Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

Chapter 10- Feast For The Ears

“Now Let’s talk about food!” Pinkie exclaimed excitedly. The others rolled their eyes at that topic of conversation. Marble face-hoofed.

“Nothing beats a good meal than a nice big slice of cake. Any cake with the best toppings in the world. Just ask our own princess!”

Celestia spewed her tea from her mouth at the latest point of conversation on the radio. Luna snickered at her sisters reaction. Cadance was, unfortunately at the table as well, and decided to go for a full hearty laugh. Celestia looked around to find that most of the guards and maids had their eyes elsewhere, but the mirth was still there.

“I always wondered why the kitchen staff are overworked,” Luna wondered playfully, “They do say in these modern times that you always have a second stomach for dessert. That seems to apply to you dear sister of mine.”

Celestia shot her beloved sister a glare that could melt metal.

“Oh come now Celestia,” Cadance recovered from her fit of laughter, “Though I do have a framed picture of one such cake event taken by the Foal Free Press of Ponyville, Celestia Just Like Us.”

“Sweet mother of me,” Celestia face-hoofed. The whole dining room was now in full laughter.

“You can’t go wrong with ice-cream either,” Autumn added, “There are so many flavours to choose from. Salted caramel is mine. It reminds me of the sea with all that sweet and saltiness!”

“When it comes to hot foods,” Gabby said, “Spike’s nachos are talon-licking good! He first made them for me when I was delivering mail. The melted cheese, guacamole sauce and warmed homemade nacho crisps were simply too good to resist.”

“The Cutie Mark Crusaders always had some when they are practising with Twilight,” Pinkie remembered.

“Just don’t invite the whole of Ponyville Day School, bodge up with demonstrating your skills and then everypony leaves with me with nothing but a big pile of nachos,” Spike facepalmed, “I made those poor nachos for nothing!”

“We had fun eating them whilst cleaning all that apple mush though,” Twilight comforted her Number One Assistant.

“The Peaks of Peril have a bounty of food. I drew faces on pumpkins to keep me company during my exile, but they also make the best pumpkin pies, soups and everything in-between!”

Pinkie then grabbed Marble by the waist and pulled her into her infamous suffocating sisterly hugs.
“Marble loves our Hearth’s Warming Eve rock soups,” Pinkie talked as she clung to her beloved sister, “Though daddy loves to take a bite out of the rock first.”

“Wait, you put rocks in your soup?” Silverstream asked.

“Well, duh,” Pinkie answered, “You can’t have a rock soup without rocks. It’s in the name!”

“Well,” Gabby looked slightly alarmed, “That’s all we have time for this morning! Up next, we have the latest news from across Equestria!”