Sombra’s Interesting Quest

by Badguy400

Chapter Nine: A Poor Planned Execution

Night has fallen around Ponyville. Like always, it’s quiet. Albeit a little too quiet since the bandit’s arrival. The group were just passing time by doing their own things whilst waiting for nightfall; as King Sombra instructed once they thought of a plan. Unfortunately; what the group doesn’t know is how badly the plan is gonna go. How bad? Here’s how... .

“Alright”, began King Sombra. “The sun is down; we should be able to move onward if we’re ever gonna sneak to the Crystal Empire together. Anyone have any questions before we leave?” Cozy Glow raised her hoof, and then Sombra pointed at her so she could speak. “I’m not so sure... . You sure that this plan will work? I mean... what if it doesn’t?” Poundcake wrapped a hoof around her back, and replied; “it will Cozy; don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine; trust us. Okay?” Cozy Glow got a little scared, and asked; “maybe... . But what if?...”. But before she could finish her sentence; King Sombra chimed in, and says; “relax kid; it’ll be fine. And if not, then we’ll find a way; okay? I promise.” He then wraps a hoof around Cozy Glow too. And pats her back for good measure. Feeling better; Cozy Glow nuzzled up to Sombra, and thanked him. King Sombra then replied; “no problem”, and picks her up to give her a hug.

Once Tirek has ensured that the coast was clear; he motioned for them to get ready to leave. However... .

“K-king Sombra?” Cozy Glow asked in slight discomfort and fear. Sighing; King Sombra says; “it’s fine Cozy; I promise.” Cozy Glow was about to say something; when King Sombra interrupted her by saying; “And if it doesn’t, then we’ll find a way. Okay? It’ll be fine; trust us. And hey..” he began as he went out the door. “What’s the worst that can happen?... .” With that; everyone from the group followed him outside, and waited for King Sombra to give them the go ahead. “Alright,” began Sombra. “Let’s go to that bush over there, and see if we could get a better vantage point on what we’re dealing with here. Sound like a plan?” All nodded, but Cozy Glow asked; “w-what if it doesn’t work?... .” Sombra sighs, and then replies; “like I said bud; if it doesn’t work, then we’ll find a way out of this situation. Okay?” Cozy Glow nodded, but then said; “okay.... . But I won’t like it... .” Sombra replied with; “no one will. Now; let’s go before...”. But before he could finish; he was cutted off by a spear being pointed towards his chest. Slowly; King Sombra rose to his backhooves, and raised his forehooves. With that in mind, the others followed suit; as they were having spears directed at them as well. With no other way to get out of this situation; King Sombra uttered; “aw crud”, and was escorted by the bandits to a cage carriage; along with the others in his group... .