Adventures of Mane 7

by Pony Uppercut

Stick Around

The Adventures of Mane 7 mlp:fim
Season 1

Episode 2
Stick Around

It was dark. It was pitch black but it was strange, he was able to see the hand in front him. Nemesis looked down as he could see his body clearly. Then he looked around and saw nothing but complete darkness. The stallion started to wander aimlessly through the dark abyss. Then heard a voice, not just any voice, a voice he thought he would never hear again.
“My son” the voice spoke deep and authoritative toward him. Nemesis completely turned around with a shocked face.
“Father!?” he questioned
“My son, I am very disappointed in you.” he scolded
“But father! It wasn't my fault!” he yelled as he put his arm on his chest.
“You have disgraced our name!”
“Father please, I didn't do it!” he started to tear up
“You shall be banished from this kingdom, forever!” he pointed at him
“Father, no!”
Just then Nemesis felt something grab his hoof. He looked down to see that the darkness grabbed his hoof and started to drag him under. As he struggled to break free, multiple hands from the pitch black reached out and grabbed him pulling him further into the darkness. The stallion continued to struggle but his efforts were in vain. He then finally gave up and stopped, letting the darkness consume him. Tears were running down his face as he started to cry.
“Father, why?” He asked. He shut his eyes tightly wondering why this was happening again. Nemesis just wanted to forget. To forget everything, everything that had to do with that place.
Suddenly Nemesis woke up with a gasp. And instantly sat up in the bed he was in. He then looked around still full of fear.
“Where am I!” he shouted. The dark stallion jumped out of bed. As soon as he got off of the bed, he then noticed that his legs failed him. Nemesis limply fell face first into the hard wood floor. This caused the room to shake violently with a loud booming noise. He groaned in pain as he realized his whole body was in pain, oh, and his face. The stallion also noticed there was bandages all over his body. Next he heard the door slam open. “
“Is everything alri- oh my goodness!! are you alright!?” The yellow pegasus shouted shocked. She walk up to him, helped him roll over on to his back as she put his arm around her giving him the hint to lean on her. Nemesis decided to give in and leaned on her as she helped him get back to bed.
“You really shouldn't be up yet, you're still really hurt.” she said responsibly. Nemesis fully realized what was happening now. He was actually awake now with realization that he awoke from a bad dream and he remembered where he was. Well, he knew he was in Ponyville at least. The stallions face went back to his usual emotionless face as he was laid back onto the bed.
“Just get plenty of rest,” she said sweetly, “are you hungry?” she smiled at him. Just then he realized he had to get his “charm” on if he wanted to be trusted. Nemesis hated lying to ponies. He hated being dishonest. But an order is an order, no matter the cost he will do it for his gang. He then responded to the pegasus with the nicest smile he could give her.
“Yes,” he said softly “and thank you.”
The mare pegasus then smiled even bigger at that response. “Great! I made some soup,” she said delighted “i'll go get you some.” She turned around and started to head toward the door way.
“Wait” Nemesis said remembering something. She then turned around with a curious face.
“Whats your name miss?” He said nicely continuing to smile as he tried to put his charm on maximum.
“Oh its Flu- Flu” The yellow pegasus stuttered as something just clicked in her mind. She was so concerned about his health that she didn't even notice he was somebody that she never met before. Now that he was safe, her shyness hit her like a ton of bricks .
The mare started to blush “m-my name i-is Flu-----” She said it so softly he didn't hear her name.
“Im sorry, could you say that again?” he asked
“my name is Flut----” She said it too softly again. This time she was hiding behind the door way poking her head out still blushing.
“Sorry, I can't hear you” he said a little puzzled at why she was so suddenly shy.
She knew she had to tell him her name. So she took a deep breath and finally built up the courage.
“I-its F-Fluttershy, my name is Fluttershy.” she said with relief.
“Well then, my name is Nemesis. thank you, for taking care of me” he said happily continuing to smile
Fluttershy then disappeared behind the door way without saying anything more.

