooch. "I will not be intimidated."

"Hmm..." Gabriel rubbed his chin. "Hey, if a cat can't walk well that's because they're sick, right?"

"At times, yes." Odin answered with a nod.

"And how do you take a cat's temperature?" Gabriel asked.

"You use a rectal thermom-OH!" Odin's head swiveled to Olivia. "Unless you want a thermometer up your butt, I'd suggest you try to walk!"

Olivia gulped, before getting up to her paws. "You boys make a good point."


"Hey Twi?" Applejack trotted over to Twilight.

"Yes Applejack?"

"I know most of the time I just play with Winona, but have them animals ever grouped up like that?"

"No, they haven't." Twilight said. "I guess whatever Angel told them brought them closer."

"Yeah... You notice anythin funny bout them though?" Applejack asked.

"You mean besides Apple Bloom being the one to grab the stick while Winona tosses it?" Rainbow Dash asked, hovering above them.

"Well, yeah. Our animals have been acting real odd." Applejack answered. "Like Tank. He's more energetic them usual."

"Heck yeah he is! And it's awesome! He's becoming just like his momma!" Rainbow Dash proudly exclaimed. "I- I mean he's becoming just like me! Yeah."


"I'm your elder!" Timmy barked. He paused. "Huh. I didn't know turtles could bark."

"Actually you're a tortoise." Gabriel explained.


"Yeah, but still... Just this mornin Winona sat down at the table to eat! And it wasn't just learnin a new trick. When she ate, she ate slowly." Applejack explained.

"So your dog got cooler and you're complaining?? Ha!" Rainbow Dash flew over to a tree. "Okay, is this a bad thing or something?"

"Not really, I guess." Applejack answered.

"Then don't worry about it!" Rainbow Dash said with a wave of her hoof. "If the animals are cooler, let them be cooler!"

"Really Applejack, darling. Rainbow Dash holds a good point." Rarity said. "In fact oh Celestia no." She watched as the hawk swooped down picking up her cat. "Twilight do something!"

Before Twilight could react, an acorn beaned the hawk on the head, causing it to drop the feline on a tree as it crashed into the ground.

Pinkie let out a gasp. "Gummy! You finally used your Gummy sized party cannon!" She squealed in delight, before letting out a bigger gasp. "OH MY GOODNESS THIS CALLS FOR A PARTY!!!"

Odin looked at Gabriel. "Where did you get that?" he asked.

"I saw Pinkie drop it, so I grabbed it as it was my size." Gabriel answered.

Timmy flew up to the top of the tree. "First time's free. Next time isn't."

"Don't joke with me Just GET ME DOWN!" Olivia hissed angrily.

"Sorry." Timmy grabbed Olivia and flew her down.

Angelo finished his salad. "Thank you! That was quite filling."

"Oh! Well, I'm glad you liked it so much!" Fluttershy said cheerfully.

Angelo hopped over to where Willow was trying to climb a tree, with Apple Bloom's help. "Any luck?" he asked.

"No." Willow said. "but I'll keep trying!"

Angelo chuckled, before reaching for his shirt pocket. His mind slowed down as he remembered 'Oh yeah I don't have a shirt pocket.'.

"Something the matter?" Odin asked, walking over.

"...I don't have any cigarettes or beer." Angelo said.

"Heavily addicted to both?"


"Cause of death?"


"So, you're fine for today, but on later days you will be suffering mental withdraw symptoms , which will affect your physicality."

"Seems about right." Angelo said.

"Which means tomorrow you will be..." Odin tried to choose a proper word.

"El bastardo." Angelo said.

Odin cringed. "And if that's the case, by next week you will be a literal monster."

"Si. So I guess I should enjoy my day before-" Angelo stopped talking as Fluttershy walked over.

"O-oh! Am I interrupting something?" Fluttershy asked.

"Eh, not really." Angelo answered.


"Alright, but y'all gotta admit, Angel's acting a lot more nice then usual." Applejack said.

Rainbow Dash opened her mouth to object, before closing it and staring at the bunny. "Huh."

"You have a point there darling." Rarity said, hmming to herself.

Twilight groaned. "You're over thinking this whole thin-" Twilight glared as her friends started to laugh, with a chuckle from Applejack, a giggle from Rarity, and outright boisterous laughter from Rainbow Dash and Pinkie. "Really?" Twilight growled.

"N-no offence Twi." Rainbow Dash said, chocking back her laughter. "But coming from you, that's hilarious." Rainbow Dash glanced up at the sky. "Geez, it's late. Well, see you guys tomorrow." She rushed over to Timmy, yanking him into the sky. "Let's go home, tough guy."

"Guess I'm off. I'll see you all later!" Timmy said, waving goodbye.

"Come along Opal." Rarity levitated Olivia into a cage, before waving to her friends. "Farewell!"

Olivia laid down. "Bye. Hopefully this woman is not a cats in dress person."

Odin walked up to Twilight and Spike. "Farewell friends! I'll see you at the library, unless I am busy with something else." With that, he flew up and landed on Twilight's back. He arched a brow as Spike growled.

Gabriel climbed upon Pinkie's back. "Well, I'm excited for the party."

"Oh, I know Gummy! It's gonna be GREAAAT!" Pinkie sang, bouncing and boinging away.

Gabriel started writing in his notebook, in Bangla. "See you at the party, friends."

"Bye Boss!" Willow barked, trying to wave at Angelo. She fell over, before laughing and getting to her paws.

"Boss?" Fluttershy asked. She glance down at Angelo. He stared back, before giving a shrug and jumping onto her back. He got cozy between the wings, and enjoyed the view.

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