Good Morning Equestria

by Quoterific

Chapter 3- Musical Thought

"And that was The Magic Inside, by the amazing singer Rara, formally known as Countess Coloratura," Pinkie concluded once the song had finished, "Will it hold on to the to spot on the Equestria Top 40? You'll have to wait until next weekend!"

"Isn't it amazing how the simple joys of music are randomly expressed every now and again?" Autumn questioned, "I once burst out into song when explaining to your friend Applejack about the Vow of Silence."

At Sweet Apple Acres, an orange mare groaned at the memory of that certain song.
"That bad?" Applebloom asked.

"Made me wanna put Mah head in the nearest fertiliser," Applejack grumbled, "She even recited a plot to a kirin play of a kirin who fell in love with this opera singer, and he wore a freaky half-mask thing, and he played the organ a lot and got all broody 'cause the singer was in love with another dude, so he took her away on this underground gondola," Applejack finished without a single breath.

"Woah..." Her sister simple said.

"Eeyup," Big Mac Added.

"I burst into song every time!" Pinkie excitedly explained, "You just have to let it go and sing it out! La-la-la-la-"
Marble thankfully plugged her sister's mouth with a hoof to save the listeners' ears.

"Maybe it's a way of escaping the pressures of existence in the form of a euphoria that is expressed in a way that shows escape from all that holds us down!" Gabby added to the now philosophical talk show. Everyone just looked at her clarification.

"It brings out every creature's happy!" Gabby added excitedly.

"Singing is a freedom that holds no boundaries," Silverstream chimed in, "It shows how we feel in a way that no other media can. Words on pages are there for all to see, but it is with the power of song that brings out our true turmoil." Every creature in the room nodded in agreement.

"Maud once wrote a poem on rocks and stratification. It was fascinating. Would you like to her it. I remember it well."
Every creature looked at Pinkie blankly, but Marble just grinned at the memory. Suddenly her vision became pink as Pinkie, once again, clasped her in both hooves.

"Marble loves listening to great music as well. She isn't much of a singer, but sure sure loves listening to music all around her. From the birds chirping to the crickets at night on the rock farm. Super relaxing sin't it, Marble?" Pinkie held her sister tightly.

Marble could do nothing but nod with as much movement as possible.

"What do you think listeners? What does music mean to you? Be sure to send them in via dragonfire!" Pinkie added with more enthusiasm.

"You just can't beat good music with good friends, listening to the songs you love," Gabby noted.

"You don't have to sing the same tune as every creature. Each sound in unique!" Autumn agreed.

"Well isn't that music to your ears?" Silverstream sarcastically asked. Every creature laughed.

"Well that is all for this session. After the break, we will hear Sapphire Shore's Diamond Eyes."

On the other end of the radio, Rara switched off her radio from her travelling caravan. Looking at her writing desk, she had a new song in her mind.