The day was slowly passing by. It has become the early afternoon and sun was high in the clear blue sky. Fluttershy was then running low ingredients for dinner especially since she had to cook for two.
“uh oh, looks like I’ll have to go shopping” She told herself. “ohh, but I cant leave Nemesis here alone” she worried. She then took a second to think, she could'nt let him go hungry. “Oh I got it” she said happily remembering something. “Angel,” She called. A white bunny came running to her. “Angel, I need to do a little shopping,” she told him “so I need you to look after Nemesis.” The bunny saluted and hopped off up stairs where the guest room is. With that weight lifted off of her shoulders, she then grabbed her bags and left the cottage.
As she was leaving her cottage she started to think. Why was he an alicorn? Isn't that rare? Or for that matter doesn't that mean hes royalty? After all, the only alicorns she knows are Princess Luna and Celestia. “Maybe I'll go visit Twilight” she told herself.
Nemesis continued to rest as he continued to think things over. I'm going to be a real scumbag when all of this is over, He thought to himself. The dark stallion rested a little while longer before he started to feel nature call him. He sat up “i have to pee” he said annoyed. Nemesis then moved his legs over the edge of bed. This time, he checked if he could stand. He gave a good pull and his leg moved quite easily, painfully but easy. He then moved his other leg, same conclusion. With that, he figured he could stand. As he attempted, it hurt, but it didn't beat out the need to use the bathroom. Fully standing, he then walked toward the door and opened it. As he did, he saw a white bunny looking up at him. Nemesis looked back at the bunny who was now waving his hands signaling him to stop.
“What do you want?” he asked annoyed. Angel made a angry parent face as he pointed back to his bed. Nemesis looked where he was pointing then looked back at the little bunny. There was a moment of silence between them, then the stallion just ignored him and continued to walk into the hall way. The white bunny was shocked as he was completely ignored. The alicorn walked through the hall and found the bathroom. He stepped inside and saw it was very girly bathroom. There was make up, shampoos, and perfume everywhere. As he looked around he started to remember Fluttershy, she was so kind to him, she healed him, she gave him a bed, she fed him. She was an all around good pony.
“Yep, I'm a scumbag.” he sighed.
After he finished his business, he walked out of the bathroom toward his room, or the guest room to be more exact. As he walked, he was still in a bit of pain but not enough for him to cringe at. As he got to his door way he saw Angel crossing his arms and tapping his foot waiting outside of his room. He stared at the stallion, mad at him for ignoring him.
“look, I had to go” Nemesis reasoned. Then not a second later a huge boom came from the ceiling right behind Nemesis. Part of the ceiling came crashing down in front of them as Angel and Nemesis were freaking out. The dark stallion quickly picked up Angel and threw him in his room and slammed the door. Nemesis wanted to make sure that if there was danger caused by him being there, he wanted that bunny to stay out of it. After shutting the door, he put his fists up, shifted his body sideways, and bent his knees. He was ready for anything. As the dust and debris started to clear, he heard a voice.
“Ouch, that hurt,” The voice groaned. What!? Its a mare's voice? Nemesis thought, shocked a little. “that's the last time I read and fly” The mare reassured herself. But then the tone completely changed. “Oh my gosh! This is Fluttershy's house!” The voice sounded shocked and sorry. “I am so sorry about your roof Fluttershy! I promise i'll do anything to fix it! I'll go get some tools and i'll go-” The mare was suddenly froze as the dust completely cleared up. She was staring at a pony that wasn't Fluttershy or anybody shes ever met before. Nemesis stared right back at her.
The First thing he noticed about her was her rainbow colored hair that was a bit frizzled. She had light blue fur and a very fit body. She wore a short black tank top that showed her stomach, some short shorts, and fingerless gloves.
The mare instantly stood up and pointed at him.
“Burglar!!” she shouted.
“What!!?” Nemesis shouted back with a surprised expression
The rainbow mare dashed forward as she pulled her fist back running toward him. She swung a quick right hook but Nemesis swiftly dodged by jumping backward. Once she missed she continued to rush him. She swung a left hook, Nemesis quickly blocked with his right forearm, then she swings her right fist which he blocked with his left forearm. She then lifted her right leg to throw a side kick. Nemesis quickly ducked under her kick as he could hear the wind from that kick. He instantly came back up with his hands still up forming his fighting stance. Damn she is fast!
“Im not a burglar!!” he shouted at her.
“Shut it you crook!” She shouted back as she threw a over head punch. The dark stallion crossed his arms above his head and completely nullified her attack.
“If you hurt Fluttershy at all, im going to wring your neck dry!” She shouted gritting her teeth.
As her arm was locked with his cross-arm block. she decide to kick his shin but failed as he countered with his own hoof. She then tried again, this time hitting him in the stomach. The hoof crashed into his stomach making him gasp for air and made him stumble backwards. As he regained his footing he went back into his fighting stance. All right Nemesis, calm down. Since she wont listen to reason im going to have to force her to realize im not a criminal, at least, I not a criminal yet. Nemesis began to relax in his thoughts.
Alright keep a cool head, watch her close, and find an opening. Go!