Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

Chapter 9- One Too Many

“Have you ever gone to that one particular place just because you think they have something really good that the other things around that are lacking?” Silverstream wondered out loud. The others turned to her with questioning looks.

“Whatever do you mean?” Gabby asked.

“Like that one restaurant that has the best food that the other restaurants lack in superiority,” Silverstream explained.
“Oh, like how there is this one café that has the best coffee than anything else!” Pinkie Pie piped up, “That place was so good I drank like twenty cups of coffee. Can you imagine me with twenty cups of coffee!”

The others looked at her with mortified horrors. They had a hard time getting that image out of their heads. Pinkie Caffeinated Pie, that day is thankfully over with Equestria and beyond still standing. Next time, some creature should check on Pinkie’s coffee limit. That would be Twilight’s next research topic.

“We all had one too many before,” Autumn decided to move the conversation swiftly on, “Some things are just too good to resist another helping. I have sung one too many songs to the point of having a dried throat,” she sheepishly continued.

“Well thank Celestia for that day,” Applejack grumbled whilst listening to the live stream at Ponyville’s café.

“Then there are those things that really are one too many to have!” Pinkie chimed, “Remember when Spike ate too much ice-cream while Twilight thought Equestria was coming to an end!”

“Please don’t remind me!” Spike groaned as he felt the pain that day.

“I did warn you, Spike,” Twilight laughed, “It became Future Spike’s problem just because of that.”

“Yes Spike, It did become Future Spike’s problem.”

Both Twilight and Spike turned towards the radio. Did Pinkie Pie just-?

“Who are you talking to?” Silverstream asked.

“Just to Spike who is recalling that moment with Twilight back at the castle,” Pinkie simply explained. Marble just sat there mentally tutting.

“Pinkie Pie is watching you.”

Twilight and Spike just sighed. Just Pinkie being Pinkie.

“And you can never have enough stairs!” Silverstream exclaimed.

The others looked at her with questioning looks.

“What?” Silverstream asked, “Stairs are the best thing ever. Underwater you can just swim and then there’s flying. Put just putting one hoof or foot or claw one to another to reach a destination is just worth the wait and exercise.”

“Gallus was right,” Autumn sighed, “You have been underwater for too long.”

A certain griffon and students nodded simultaneously.

“And you can’t have too many parties!” Pinkie shouted at the microphone, “THE PARTY SHALL LAST FOREVER!”

Suddenly the studio suddenly shook violently as a certain Princess of the Night echoed through the studio building.


“What was that?” Gabby looked around with worry.

“I don’t know, but if I don’t see you by tomorrow, I’ll return in around one thousand years’ time,” Pinkie explained, “But it was worth it.”

“I think it’s best if we leave it at that then,” Silverstream hurried on, “Right now, here is the latest Cloudsdale weather report.”